Can You Make Cold Foam With Creamer?

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Creamer is a delicious addition to coffee. It sweetens it up and makes it creamier, changing bitter coffee into something more flavorful. 

Cold foam is a froth foam-like milk used to top certain coffee drinks. Its bubbly form sits atop coffee beverages to provide a creamy and delicious taste to the drink. 

Just like there is frothed or steamed milk for hot coffee, cold foam is for cold coffee. Since it is cold, it doesn’t melt and gives your coffee a nice taste. 

Usually milk is used to create this foam but can you make cold foam with creamer?

You can make cold foam with creamer. Instead of milk, froth the liquid coffee creamer instead. However, creamer will fall flat faster than milk will once it’s added to coffee but you can still make cold foam with it.

Some prefer black coffee with its strong and bitter taste, while others like their coffee to be sweet and flavorful. Creamer can be frothed to make a sweeter cold foam for iced coffee drinks. 

By using creamer you will add a bit of flavor to the foam instead of it just tasting plain. This is great if you don’t want to add in any syrups or flavoring into the coffee itself. 

We will discuss later on in this article how exactly to make cold foam using coffee creamer. It is simple and easy to do. Creamer has the same consistency as milk but it is dairy free. Those with an allergy to milk can enjoy using creamer in coffee if they’d like. 

They can also make cold foam with the creamer and enjoy it’s wonderful taste.

Can You Turn Coffee Creamer Into Foam?

Coffee creamer adds a lot to coffee. There are so many flavors to choose from and you can have your pick from hazelnut, french vanilla, mint, raspberry and many more. Even candy bar flavored creamers are available. 

If you want a certain flavored cold foam to top your iced coffee drink, can you use some of these flavored creamers?

Regular frothed milk uses heat or steam for frothing. You can turn coffee creamer into foam by frothing it without the use of heat or steam. This will provide you with a foam that is sweet and flavorful to pour on top of coffee.

According to Kahawa Planet, “When it comes to enriching your coffee… creamer has emerged as an effective substitute for both milk and cream. Coffee creamer has a longer shelflife than fresh milk…Some creamers are available in tantalizing flavors hence more people are choosing creamer over milk.”

Similar to frothed or steamed milk, Cold foam tops iced coffee drinks instead and doesn’t melt. So you get a sip of the foam with every sip of the coffee. For a more flavorful coffee, you can use creamer instead of milk for the cold foam although the texture may be slightly different than when you use milk. 

This way you can enjoy different flavors of the frothy cream. 

How Do You Make Foam Out Of Creamer?

Although milk will be a lighter and fluffier texture, creamer can make for a good cold foam. But it will be a little flatter than the milk. If you like cold foam topping your coffee but want to try a little more sweet, you may wonder how you can froth creamer instead of milk. 

You can make cold foam with creamer by frothing it the same way you would for steamed milk. There are several ways to froth the creamer, the most popular being to use an espresso machine’s frothing wand.

Since you are probably putting the creamer cold foam on iced coffee you want it to be cold. 

One method that will ensure you get a cold foamy topping is to pour the creamer halfway into a mason jar and secure the lid. Then shake it for about 45 seconds to a minute to create bubbles. 

The creamer will turn into a nice creamy foam that you can top your coffee beverage with.

When using a milk frother, the air blowing into the liquid creates tiny bubbles forming a foam. 

“Cold foam is frothed nonfat milk that makes a frothy topping for cold coffee drinks… It simulates the frothy topping of the steamed milk…but at a cold temperature so it doesn’t melt when hitting the drink.”, says an article on How to Make Cold Foam.

Can You Froth Creamer Without A Frother?

Cold foam is a light and airy coffee topping that is usually made with nonfat milk. You can also make cold foam with creamer if you’d like the foam to have some flavor. 

The consistency and taste will be a little different but still good. Can you make cold foam without using a frother?

There are other ways to froth milk or creamer besides using a frother. Some of these ways include a hand-held immersion blender, a regular stand blender or a jar with a lid.

In an article by Girl Gone Gourmet, they explain about frothing creamer without a frother by saying, “It isn’t hard to do and you can totally do a DIY version with a microwave and a blender…or even just a jar with a lid. You also don’t have to make shots of espresso to make an “authentic” coffee drink. I just use my regular old drip coffee and dress it up with frothed milk.”

You can froth creamer by using an espresso machine’s wand or a milk frother and froth as you would with milk. But, if you don’t want to or don’t have a frother, try the mason jar method mentioned earlier in this article.  

You can also use a french press to froth the coffee creamer until it is the desired consistency. An electric whisk can also be used to make a cold foam with creamer.

Final Thoughts

Cold foam is usually made with a nonfat milk but creamer can also be used. You make creamer cold foam the same way you would regular cold foam.

If you like sweet coffee, using creamer to make the coffee topping will give it some flavor. Making cold foam with cream is simple and easy and can even be done without a frother. 

You don’t want to use any heat or steam when frothing cold foam so try the mason jar method. Try using creamer to make cold foam on top of your coffee for a delicious new taste.

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