Does Taco Bell Charge For Water Or Is It Free? 

On a very long and hot day, it can be nice to know that you can get a free drink of water. Most restaurants will give you a free glass of water for your meal. 

However, at most of these establishments, they are fully expecting you to purchase something from their menu as well. 

If you were to drive through (or walk into) a Taco Bell, would you be able to get a free drink of water? Does Taco Bell make you purchase a menu item in order to make your water free? 

Taco Bell does not charge for water. You can even order water on their to-go menu and it will price out at zero dollars. 

Whether the weather is hot outside or not, Taco Bell will still give you a free cup of water. Taco Bell’s water cups are not like their regular cups. 

They are typically clear cups. 

This helps prevent anyone from trying to steal free drinks with their cup meant for water.

Does Taco Bell Have Dollar Drinks? 

Who doesn’t love a great deal? Walking into the Dollar Store can make you feel like you got some of the best deals. It’s almost compulsory to go straight to a clearance rack when shopping to find the best deals in the store. 

Even comparison shopping online beforehand can get you a great deal on something that you’ve been interested in purchasing. 

Coupons for restaurants are always a great deal to get as well. Taco Bell may not offer many coupons discounting their products, but that is because their products are already offered at discounted prices. 

You can get a full meal from the value menu. Can you get a drink from Taco Bell for just a dollar? 

Taco Bell doesn’t normally have any drinks for one dollar. However they do have Happier Hour from 2-5pm. Happier Hour at Taco Bell means that you can get any medium drink or regular freeze for just one dollar! 

From 2 pm to 5 pm you can get a whole meal, drink included, where each item costs only a dollar. 

Does Taco Bell Have Carbonated Water? 

Making healthier lifestyle choices can often feel like you are giving up more than you bargained for. For example, you gave up sugar to aid in weight loss and you miss your cinnamon twists. 

You have cut your carb intake significantly to help maintain low insulin levels and miss your tortilla shells. You even gave up soda, but you still miss the bubbly taste of carbonation. 

Carbonated water is a great way to stay with your health goals and drink your bubbles too. Typically carbonated water also has low to no calories in it as well. 

You can enjoy your drink guilt-free. However, when you go out to eat, there aren’t many options for drinks if you are drinking healthy. 

While pink lemonade and teas sound good, they are usually full of sugar. If you are enjoying dinner at Taco Bell, do they serve carbonated water that you drink? 

Unfortunately Taco Bell does not have carbonated water at this time. It’s certain possible they will add it back to their drinks in the future however.

A few years ago, almost every fast-food restaurant you went to would serve Sobe water. However, a lot of those Sobe drink spouts were replaced with Aquafina Sparkling water. 

Taco Bell was among some of the fast-food chains that made the switch. 

You could find Aquafina Sparkling Berry Breeze as one of Taco Bell’s drinks. However, Aquafina Sparkling Berry Breeze can no longer be found in Taco Bell’s drink dispensers. 

At this time, Taco Bell does not serve carbonated water. 

What Drinks Does Taco Bell Serve? 

Have you ever tried going through a meal without taking a drink? Whenever you take that last bite, you typically reach for your drink to wash everything down. 

What you drink with dinner is up to you. Some people choose to drink milk with every meal, others prefer a glass of water, and some like to treat themself to some sort of sweet drink. 

Whatever drink you choose for dinner, there will always be a drink nearby.

When you go to Taco Bell, what options of drinks can you choose from? They are typically known for being exclusive with Baja Blast, but are Pepsi and Mountain Dew products your only option when dining with Taco Bell? 

Taco Bell offers more than just Pepsi products at its restaurant. While they are known for being exclusive with selling Baja Blast, there are also other beverages you can enjoy as well. 


 If you prefer soda, here are a few options that you can choose from when eating at Taco Bell. Sodas options may also vary based on location. 

  • Pepsi
  • Mt. Dew
  • Baja Blast
  • Mt. Dew Kickstart Orange Citrus
  • Sierra Mist

Diet Soda 

If you like the sweet taste of soda but not all the calories that come with it, then there are plenty of diet soda options for you. 

  • Diet Pepsi 
  • Pepsi Zero Sugar
  • Baja Blast Zero Sugar


This is Taco Bell’s version of a slushy. These are a great option on a hot day or just a sweet treat to enjoy any day. 

There have been several different variations of freezies through the years, each location may have different options based on what sold well in your area. 

  • Cherry Twilight Freeze
  • Wild Strawberry Freeze
  • Blue Raspberry Freeze
  • Mt. Dew Baja Blast Freeze


Since Taco Bell has started serving breakfast, it has added coffee to its menu. You can get coffee any time throughout the day and not just at breakfast. 

You have your choice of Premium Hot Coffee or Regular Iced Coffee


The tea at Taco Bell is one of the many drinks among fan favorites. Taco Bell serves Lipton’s Unsweetened Iced Tea and also Brisk Mango Fiesta. 

Lemonades And Fruit Punch

If you are more of a lemonade or fruit punch kind of person, Taco Bell has you covered. You can choose from Tropicana’s Pink Lemonade or choose the G2 Gatorade Fruit Punch. 

Final Thoughts

Taco Bell makes sure that its customers are cared for. If you ask for a cup of water, they will give one to you for free. Employees won’t even ask for you to purchase anything before handing over a free cup of water. 

If you are thirsty for a bit more than just water, you can enjoy one of their many refreshing beverages. 

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