Is Perch A Good Fish To Eat?

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Perch is a freshwater fish found all over the world. They are popular among fishermen who catch the smaller fish and then bring it home to cook and eat. 

But, is perch a good fish to eat?

Perch is a good fish to eat. It is safe to eat perch and it is also a delicious fish. But, you should be careful since perch caught from poor and contaminated environments won’t be very good quality.

Is Perch A Good Fish To Eat?

All freshwater fish are edible. Perch is a freshwater fish that is safe and delicious to eat. However, perch caught in poor conditions will be tough in texture instead of firm and crumbly and it won’t be as flavorful. 

Perch is white fish meaning that it has white flesh. This is unlike salmon which features a deep pink flesh. So, perch is similar to sea bass in the fact that it has white flesh. 

Filets made from preach are thin and delicate. Their skin is also edible and these all factor into making the fish a good choice to eat. If you are looking for a lighter fish with a nice texture and mild flair, then perch is a great choice.

You really only have to be careful when eating perch if you catch it wild. Pay attention to the conditions of the water that you caught the perch from. Even though perch is a freshwater fish, it is also a predator meaning that it eats a lot of smaller fish and insects. If the body of water that the perch is in is contaminated, the quality of the perch won’t be as good, it can change the way the fish tastes. 

The way the perch tastes depends on what its diet has been. So, perch caught in waters that seem a little iffy, just probably won’t taste very good. Structure will be tough and its flavor will be unpleasant. 

But, perch caught in good water that isn’t contaminated is going to taste great.

What Do Perch Fish Taste Like?

There are many subspecies of perch like silver perch, white perch, or walleye. With all this talk about how perch is good to eat, you may wonder what it tastes like. 

We know that perch is a common fish to catch and eat. But, when you bring it home what can you expect the flavor to be like?

Perch is a white flesh with an excellent flavor that isn’t too fishy. Perch will taste sweet and its texture is firm and crumbly. The flavor is said to be similar to walleye but better. So, with its mild sweet flavor, perch is a delicious fish to eat.

Perch is said to taste good with its mildly sweet taste. It isn’t anything too fishy like salmon. It is delicate and light and one of the most popular fish to catch and cook. 

However, some perch may not be so tasty. The water that the perch is caught in can have a big impact on what the fish is going to taste like. Poor quality perch perch and some of its subspecies also contain higher amounts of mercury which can cause mercury poisoning. This is if the perch is caught from contaminated waters which is likely to have a higher amount of mercury. 

But, according to the FDA, most perch is very low in mercury and this shouldn’t be anything to be concerned about as long as you are cautious and know the condition of the water you catch it in. 

Still, it is recommended that young children, or pregnant or nursing mothers don’t have more than 12 ounces of perch a week.

How To Prepare Perch

If you are wanting to eat some perch, then you should know how to prepare it properly. You can skin the porch if you would like to but its skin is perfectly edible and tastes good too. This fish has a tender white flesh that separates into filets and flakes when it is cooked. 

It also holds together really well. 

Some fish like trout have a  large number of little bones but perch is more simple. Its skeletal structure with its resilient flesh make it really easy to filet. Just cut your perch into filets, pat them dry and dust with flour. Place them in a  pan of preheated olive oil or butter with the skin side down. 

Sear the filets for a couple of minutes and then flip them over to cook for an additional minute. 

Once it is thoroughly cooked, remove the filets from the pan. You can then make a sauce by using some butter, a squeeze of lemon juice, and parsley. After the sauce thickens, pour it over the perch filets, serve, and enjoy! 

Perch tastes good with its firm and crumbly texture and mild and slightly sweet flavor.

Is Perch Healthy To Eat?

Virtually all fish is healthy for you since they contain a lot of nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids. But you should be careful of fish that could be contaminated with mercury. 

We know that perch tastes good with good flavor and texture, but is it healthy?

Perch is a healthy fish to eat as it is rich in many nutrients that are beneficial to your body. In addition to omega-3 fatty acids, an average serving of this fish gives you 30 percent of your daily Vitamin B-12, phosphorus, Vitamin D, manganese, selenium, etc.

There are many benefits from eating perch. This popular and common fish species is also nutritional. The vitamins and minerals it contains can improve your immune system, heart, and energy levels. 

Perch contains about 93 percent of your daily intake of Omega 3 fatty acids as well as Vitamin B-12, phosphorus, Vitamin D, manganese, selenium and many more nutrients. It is said that perch is  like a superfood similar to the leafy green kale. 

To further understand how these nutrients benefit your body, let’s look into each of these nutrients and how they can benefit:

  • Vitamin B-12 –  This can improve your mental health. It has been linked to a higher quality of mental health.
  • Phosphorus – This helps with managing the cell growth in your body along with cell health. It can also improve your energy.
  • Vitamin D and Manganese – These can grow and maintain cells as well as strengthen the immune system in a huge way.
  • Selenium – This supports your heart health preventing heart attacks and strokes. It is also a component in defense against cancer.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids – These help to maintain healthy blood pressure and keep you healthy. They also affect the functioning of your brain.

As you can see, perch is very healthy for you to eat. Some of the healthiest fish to eat are salmon, sardines, trout, herring, tuna, orange roughy, etc. But, perch also contains many nutrients that benefit your body. 

If you have been convinced that perch is something you need to add into your diet, then follow the steps mentioned above in order to get a delicious perch that is sure to satisfy everyone around the dinner table.

Final Thoughts

Perch is a good fish to eat because of its taste and its beneficial nutrients. It has a great flavor that is mildly sweet and its texture is firm but crumbly. 

Perch contains many edible vitamins and minerals your body needs as well. 

If you are catching wild perch, make sure you know the condition of the water. If it is contaminated, it won’t be as good to eat, if it isn’t contaminated, then it is okay to eat. 

Perch is a good fish to eat because it not only tastes good but is very nutritious.

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