Is Cold Foam Heavy Cream?

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Cold foam is that white fluffy topping that floats on the top of iced coffee beverages. After you ordered a cold brew from Starbucks, cold foam has been one of your favorites. 

Having an espresso machine at home, you decided to make your own cold foam. As you get all of the ingredients you need to make your cold brew drink, you realize that you are out of milk. You know that this cold foam is made using nonfat milk and are bummed that you cannot make it. 

But then you remember you have some heavy cream in the fridge. This prompts you to ask, is cold foam made with heavy cream?

Cold foam can be made with heavy cream instead of milk. Or if you are making a sweet cold foam, this is made by using vanilla syrup, 2 percent milk, and heavy cream.

Usually, cold foam is made with nonfat milk but if you need a substitute or want to try something different, you can use heavy cream to make the fluffy coffee topping. Since heavy cream is thicker than milk, it takes longer to froth but it can be used to make a great cold foam. 

It is used in making sweet cold foam because of its rich flavor. You can also use half and half which is half milk and half cream to make cold foam. 

Really any milk substitute can be used in place of nonfat milk to make a good cold foam. 

Cold foam is made by frothing the milk or heavy cream and then blending it until it is smooth. This creates a creamy textured foam that stays floating at the top of your coffee so you can enjoy the cold foam with every sip without it melting into the drink. 

While cold foam isn’t typically heavy cream, it can be used to make the light and airy coffee topping.

What Is Cold Foam?

Steamed or frothed milk is used in hot coffee beverages. Iced coffee is made by just pouring in regular cold milk, since this coffee beverage is supposed to be cold. 

Cold foam is a light and fluffy coffee topping. But, what exactly is cold foam?

Cold foam is milk that has been frothed without using heated air to form tiny bubbles. This method creates a light and airy finishing touch to cold coffee drinks. 

Starbucks cold foam is made with nonfat milk.  It is frothed cold and blended until it reaches a smooth, light, and airy texture. Since 2018 Starbucks has been selling its popular cold foam decorating the tops of iced coffee drinks. 

Starbucks says on their website, “Cold foam is the hottest new trend in cold coffee,” …cold foam is a modern twist designed to be a perfect finish to cold beverages. It is frothed cold instead of hot and blended until smooth, creating layers of creamy texture and flavor without the cream.”

To make a cold foam like you would order from Starbucks at home, simply combine milk, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract and froth the milk mixture. You can use whatever cold frothing method you prefer. 

For frothing you can use a milk frother, french press, handheld blender, regular blender, or even a  jar with a lid. After the milk is a light and airy consistency, pour espresso into a glass of ice along with some flavoring syrup if you would like, and then top with the cold foam for a delicious coffee beverage.

Can You Froth Heavy Whipping Cream?

Maybe you don’t have any nonfat milk to make cold foam and only have heavy cream. Or maybe you would rather use this instead or experiment with a new type of cold foam. 

Whatever the case, does heavy whipping cream froth up? 

You can froth heavy whipping cream to add to coffee or other desserts. Since it is thick it will take longer to froth but can be used instead of milk in specialty coffees and even as a cold foam.

When using heavy cream to make cold foam, use water or milk in equal parts if it is too thick. By doing this, the heavy cream will be easier to froth. 

If you’d rather have the full and rich taste of heavy cream in your coffee topping, then you can froth it, it will just take longer. You will only want to fill whatever container you are frothing the heavy cream in to about halfway since it will more than double in volume. 

After it is light and airy, pour the cold foam on top of your iced coffee and enjoy! 

Whipped cream was the topping for iced coffee before cold foam was introduced. Cold foam stays at the top of the coffee allowing you to enjoy the light and fluffy foam with every sip and you can even add it to any iced coffee. 

Heavy cream will take longer to froth but it will froth well for your coffee beverage. 

So, while cold foam is usually made with nonfat milk, like I said earlier, you can also make cold foam with heavy cream. The article, Can You Put Heavy Whipping Cream in Coffee? states,  “…you can froth heavy cream to add it to your coffee…Similarly, you can steam heavy cream the same way you steam milk but with a slight adjustment to your steaming technique: allow more air when steaming heavy cream by holding the wand at the high position longer than you normally do with milk. Once you have created enough foam in the heavy cream, immerse the wand a little further into the cream and continue steaming to the desired temperature.”

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, cold foam isn’t typically heavy cream and is usually made with nonfat milk. However, you can make the foamy topping by using heavy cream if you wish. Just froth it the same way you would the milk and pour on top of your coffee for a rich and creamy finishing touch. 

Heavy cream is normally used in making sweet cold foam which is a sweetened version of regular cold foam. 

Cold foam is a delicious topping for coffee and one you can make with any type of milk or milk substitute. Heavy cream froths well and will give you a rich addition to your coffee. 

It may take longer to froth than the usual nonfat milk, but heavy cream can be used to make cold foam. 

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