How Much Creamer Should You Put In Coffee?

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For those of us that prefer a sweet cup of coffee over a bitter, black coffee, creamer is our best friend! It’s creamy, sweet, and silky which perfectly contrasts against the rich, bitter, and strong coffee taste of plain coffee. 

Our taste buds are extremely personal things so, of course, the only person who can tell you how much creamer you should put in your coffee is you! Now, if you are just starting off on your coffee journey, you might want to know how much creamer is typically used for a regular cup of joe. 

The easiest way to get that answer would be to look at the serving size on the back of a bottle of creamer. The typical serving size for creamer is 3 teaspoons. Since you can always add more, starting your cup of coffee off with a little less than 3 teaspoons of creamer is a good way to experiment with what you personally prefer. 

Coffee creamer is not the healthiest ingredient to be added to your coffee every day, so make sure you keep your serving size moderate if you want to keep a healthy diet.

How Do You Use Creamer In Coffee?

Now that you know how much creamer is typically added to coffee, you might be wondering how do you even use creamer? That is a valid question. 

How you use creamer depends on what kind of creamer you are using. There are two kinds of creamer, powdered and liquid. 

Powdered creamer has a long shelf life, and it does not need to be refrigerated. This makes it convenient for times when you may not have access to refrigeration, but you still want that creamy coffee fix. 

When using powdered creamer, you will want to put your desired serving size and stir vigorously until it is fully dissolved into the coffee. 

It will be much easier if you use powdered creamer with hot coffee since it will dissolve better. You can technically use powdered creamer in cold drinks, but there is a good chance that there will be clumpy sediment on the bottom of your drink. Most of the powder will dissolve, but the powdered creamer will just not fully dissolve in cold drinks. 

When it comes to cold creamer, the process is really quite simple. Just add the desired amount of liquid creamer to your coffee, and just like that, you’re done! Some creamers will be sweeter or more flavored than others so make sure you take that into account when you are pouring your cup of coffee. 

Is Coffee Creamer Healthy?

The question of coffee creamer’s health benefits has already been slightly touched upon in this article, but we are about to dive into the topic a little bit deeper. The average coffee creamer is not going to be good for your health. With added sugars and no real nutrients, you’re not usually looking at a nutritious breakfast when you are looking at a bottle of creamer. 

This does not have to be the case, though! There are plenty of healthy creamer alternatives. You will just have to check the nutritional facts before checking out at the supermarket. Make sure that you look for a short ingredient list, low sugar, and no icky artificial sweeteners or preservatives. 

Can You Put Creamer in Iced Coffee?

You can put liquid creamer in iced coffee, but it is not recommended to put powdered creamer in iced coffee. Actually, liquid creamer is the preferred sweetener for iced coffee, and it will add that smooth, sweet texture that iced coffee is known for. 

Just add coffee, liquid creamer, and ice, and you will have yourself a perfect pick-me-up to get you through the afternoon slump! Iced coffee with creamer is a perfect choice when you are just not feeling a hot, plain coffee, and you want something a little more refreshing.

Can You Put Creamer In A Coffee Maker?

On a very cold morning, you might be in the mood for a steaming cup of coffee, and putting cold creamer in your hot coffee will only cool it down! 

Though I can see how the idea of heating up your creamer and coffee at the same time may seem tempting, you should never put creamer in a coffee maker. 

Coffee makers are made to heat up one thing, water. The hot water is then poured over the top of the coffee grounds and the delicious liquid drips into your coffee pot.

 Milk can be steamed and boiled, but there are specific temperatures and protocols that the milk needs to follow. Putting your creamer in a machine that is meant to boil water will only give your coffee a foul taste and possibly cause bacteria growth in your coffee maker. 

In short, it’s just not worth it. 

What Can I Use if I Run Out of Creamer?

Mornings can be rough. For a lot of us, it’s the coffee in the morning that gets us through. Since not everyone likes just plain black coffee, creamer is part of a lot of people’s everyday routines. 

The last thing you want to pick up after you first get up in the morning is an empty bottle of creamer. Don’t worry! Your whole morning is not ruined. There are a couple of things that you can substitute for creamer! 

The most common replacement for coffee creamer is whole milk and sugar. Your morning coffee may not taste quite as creamy as it normally would, but it will not taste much different! 

There are other more unconventional creamer substitutes as well such as goat milk, almond milk, sweetened condensed milk, and whipping cream. You can experiment with these different ingredients to see which one best suits your taste. 

Final Thoughts

Coffee creamer will add that little bit of sweetness and creaminess that a lot of us crave in our morning cup of joe! The next time you find yourself pouring yourself a dollop creamer, you can remember that there is really no right or wrong answer to how much creamer you should put into coffee! 

Let your taste buds decide and enjoy! 


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