Does Olive Garden ToGo Come With Breadsticks? 

Olive Garden is famous for many things. The most notable thing that they are known for is their endless breadsticks. 

Once you are seated for dinner, the waiter will bring you a basket full of delicious breadsticks. After you have finished that initial basket of bread, another basket full of bread will replace it. 

Some people will go to Olive Garden, fill up on breadsticks and salad, eat a few bites of their meal, and end up taking the rest as leftovers. 

You can even ask for a to-go bag of breadsticks. 

If you order online for Olive Garden ToGo, will you still get breadsticks? If so, how many breadsticks will you receive? 

Since the order is to go, it is understandable that your meal will not come with endless breadsticks but do you still get some? 

With every to go order, you will get some breadsticks. If you have purchased an entree’, you will receive two breadsticks. If two breadsticks just won’t cut it, you can order more (for a price). 

Olive Garden does sell a batch of breadsticks that you can add to your order. Additionally, they sell dipping sauce with their breadsticks too. 

You could order an entree, breadsticks with dipping sauce, and an order of breadsticks for a total of a dozen breadsticks. 

Does Olive Garden Do Curbside Pickup? 

There are days when nothing in your house sounds good for dinner. You have put in a hard day’s work and now have to figure out what to make for dinner. You decide to treat yourself, but you want something more than just fast food. 

Olive Garden is on the way home, but you don’t want to wait forever for an order to be delivered. Is it possible to order Olive Garden before you leave work and pick your order up curbside? 

Olive Garden does offer curbside pickup. You can send in your order close to the time you will be going by the restaurant and your order will be ready on the way home. 

Once you arrive at Olive Garden, give the ToGo Specialist your name. The specialist will make sure you receive your food in a securely closed bag. 

You can also choose for your curbside pickup to be contactless. The specialist will either place the food in your trunk or on a tray next to your car.  

How Long Does Olive Garden ToGo Take? 

Whether you are planning a party or just ready for dinner, an important question to ask when ordering is, how long until the food arrives? 

In restaurants, the servers and cooks do their best to ensure the food gets to your table promptly. Once you have placed your order, it can take anywhere from 15-20 minutes to receive your meal. 

Wait times depend on wait staff and also the number of other diners. How long does it typically take for a ToGo order with Olive Garden? 

Is it faster than dining in? 

A typical wait time for a ToGo dinner is around 15 minutes. If you choose curbside, you can expect your food to be hot and ready within 15 minutes as well. If it does happen to take longer, they will let you know your approximate wait time when you place the order. 

If you order online, your wait time for delivery to your door will be longer than 15 minutes. Someone will pick up your food at that 15-minute mark and then deliver your food to you. 

The wait time will depend on how many stops your driver has in addition to how far you are from the restaurant.  

Is Olive Garden Expensive? 

Dressing up to go out for dinner is fun. You head to a play or a concert and enjoy yourself. What about dinner? 

You’re all dressed up and want something that’s a little more sophisticated but that also won’t break the bank. What about Olive Garden? 

Is Olive Garden expensive for dinner? 

Olive Garden’s meals range typically between $12-$20. You can also choose just endless soup and salad for your dinner and that would cost less than an entree’. Whether Olive Garden is expensive depends on your budget and your personal definition of expensive. 

In addition to your entree’ priced at $12-$20, you also receive endless breadsticks, salad, or soup.  If you order an appetizer and dessert, the price will certainly average out higher than $20 a person. 

Additionally, your check can be considerably higher if you add any alcohol to your order as well. Olive Garden can end up being pricey, it just depends on what your order contains. 

How Do You Get Free Dessert At Olive Garden? 

Everyone loves when something is free. It is even better when that free thing is a delicious dessert.

Is there a way you can get a free dessert when visiting Olive Garden? 

Olive Garden does offer free dessert when it is your birthday. All you need to do is join the Olive Garden eClub and joining is free.

They will send you a coupon for a free dessert on your birthday through the club. 

Does Olive Garden Have A Senior Discount? 

Getting food at a discounted price is the best way to eat dinner. Many restaurants and even stores offer senior discounts. 

Does Olive Garden offer any type of discount for seniors? 

Olive Garden does not offer any discount for seniors. Though there may not be any senior discounts, there are specials that everyone can enjoy that they run on a regular basis. 

There are lunch favorites that are typically offered for $10 a plate. They are smaller portioned meals but do still include unlimited breadsticks, salad, or soup. 

The time and price for lunch are dependent upon location.

Another discount that is offered from time to time is “Buy one take one.” You purchase your dinner and for $5 more you get to take home another entree’. You are typically allowed to choose a different entree’ from what you ate at dinner as well. 

There is a menu specifically for the options you can take home. Again, this deal is based on location. Check with your local restaurant to see if they are offering this promotion. 

Some locations also offer Early Dinner Duos. You can pair a soup or salad with a dish for a lower price. While not everyone likes an early dinner, it is still an option to save some money. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you decide to dine in or order to go, breadsticks are always on the menu at Olive Garden. 

Be sure to check your local Olive Garden for any discounts or promotions. 

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