Does Olive Garden Take Apple Pay? 

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Growing up, we were always taught never to do business over the phone and never store our credit card information anywhere. Now, all the helpful tips and advice have all been thrown out the window. 

Almost all business is done over the phone. It is becoming increasingly difficult to tell a real business from a scam business over the phone. It is still best not to give your information out over the phone, but often, that’s just how business is done. 

Almost all online stores ask you to keep your credit card information stored on their website for an easier check out next time. While this may be a good idea, in theory, you do not know how strong their cyber security is. 

Amazon has proven itself in keeping its customer’s information safe. Other stores haven’t been so lucky and hackers got the best of them. 

Apple has an app that allows you to keep up to twelve debit and credit cards stored on your phone. Also, to use the cards stored in your phone, you just need to hold your phone (or watch) near a card reader that accepts Apple Pay. 

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Apple Pay is a secure method of payment since they are dynamically encrypted. This means that next time you go to pay at your favorite restaurant, your card information won’t get hacked. 

With that being said, do most restaurants and stores accept Apple Pay as a payment method? Will Olive Garden accept Apple Pay as a legitimate payment method? 

Olive Garden does accept Apple Pay. This is of course subject to location. Each location needs to have the specified card readers that allow Apple Pay to be used. 

Most Olive Garden locations are equipped to accept Apple Pay as a payment method. The next time you go to dine at Olive Garden, you can leave the wallet in the car and just pay with your phone or watch. 

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What Fast-Food Places Allow You To Pay With Apple Pay? 

Have you ever been standing in line, waiting to pay the cashier when someone just holds the phone over the card reader? They never pulled out a wallet, purse, or anything. They simply held their phone over the card reader and they were good to go. 

They paid their bill with their phone. They were most likely using Apple Pay. 

Apple Pay is becoming widely popular as a payment method. Not only can you pay with your Apple phone or watch, but you can also send money to other Apple users as well. 

Many restaurants, gas stations, and stores are updating their card readers to accept Apple Pay as a method of payment. You can see if most stores accept Apple Pay by looking for any of Apple’s decals at the register. 

Here is a list of some of the most popular fast-food restaurants that accept Apple Pay. 

  • Baskin-Robbins
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Chili’s
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • El Pollo Loco
  • Firehouse Subs
  • Fuddruckers
  • Jamba Juice
  • Jersey Mike’s Subs
  • Jimmy John’s 
  • Johnny Rockets
  • KFC
  • McDonald’s
  • Panera Bread
  • Pizza Hut
  • Subway
  • White Castle

Not all locations may have updated their equipment to accept Apple Pay and more restaurants and stores are adding the capability all of the time. 

How Do You Set Up Apple Pay? 

Having Apple Pay on your phone eliminates the need to carry your wallet. Apple Pay eliminates that frustrating moment where you are in the store and realize your wallet isn’t. 

Your dilemma now is where to leave your cart so no one touches it, all while you run out to the car and grab your wallet. Gone are the days of finishing a delicious meal and convincing your waiter you are not about to dine and dash; you just forgot your wallet in the car. 

You leave your relatives behind as collateral, reassuring the wait staff that you will be right back to pay. 

Having Apple Pay on your phone can save you from ever needing your wallet again. 

To download Apple Pay on your phone, follow these easy steps. 

  • Make sure you have an Apple device. You can have Apple Pay on any compatible device that has the latest iOS. Typically, you won’t take your iMac into the store and pay with that. However, you can just tap your watch by the card reader and your items will all be paid for. 
  • You will need an active debit or credit card. Not only can you sync up your debit cards, but credit cards as well. Any active card can be saved in your Apple Pay wallet. You can store up to 12 cards on new devices. Some older devices can only hold up to eight cards. 
  • You will need an Apple ID. Typically, if you own an Apple device, you already have an Apple ID. All your information and settings are saved to your specific Apple ID. 
  • Open the wallet app on your phone and follow these steps. 
  • Tap on the add button and when prompted, choose either debit or credit. 
  • The following screens will ask you to put in your card’s information. 
  • You will need to verify your bank or credit card issuer’s information. 

If you are adding Apple Pay to your Apple Watch, the app will require you to place a lock code on your watch. The method for adding a card to Apple Pay on your watch is the same as the steps above. 

Is Apple Pay Hard To Use? 

Apple Pay is becoming widely accepted as a form of payment in stores, restaurants, and gas stations. You can also use Apple Pay online instead of adding your credit card numbers to make online purchases. 

Though this may sound like a convenient way to pay, is it an easy way to pay? 

Apple Pay is easy to use once you have all your information stored in the wallet app. When you are ready to make a purchase in-store, all you need to do is double-click the side button on your phone. 

This action will prompt your wallet to open and your preferred card is ready to be used. You will need to put in a passcode or use your face ID to confirm you are about to make a purchase. 

Hold your phone close to the card reader just like you would a credit card. And just like that, you are all checked out and ready to go. 

Final Thoughts 

Being able to pay with your phone will save you from carrying around an excessive amount of cards in your wallet. All your cards can be conveniently stored on your phone and ready to pay for anything with just a double-tap. 

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