Can You Put Taco Bell In The Fridge And How Long Does It Last? 

Taco Bell is a great fast food chain. They are known for their value menu, cheap items, and great taste. 

Taco Bell is a favorite fast food chain among many. Taco Bell also has different value boxes that they put together from time to time. You get a lot of food for just $5 when you choose a $5 dollar box. 

Often, you can’t even finish everything you get in the box from Taco Bell. Can you place any of the items you don’t eat in the fridge? 

If so, how long will your leftovers last? 

Taco Bell leftovers can last in the fridge for up to three days. You can leave your Taco Bell in its original packaging before storing it in the fridge but it’s often better to put it in air tight bags. 

When you are ready to eat your Taco Bell, you can reheat it in the microwave. However, not all Taco Bell menu items reheat well in the microwave. 

For example, if you have a hard shell taco, it will become soggy if reheated in the microwave. You will instead want to reheat the ingredients separately. 

You can also use the oven to reheat your Taco Bell items. Wrap your item in foil and place it in the oven at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes. 

It is always best to remove the lettuce and any other cold items from your leftovers before reheating. 

Are Taco Bell Bowls Microwavable? 

Taco Bell bowls are packed full of protein and are delicious. If you don’t happen to finish all your power bowl, are you able to save it and reheat it in the bowl for later? 

Taco Bell’s bowls are not only microwave safe but dishwasher safe too. You can save your Taco Bell bowls and use them to store other food too. 

Taco Bell’s food bowls can be safely stored in the fridge. Your Taco Bell bowl will last in the fridge for up to three days. 

Can You Reheat Taco Bell Nacho Cheese? 

Taco Bell has great tasting nachos and cheese. They are a great, low-priced option for a side. You can eat your chips and cheese on their own or as a side to your favorite burrito. 

If you happen to have any excess cheese leftover, you can dip your burrito in and enjoy it or save the rest for another day. You can even ask for additional cheese cups to enjoy at a later date with chips and burritos of your own. 

Taco Bell cheese will last in your fridge for up to three days. Are you stuck eating the cheese cold or can you reheat it in the microwave? 

You can reheat Taco Bell cheese in the microwave. It is best to remove the cheese from the container and place it in a microwave safe container before warming it as the container the cheese comes in will melt in the microwave and will either become misshapen or leak into your cheese. 

Reheat the cheese in a microwave safe bowl for 30 seconds. If additional time is needed, you can microwave it 10 second bursts at a time. 

What Can You Do With Leftover Taco Bell Sauce?

Taco Bell sauce not only tastes good but comes in fun packets with great sayings. Often, when you ask for sauce packets, Taco Bell is very generous and gives you more than enough. 

You have good intentions, take them home, and put them in your sauce spot to use later. However, your stockpile of sauces end up becoming rather large. 

You don’t want to just throw them away, is there anything you can do with extra Taco Bell sauce packets? 

You can use Taco Bell sauces on chips and popcorn. However, since the sauce would make your chips and popcorn soggy, the best way to use the sauce is to make it into salt.

You will need 6-10 sauce packets. 6 sauce packets is enough to give you the aroma of Taco Bell in the salt but you will need more than that for the “fiery” flavor to come through. You will also need 1⁄4 cup table salt. 

Combine your sauces and salt in your food processor. Blend it together until you have a sandy mixture that is uniform in color. Spread the new salt onto a parchment-lined baking sheet. 

Put it in your oven at 200 degrees for 2 hours, until it is extremely dry. Return the salt to the food processor and pulverize it. 

You now have Taco Bell salt to use for your chips and popcorn! 

Can You Recycle Taco Bell’s Sauce Packets? 

In the past few years, Taco Bell has increased its awareness with recycling. The CEO has made several efforts in moving Taco Bell toward more eco-friendly packaging. 

One of the biggest issues that Taco Bell has in recycling is their sauce packets. Over 8 billion sauce packets are used per year by consumers. These sauce packets are ultimately just tossed in the landfill. 

Year after year, Taco Bell sauce packets are used and then fill up the landfill. 

You can recycle empty Taco Bell sauce packets but only through specific sources. You can’t recycle the sauce packets in your normal recycle bin. 

Taco Bell has partnered with TerraCycle to help reduce the amount of waste from Taco Bell that ends up in the landfill. The CEO of TerraCycle stated, “Now more than ever, consumers don’t want to sacrifice the planet no matter how delicious the meal.” 

Here are the steps to follow when recycling your Taco Bell sauce packets. 

  • Sign up for a TerraCycle account. Once you have your account created you’ll be able to recycle any and all sauce packets that you get from Taco Bell.
  • Collect your empty sauce packets. Place all your used sauce packets in a recyclable box. Be sure to squeeze out all the excess sauce. Any excess sauce can contaminate the recycling process. 
  • Download your shipping label. Once you have your package all ready to go, head over to your TerraCycle account and download the shipping label. 
  • Ship your package. UPS is the only way that you can ship your packets for recycling. Your package will not ship if you use local services. 

Next time you order Taco Bell and use your sauce packets, do your part to save the Earth. Save your used sauce packets to be recycled later. 

Final Thoughts

Next time you have Taco Bell and can’t finish it, you can save the leftovers in your fridge for up to three days. You can also reheat them when you are ready either in the oven or microwave. 

If you’re worried about too many sauce packets or overflowing the landfill, you can turn your extra sauce into salt and then send your used sauce packets out for recycling. It’s a win-win. 

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