Can You Freeze Rice Krispie Treats?

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Rice Krispies are a well know dessert. They are soft, gooey, and absolutely delicious. These treats are also fairly easy to make and only require three base ingredients: butter, marshmallows, and Rice Krispies. 

If you make an overabundance of Rice Krispie treats to enjoy on a different date, can you store them in the freezer? 

Rice Krispies keep very well in the freezer. The freezing process is also rather simple and they will last frozen for up to 6 months (before they start to go stale). 

All you need to freeze your Rice Krispies is to leave them on the tray and allow them to completely cool. Once cooled, you can cut them into individual squares. 

Wrap each square tightly in foil or plastic wrap. You can also store them in a freezer-safe, air-tight container. 

If you have purchased Rice Krispies on sale, the process is still the same. You can either leave them in their original packaging or you can use your own. You can also wrap the original packaging with foil or plastic wrap. 

You can also choose to remove the original wrapper and place the Rice Krispies into a container. 

Rice Krispies that are placed in the freezer can last for up to six months. If stored any longer, the Rice Krispies tend to lose their consistency. 

How Do You Thaw Frozen Rice Krispies? 

If you have chosen to freeze your Rice Krispies, the next step would be properly thawing them when ready. Frozen Rice Krispies might be hard to chew and be a little hard on the teeth so thawing is important before eating. 

You can thaw your Rice Krispies by simply leaving them on the counter. After about an hour, your Rice Krispies will be ready to eat. 

If you do not have an hour to wait, you can microwave it in short bursts as well. Just make sure to unwrap it if it’s in aluminum foil as that will ruin your microwave! 

How Do You Keep Rice Krispie Treats Fresh? 

Rice Krispies are a great no-bake dessert. Made with gooey marshmallows, cereal, and butter, it is a classic sweet treat to enjoy. Typically, you cannot eat a whole batch in one sitting, so how do you store the rest to make sure they do not end up dried out? 

You can store Rice Krispies in an air-tight container. If properly stored in the container, your Rice Krispies should last for 2-3 days before beginning to harden. If you plan on using them later than that, it is best to store them in the freezer. 

If you do not have a container big enough to store your Rice Krispies, you can use foil or plastic wrap instead. You can either wrap them individually or leave all the Rice Krispies together when wrapping them. 

You can also use zip-lock baggies to make sure your Rice Krispies stay fresh too. When sealing the bag, make sure to squeeze out as much air as possible. 

What Happens If You Put Too Much Butter In Rice Krispie Treats? 

While salt is considered the spice of life, butter is the ingredient every recipe needs. Butter adds that extra something to all recipes it’s in. 

Are your mashed potatoes bland, add more butter. If your pie crust does not stick together, add more butter. 

Whatever food you are baking, the recipe will almost always call for butter. Rice Krispies are no exception. If you do happen to add too much butter, is that a bad thing? 

Adding too much butter to your Rice Krispie treats can make them soggy. The cereal will soak up the butter before it has a chance to be fully incorporated into the mixture. 

If you put too much better in your Rice Krispies then what you should do is simply add more cereal and marshmallows. You will make a larger batch but you won’t have off tasting treats this way. 

Can you Use Old Marshmallows In Rice Krispie Treats? 

Marshmallows are a soft, sugary treat that can satisfy your sugar craving. However, after a few marshmallows, your sweet tooth craving is gone. 

Whether you buy large marshmallows for s’mores or smaller ones for baking, they will eventually go stale. No matter how well you seal the bag, the air still finds its way in; your once soft marshmallows are now hardened. 

Are you able to use these hardened marshmallows in your Rice Krispie treats? 

To create perfect Rice Krispie treats, you need to melt marshmallows. Fresh marshmallows work best for this so old marshmallows won’t work as well. 

When the fresh marshmallows melt, they become soft and gooey. When you melt old marshmallows, they tend to melt into one giant glob. The old marshmallows will not be as pliable to work with when mixing the marshmallows and Rice Krispie cereal. 

If your marshmallows do go bad before you happen to use them, you can still find other uses for them. Old marshmallows can be used in hot chocolate. Most hot chocolate packets come with dehydrated, hard marshmallows. 

You can also “refresh” your marshmallows by adding a piece of bread to the bag. The bread adds moisture to the marshmallows making them soft again. You can also use old marshmallows in a marshmallow shooter and not feel bad about wasting the marshmallows. 

Can You Use Something Other Than Rice Krispies To Make Rice Krispie Treats?

If you are not a fan of Rice Krispies cereal in general, then Rice Krispies may not sound like a great treat. But can you use something else besides Rice Krispies?

You can use other cereals to create Rice Krispie treats. You can use Kix, Cocoa Puffs, Chex, Frosted Flakes, Golden Grahams, and any other cereal you enjoy to create your cereal treats.  

If you are wanting to avoid the sugary part of cereal altogether, there are a few other options you can use to create your version of Rice Krispie treats. 

Popcorn is one of the most well-known substitutes for Rice Krispies. You can use popped popcorn, marshmallow, and butter to create popcorn balls. It is the perfect mixture of sweet and salty. 

You can even use kettle corn to create a sweeter version. 

You can also use Chex Mix or pretzels to replace Rice Krispies. Both are salty options that come in different flavors. If you prefer milder flavors, it is best to stick with the original Chex Mix and pretzels. 

Final Thoughts 

If you want to make your Rice Krispie treats extra special, you can add a wide variety of ingredients. You can add chocolate chips, peanut butter, M&M’s, caramel, nuts, and pretty much any other sweet you can think of. 

You can also sandwich Rice Krispie treats and create a delicious treat. You can add peanut chips to your Rice Krispies and sandwich them with strawberry jam in the middle for Rice Krispie PB&J. 

Whichever variation of Rice Krispies you create, you can either enjoy them right away or store them in the freezer for up to six months. 

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