Are Any Toasters Waterproof?

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If you love to make toast, then you probably use a toaster a lot. You have heard that since it is an electrical appliance, you should never immerse a toaster in water. 

But, are there any toasters that are waterproof?

There are currently no toasters that are waterproof. They are an electrical device that is plugged into an outlet and if submerged in water, it could start a fire. If you touch a toaster that is in water it could also result in an electrical shock.

You are probably asking this question because you want to clean your toaster. But let me assure you that you do not want to put a toaster in water to clean it. There are a few ways to go about doing this which we will discuss later on in this article. Basically, the only thing you can put into water is the crumb tray. 

You should never submerge a toaster in water especially if it is plugged in because this could result in you getting shocked or a fire starting, both of which can be fatal. If the toaster is unplugged and submerged in water then this could ruin its electrical parts. 

Now, you can buy a waterproof cover for your toaster. If your toaster is susceptible to getting water on it then you may need one of these covers.

These covers can keep the appliance free of dust and other debris as well as water. 

All that to say, toasters use electricity to function. Their cord is plugged into an outlet and electricity flows to the appliance giving it power. When it is in use, a toaster heats up and toast slices of bread. 

So, no, toasters are not waterproof and there aren’t any currently manufactured that are waterproof. 

How Often Should You Replace Your Toaster?

Toasters don’t last past 6 to 8 years. This is unlike their vintage counterparts since some of those still work after decades. Modern toasters are just more fragile. They are however made with less corrosive parts. 

Eventually your toaster will need to be replaced. This can be because it simply isn’t working, is having trouble working, or is really old. So, how often do you need to replace your toaster?

You should replace your toaster every 6 to 8 years. You should also replace your toaster if it is having difficulty working or not working at all. By cleaning and maintaining your toaster properly you can help it to last longer as well. 

According to Wirecutter, “…expect a modern toaster to last between five and 10 years. But…humid climates can accelerate heating-element corrosion, as can moisture from repeatedly toasting frozen items, like bagels or Eggo waffles. Shaking a toaster to get the crumbs out, banging it around, or sticking sharp objects into the slots can also damage the delicate heating elements or the electrical connections, causing the toaster to fail sooner. Often, it’s a combination of these things that causes a toaster to fail.”

If you clean and maintain your toaster often, then it can last for even longer than the average. Still, it is recommended to replace your toaster about every 6 to 8 years. After this time, the toaster is considered old. 

As toasters age and the more they are used without being cleaned, they will accumulate crumbs in them which can be a safety hazard. Also, the older and more used a toaster is, the more it is prone to break. 

Over time, build up occurs from toasting bread. Toasters need to be replaced after several years of use. Another reason why you would need to replace your toaster is if the heating element is failing. This can happen in old and worn toasters. 

So, in order to avoid an accidental fire, it is best to replace your toaster as soon as you notice that it is having trouble working. The good news is that toasters last for a relatively long time although you should keep in mind that you do need to replace yours about every 6 to 8 years or if it is not working properly.

How Do You Deep Clean A Toaster?

It is a good idea to clean a toaster regularly. Cleaning your toaster regularly and removing all the crumbs from inside the appliance can help it to last longer as well as prevent any safety hazards from the crumbs catching fire. 

When you are cleaning a toaster, don’t use water inside of it for any reason, since they are not waterproof. But if you can’t use water, how do you deep clean a toaster?

To clean a  toaster you will need to unplug it, shake the crumbs loose, and put the crumb tray in a cleaning solution. Don’t immerse or use water on the other part of the toaster and only brush it clean with a dry cloth or dish brush. 

If you get water on the electrical parts of the toaster, you could ruin it. This is why you only need to brush it clean and clean the crumb tray with water. 

Let’s dive into how to properly clean your toaster. 

Before cleaning a toaster, be sure to unplug it and let it cool. Don’t try to clean a toaster if it is still plugged in. If the toaster is plugged in and you stick something into it, you could get shocked. So, after the crumb tray has been cleaned in the soapy water, rinse and dry it. Then clean the exterior of the toaster and dry it too. 

Reassemble the toaster and you are now ready to toast some more bread slices!

The Spruce  explains that, “…Toasters can be a workhorse, making an appearance throughout the day from breakfast to BLTs, as a base for appetizers, and as a midnight snack…If you use your pop-up toaster daily, weekly cleaning is best to remove crumbs and any food residue that could cause a burnt taste or a fire. Since toaster ovens are used for much more than making toast, they need cleaning more often. If you only use the oven to make toast, weekly cleaning is sufficient. However, if you heat foods or broil other foods, the oven—especially the food tray— should be cleaned after every use.”

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, no toaster is waterproof. If you are concerned about your toaster getting water or debris in it, then you can buy a cover for the appliance. Submerging a toaster in water could ruin its electrical parts and if it is plugged in, this could lead to electric shock and/or a fire. 

You will need to replace your toaster after about 6 to 8 years of use, if it isn’t working properly, or if it isn’t working at all you could have to replace it earlier. By cleaning your toaster regularly, you can help it to last longer. 

Don’t put the whole toaster in water to clean it. The only part you can immerse in soapy water for cleaning is the crumb tray. Just brush the inside of the toaster out. 

You cannot put water in a toaster because toasters are not waterproof.

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