Does Olive Garden Have Steak? (Is It Good?)

Olive Garden’s Italian American food has been a favorite for many people over the years. Since the restaurant began, their tables have been full of people loving their pasta, soup, salad, and of course, their breadsticks. 

They serve virtually any pasta you can think of including spaghetti, rigatoni, angel hair, cavatappi, whole grain linguine, and gluten-free rotini. The sauces they serve along with the pasta are creamy roasted garlic, creamy mushroom, traditional marinara, five cheese marinara, traditional meat sauce, and alfredo. 

There are also many other dishes featured on the Olive Garden menu. If you prefer steak, you may be wondering if Olive Garden has any steaks on their menu.

Along with all the Italian food that Olive Garden serves, they also serve a grilled sirloin steak with delicious flavor. They only offer this one steak option though so if you need variety for your steak you should choose a different restaurant. 

So, if your family decides on Olive Garden for dinner and you like to order steak when you’re going out to eat, they serve a juicy sirloin. The 6 oz steak at Olive Garden is topped with garlic herb butter and loaded with delicious flavor. 

While it may not be in the top ten best things to order at the restaurant, the steak at Olive Garden is still good. Now, if you are one whose taste buds are accustomed to the finer steaks in life, it may not be the best tasting steak you’ve ever had.  

Many other steakhouse restaurants will have better steaks than Olive Garden because frankly Olive Garden is designed around Italian food. They pride themselves on pasta and all things Italian. However, their steak is good and if you opt for this menu item you will enjoy it. 

Now, their menu only has one steak dish which is that 6 oz juicy sirloin topped with garlic herb butter that I mentioned earlier so if you want a different cut of meat or need more steak options then don’t go to Olive Garden expecting that. 

Does Olive Garden Have Any Beef Dishes? 

For someone who loves red meat, Olive Garden may not seem very appealing. Most of their menu consists of chicken and shrimp. Does Olive Garden have any beef dishes?

Olive Gardens menu features only a couple dishes made with beef. You can order their steak or lasagna but besides that it’s all chicken or seafood. 

Speaking of steak at Olive garden, the restaurant used to feature Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo on their menu. But, sadly, it is no longer available. 

I know I probably got your hopes up for that one but if you want to make it at home there is a copycat Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo recipe you can follow to recreate many people’s favorite steak dish at Olive Garden.

I know, this may sound disappointing for those of you who love beef, but if you want a burger, steak or lots of meat options, Olive Garden is not the place to eat at. Pasta, chicken and shrimp is their specialty. 

Like I said before though, they do have a sirloin on the menu that is sure to make a beef lover happy. You can also order meat sauce with your pasta which has ground beef, Italian sausage, and pepperoni. Their lasagna and lasagna fritta is made with that same meat sauce. 

What Is The Most Expensive Thing At Olive Garden?

The restaurant that is popular for their garlic-buttered breadstick is actually pretty reasonably priced. What is the most expensive thing at Olive Garden?

At $21.29 (currently), the Seafood Alfredo is the most expensive dish served at Olive Garden. Their most expensive single item is a bottle of wine which is $30. 

This meal includes Fettuccine Alfredo served with shrimp and scallops on top. These toppings are what make it the most expensive dish since seafood costs more than chicken does. 

The Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara, Herb Grilled Salmon, and Shrimp Alfredo are also all above $20 but are slightly less expensive than the Seafood Alfredo. 

Then there is the Tour of Italy (currently $19.49) which features the most popular dishes at Olive Garden. 

Coming with good sized portions of Chicken Parmigiana, Lasagna Classico, and Fettuccine Alfredo, this dish does not disappoint. All three of these are made with Olive Garden’s homemade sauces which are made fresh every morning. 

Olive Garden meals are decently priced and aren’t too expensive. Those that I mentioned above are pricier because the cost depends on what they are as seafood is just simply more expensive for them to purchase so it’s more expensive for their customers too. 

Do They Actually Cook At Olive Garden? 

Have you ever heard the saying, don’t believe everything you hear? Well, in this case that saying is true. In answer to the question, do they actually cook at Olive garden, yes, they do.

Olive Garden does cook their food. They don’t microwave any frozen meals and the soups and sauces are made fresh every morning.

Walking into Olive Garden you are sat by a friendly hostess. A server approaches your table and asks for drink orders. Upon bringing the drinks, he also serves you some salad with as much cheese as you’d like on it, and soft, warm breadsticks. 

Then he gets your entree orders. As you sit waiting for your main course you munch on the salad and breadsticks, maybe even dipping them into some sauces you ordered. You drink your Bellini tea which has a wonderful peach taste. 

Then comes your food. 

Ordering the Tour of Italy, your plate features all three of Olive Garden’s favorites, Chicken Parmigiana, Lasagna Classico, and Fettucini Alfredo. Diving right in you experience every delicious bite of your meal.

At some point during your meal, maybe you wonder if the food at Olive Garden is actually cooked there? Do they just reheat it in a microwave and serve it to you? 

First of all, If a restaurant was doing any of this, that information would certainly get out to the public. Secondly, the restaurant would quickly lose business.

While there may be rumors of this, it just isn’t true. 

Olive Garden takes pride in serving their guests fresh food and does not just heat up frozen meals in a microwave. They cook their food there in the kitchen of their restaurant.

Final Thoughts

Olive Garden is not a really expensive restaurant especially as one that cooks their food there in the restaurant kitchen. They have some red meat dishes like their meat sauce which comes on the lasagna and lasagna fritta. Steak is also on their menu. 

So, if you want to order a steak at Olive Garden you can. They only have one steak dish on the menu right now. Still, that sirloin is good (especially considering you are at a place that features almost solely pasta dishes). 

Most of Olive Garden’s dishes are pasta, chicken, and shrimp. But, if you are wanting to order some steak at Olive Garden, you can’t go wrong with their sirloin.

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