Can You Put Ice Cream In The Microwave?

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It’s a bright sunny summer day. Vacation vibes fill the air as you stroll down a beach boardwalk. Passing shops you notice a sign for ice cream and stop in. 

After selecting your favorite flavor, a waffle cone is handed to you toppling over with the cool dessert. You walk along enjoying every taste of the cold dessert on the hot day happy you decided to grab the treat. 

Ice cream can make anyone happy. It is delicious and creamy and just puts a smile on your face. This dessert is best when it is soft and melts in your mouth. 

Sometimes when ice cream is stored in the freezer, it can seem a bit too frozen and hard for your liking. If this happens, can you put the ice cream in the microwave for a little bit to soften it up. 

You can put ice cream in the microwave if you need to melt it quickly. This will make it easier to scoop and softer to eat but it will change the texture of the desert. Ice cream won’t taste as good if you heat it up.

Now, there are probably times when ice cream is difficult to scoop out. You may try to run the scooper under warm or hot water. While this can help you to scoop it out, it could also melt some of the other ice cream you are leaving in the container as well as creating a layer of ice crystals on the top of the ice cream. 

You can microwave the ice cream and it is safe to do so. However, this is not recommended as the best way to melt ice cream. The best way would be to just let it melt a little at room temperature or run the container under some warm running water. 

Then you can eat some of the cool, soft and creamy desserts without it being too hard or frozen. Ice cream can be microwaved for a few seconds at a time until it is melted how you’d like, but know that this will change its texture and consistency permanently.

Is It Safe To Eat Heated Up Ice Cream?

I don’t know about you but ice cream always sounds good to me. Whether it is hot or cold outside I could go for a big scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough or Bunny Tracks ice cream. 

When you go to scoop the ice cream into a bowl, sometimes it can seem really hard to scoop. You may want to melt it a little bit before you dig in. 

If you want to microwave your ice cream to soften it, you can. But it does change the consistency of the dessert.  Is it safe to eat ice cream that has been heated up?

It is safe to microwave your ice cream and then eat it. But you should know that once ice cream is melted it is easier for bacteria to grow.. This is why you shouldn’t melt and refreeze ice cream because it could make you sick if you eat it.

Taste of Home says in one of their articles entitled, Could Ice Cream Be the Cause of Your Food Poisoning?, that, “When it’s allowed to melt, ice cream can quickly become an incubator for bacteria. That’s why the FDA’s ice cream guidelines require distributors to keep frozen desserts at under 41° F. Your ice cream is most likely to melt at home—or more likely in your backyard! That melty ice cream is where any bacteria that’s introduced by you, your guests’ fingers, your serving utensils, etc. will begin growing. Since the sugars in ice cream feed bacteria, it’s a serious set-up for food poisoning.”

Bacteria can grow in melting ice cream and should be kept at a certain temperature to avoid this. To avoid getting sick from ice cream, scoop it out using a clean utensil and don’t double-dip. 

Never lick the scoop and put it back into the ice cream. Always keep your ice cream frozen and if it so happens that it melts you should throw it away and get another tub to eat. 

Stay away from ice cream that is made with unpasteurized eggs and/or raw milk and opt for ice cream that is made with pasteurized eggs and/or milk. This can help prevent cross-contamination.

How Do You Melt Ice Cream Quickly?

Did you know that the most popular flavor of ice cream is vanilla? Next is chocolate. Some like to keep it simple while others opt for more extreme flavors. 

There are times when ice cream comes out of the freezer difficult to scoop. When you are craving some ice cream, it can be hard to wait to eat it. You just want to taste the cool and creamy deliciousness to satisfy your tastebuds. 

Or maybe you have guest over and you don’t want to serve them hard and frozen ice cream. If it is still frozen and hard, how do you melt ice cream quickly?

The fastest way to melt ice cream is to pop it in the microwave for short intervals but this will often leave you with ice cream soup. If you want to scoop the ice cream faster you can get an ice cream scoop that is designed to heat up. 

Some ice cream scoops will even allow you to easily scoop the ice cream out of the container without needing to put the ice cream in the microwave or letting it sit out. 

If you do use the microwave you should only do it for a few seconds at a time and check on it to see if it has melted to the consistency you want it to be. 

But keep in mind that microwaving ice cream will change its texture permanently. While you can microwave the frozen dessert, consider just letting it sit at room temperature for a little bit and it will melt by itself. 

In a few minutes you will have softer ice cream without all that microwaving. Other ways you can thaw ice cream faster is by running the closed container under warm water to soften it up. 

In no time, your ice cream will be soft and creamy for you to enjoy.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you can melt ice cream in the microwave. Using this method, you can melt the cold dessert if it is too hard or frozen. 

Microwaved ice cream is safe to eat. The risk of getting sick from melted ice cream is if cross-contamination occurs, the ice cream isn’t kept at the proper temperature and you eat melted ice cream, or the melted ice cream is refrozen. 

Melt the ice cream the right way by either running the container under warm water or letting it sit at room temperature for a little bit. You can also just use a heated scoop that will allow you to easily get the ice cream out while it’s still frozen. 

If you need the ice cream thawed quickly you can use the microwave, just be sure to only heat it for a few seconds at a time and check until it reaches the desired consistency. Melting ice cream in the microwave can be done but will change the texture of the frozen dessert.

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