Does Taco Bell Have Taco Tuesday?

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Taco Tuesday has become a time-honored tradition in many American households. For most, it is the ideal day to go out to your favorite Mexican restaurant, and treat yourself to their discounted tacos. 

You may even decide to have your own taco tuesday at home and prepare homemade tacos by the dozens for the whole family while you watch some TV. 

Regardless of how you celebrate it, Taco Tuesday is a weekly tradition that almost everybody knows about.

Taco Tuesday actually has an interesting history, and legally belongs to the well-known fast food chain, Taco Johns! The phrase was most likely coined many years before Taco John’s commandeered it, as it was in use dating all the way back to the 1930s. 

One of the earliest references to this delicious day was found in the El Paso Herald Post. A restaurant called White Star Cafeteria used the phrase to let townsfolk know they were offering “Mexican tacos” each tuesday. 

The special day each week soon spread all over as a sign that tacos were on the menu. No matter the origins of this mysterious day that has just seemed to always have been around, most Mexican restaurants and chains have taken advantage of it’s marketing power. 

Surprisingly, Taco Bell does not have a specific Taco Tuesday every week. Taco Bell has actually blatantly stood against the day of the week devoted strictly to tacos!

In a blog called “It’s Time to ReBell Against Tuesday Tradition,” Taco Bell has given their stance on how they feel about Taco Tuesday. 

They say, “Tacos are TOO good to be shackled to just one day. Tacos should be for ANY day. So here’s to you Taco Monday. Good on ya Taco Wednesday. Taco Thursday, we see you. Taco Friday? Yup. Taco Saturday, Taco Sunday — please and thank you. It’s time for you and your friends to live every day like it’s Taco Tuesday.”

Taco Bell seems to err on the side of not reserving a single day of the week for enjoying tacos, but gives tacos the opportunity to be enjoyed every single day. 

That being said, Taco Bell does still celebrate Taco Tuesday on occasion with free tacos or “locos tacos” during special holidays. Whether it be on National Taco Day, or even the night of the Taco Moon which fell on a Tuesday this year, Taco Bell makes sure to allow Taco Tuesday deals time to shine. 

What Fast Food Chains Have Taco Tuesday? 

Okay, so it may be a bit disappointing that Taco Bell doesn’t offer any specials on Taco Tuesday, but fear not, there are still some pretty great places to go to enjoy crispy taco goodness on Tuesday this week! 

Some fast food chains like Taco John’s, Del Taco, and Taco Bueno still offer Taco Tuesday specials for the taco side of their menus. Also, many local restaurants and food trucks have Taco Tuesday in the city that you live in!

At Taco Johns, the “originator of Taco Tuesday” you can get a single taco for just $1.49. Del Taco has Taco Tuesday specials offering three of their value tacos for only $1.49! 

Taco Bueno rounds out our fast food taco chain deals offering their “taco platter” which is two crispy beef tacos plus mexican rice, slow-simmered beans, fresh chips and sides of sour cream and house made guac for only $2.99. 

These restaurants seem to be the only nationwide Mexican fast food chains to utilize Taco Tuesday on a weekly basis at the present time.

If you do a little digging around your local Mexican eateries, you can probably find even more great Taco Tuesday deals. Most Mexican restaurants offer cheaper tacos by the dozen on Taco Tuesdays or even bogo specials. 

The argument could be made that you’ll get a better taco at one of these options as well, but you’ll just have to try them all for yourself and see!

What Deals Does Taco Bell Have?

Even though Taco Bell doesn’t offer taco specials or other menu discounts on Taco Tuesday, you can still snag some great deals throughout the week at your local Taco Bell. 

Because of the new push into digital ordering and food delivery many restaurants including Taco Bell have focused menu coupons towards signing up for these apps or options. 

Taco Bell offers a variety of coupons and deals that can be found anytime at These are constantly updated and reimagined so you don’t have to worry about finding a great deal here only to realize it is expired. 

One of the easiest deals to score is the free Chicken Burrito Supreme. You can grab this delectable deal anytime by just joining the Taco Bell Rewards program on their app! Once you join the Taco Bell Rewards program, you can also get a free Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito by spending five dollars or more. 

Taco Bell also offers food like their five dollar box combos that include food, dessert, and a drink for only five bucks! This isn’t just a coupon item either, as it can be ordered any time you go to Taco Bell for the same price. 

Not only does Taco Bell have great deals in store, but it also has online exclusives for tech savvy customers. 

With their online exclusives menu, found here, you can grab specials like the My Cravings Box, Quesarito, Black Bean Quesarito, and the Black Bean Chalupa. 

What makes this even better is when you order online at Taco Bell, you get to skip the waiting line at the store and just grab your completed order right away!

Final Thoughts

So to all my Taco Bell lovers out there, I think we can agree it is sad that the nationwide chain doesn’t celebrate Taco Tuesday like some other restaurants, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some great deals every other day of the week! 

Taco Tuesday might just be a time to try other Mexican restaurants in your area, while you save your Taco Bell trip for another day of the week. Who knows, you may just find a Taco Tuesday tradition nearby that has been waiting to be discovered!

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