Does Pizza Crust Have Dairy?

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If you have been diagnosed as lactose intolerant, you might feel like you just lost out on a lot of your favorite foods. If you enjoyed cereal with milk for breakfast, you need new milk to enjoy with your cereal. 

If you enjoyed eating cake or ice cream as dessert after dinner, you probably need a new dessert to enjoy as well. If Cheetos or Doritos were your go-to snack, you are going to need a different snack for the afternoons as they also contain dairy products. 

Cheese is the main ingredient in a lot of foods and that limits what you can and cannot eat. If you can no longer eat dairy, does this mean that you can’t have pizza? 

If you remove the cheese from the pizza and just enjoy the crust, sauce, veggies, and meat, is that okay? If you don’t get stuffed crust pizza, is that good enough or is there dairy in the crust too? 

Most pizza crust does not contain dairy. The pizza crust is typically made with flour, yeast, water, salt, and sugar. However, some pizza dough will use an egg wash or butter to add extra flavor. 

If you are ordering pizza out and plan on picking off the cheese, it is best to ask what they use to flavor their crust. If you are baking a frozen pizza at home, you can check the ingredients on the box to see if there are any dairy products other than the cheese. 

Another option is to make you pizza at home and just be sure not to add butter or other dairy products to the pizza crust.

Does Pizza Crust Have Gluten? 

Much like being diagnosed as dairy-free, becoming gluten-free might feel impossible as well. You can no longer have any normal bread and for some people, bread is life. You have bread for dessert, dinners, and snacks. 

You might feel hopeless trying to find out what you can and cannot eat. However, the pain that comes from eating gluten is not worth it when you can be pain-free and enjoy other various gluten-free foods. 

If you were used to having pizza every Friday night at family fun night, does this have to change? Does pizza crust contain gluten? 

Are there other gluten-free options for pizza crust? Can you order out or do you always have to make your own pizza at home?  

Pizza crust does normally contain gluten. It is made with wheat flour which is what gives the crust its “spongy” texture. Without gluten, pizza would taste very different. 

However, it is possible to have gluten-free pizza. There are even a few pizza places that are now offering gluten-free pizza as an option for customers. There are also gluten-free pizzas in the freezer aisle in supermarkets as well. 

Though the pizza may taste a little different, you can still enjoy pizza on family fun Friday if you are gluten-free. 

Is Pizza Crust Vegan Friendly? 

If you have chosen a vegan lifestyle, it can be an eye-opening experience to see just how many foods are not vegan-friendly. Many of our foods include ingredients from animals that most people don’t even realize. 

Since chocolate contains milk, this means that chocolate is not vegan-friendly. Cheese is made from milk and therefore is not considered vegan-friendly either. Though the cheese and meat toppings on pizza are not vegan friendly, is the crust. 

Can you use the base of the pizza to create your own vegan-friendly pizza option? 

Pizza crust can be vegan-friendly depending on how it was made. There are some recipes that use an egg wash to add flavor to the crust. Other places will add butter to the crust to add extra flavor and seasoning. 

If you plan on making your own pizza crust at home, you can avoid using these ingredients and still end up with a delicious crust. The base ingredients of crust do not call for anything that is not vegan-friendly but some pizza restaurants will add non-vegan items to their crust or pizza. 

Just be sure to ask if they use those products when making their crust if you are eating out at a restaurant or getting take out. 

Can You Eat Pizza If You Are Dairy-Free? 

If you are lactose intolerant, you can scrape off the cheese from the pizza and call it good. You’ll just be eating sauce and bread, and it still tastes good. However, if you are not a fan of just settling for picking the cheese off your pizza, is there another alternative? 

Pizza is a great dinner and delicious too, so are you “doomed” to never enjoy pizza again? Is there such a thing as dairy-free pizza? 

You do not have to just settle for scraping the cheese off your pizza for the rest of your life. There are a few options that you can use to create a dairy-free pizza. 

  • Dairy-Free Cheese Pizza: You can use marinara sauce, basil, and olive oil to top your pizza. There is milk-free cheese that you could use to create your own pizza. However, the milk-free cheese doesn’t melt like regular cheese. This can cause issues when creating your own dairy-free pizza.
  • White Pizza: All you need is some fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil leaves, and olive oil or a dairy-free white sauce. If you choose a white sauce over olive oil, it will give you the taste of dairy without an allergic reaction. 
  • Barbecue Pizza: You can customize this pizza any way you’d like. Lather on some barbecue sauce with your choice of meat and veggies for a delicious tasting, allergy-free pizza.

Do Pizza Places Offer Dairy-Free Options? 

When you are dairy-free, you can still order from quite a few different fast-food places and just ask for no cheese. However, when it comes to pizza, if you ask for no cheese, they might not make it for you. 

Are there any pizza places that offer dairy-free pizzas? 

There are a few pizza places that offer dairy-free options. Though some of these chains may not be in your area, it doesn’t mean that some of your local pizza places don’t offer dairy-free options as well. 

It never hurts to call and see if they have something that you can eat. Here are a few different pizza chains that do offer dairy-free options. 

  • Blaze Pizza
  • Mod Pizza
  • Mellow Mushroom
  • Pie Five 
  • Pieology
  • Pizza Rev
  • Brixx Wood Fired Pizza
  • Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen
  • Your Pie
  • Zpizza

Final Thoughts

Whether you are choosing to cut out dairy or your body is forcing you to, you can still enjoy the crust of the pizza. Since most pizza crust does not contain any dairy ingredients, you should be fine. 

However, it is best to check the list of the ingredients to ensure that your crust is dairy-free. 

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