Does Dunkin Have Chai Tea?

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Chai tea is really popular right now with its spicy and sweet flavor and ability to help you relax and focus. Chai is often used as a substitute for coffee because it gives you sort of a little energy boost. 

Since it is growing more popular, coffee shops have responded by selling chai tea. 

We all have our favorite specialty beverage places. Some people love Dunkin Donuts, and if you are in the mood for some chai, you want to be able to hop on over and pick one up. 

As one of the leading coffee chains, does Dunkin have Chai tea?

Dunkin does sell chai tea. The spices used to make chai vary depending on where you buy it but Dunkin’s chai is a blend of cinnamon, ginger, clove, cardamom, and nutmeg.

Dunkin’ Donuts is a coffee and donut shop. Their coffee consists of specialty coffees available in a variety of flavors. Dunkin’ sells billions of coffees every year and it’s no wonder since their coffee is sweet and satisfying. 

Dunkin’ also sells donuts with a variety of over 50 kinds. Along with coffee and donuts, this chain also serves its customers premium beverages, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and other baked goods. 

In this article I will talk specifically about those premium beverages.

The next time you drop by Dunkin’ and are craving a chai, you can get one! They sell chai by calling it a latte. Chai is the word for “tea”. Traditionally, chai is made with milk so a chai latte is the same as chia “tea”. 

Compared to Starbuck’s chai latte which is spicy and strong, Dunkin’s is sweet and creamy. Vanilla is added as the sweetener to this lovely cup of goodness. 

If you prefer no sweetener or a sugar free vanilla syrup, they can arrange that as well as your choice of milk used to make the chai latte.

Is Dunkin’s Chai Latte Good? 

Dunkin’ is your go-to coffee place. Along with coffee and espresso you have found that you also like chai. Excited that your local Dunkin’ sells a chai latte you are pumped to try it. 

But hearing about so many other chains selling chai, you wonder if Dunkin’s chai latte is good.

Dunkin’ Donuts’ chai latte is good if you like your chai to be sweet and creamy without much spice.

If something is good or not, all depends on personal preference. If you like sweet chai that is creamy and smooth then you will most likely like Dunkin’s chai latte. 

The coffee and donut shop describe their chai latte as blending together the spices of cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg with milk. If you order chai at other coffee shops, like Starbucks for instance, the chai latte will be strong and spicy. 

If you like a little bit of a kick to the flavor of your chai then you may not enjoy Dunkin’s sweet chai as much. The flavor of their chai latte isn’t as peppery as a lot of chai drinks are.

Most coffee places will have different milk to choose from to make your latte with. You can choose to add whole milk to your chai latte and if you are vegan they also will have a dairy-free option. 

If you just prefer almond, oat, or coconut milk they have these as well. It has been said that out of 4 different popular coffee chains, Dunkin’ has the biggest and best valued drink. 

Depending on your tastebuds, you may like the chai latte at Dunkin or you may like Starbucks’. I guess you’ll just have to go try them to find out. 

Is Chai Tea Healthier Than Coffee? 

Do you drink coffee, like a lot? Maybe you are looking for something that gives you energy without the crash? Chai is the drink for you! Not only is it spicy and delicious but it contains a small amount of caffeine to wake you up and keep you focused. 

When choosing between the two, is chai tea healthier than coffee?

Chai tea is better for you than coffee is. Although coffee isn’t bad for you when you skip out on all the sweet stuff, chai has many other health benefits.

Chai is known as a substitute for coffee. When you’re looking to reduce your coffee intake, then chai is the way to go because chai is healthier for you and contains a lot less caffeine than coffee. 

Chai is a healthier alternative to coffee. You can make chai with whatever milk you want and put as much sugar in it as you want. 

The caffeine in chai is about what’s in one-third of a cup of coffee. This makes it better to drink while also giving you the energy you need. 

In an article by Aura Chai it is explained which is the better drink, chai or coffee. 

While this can depend greatly on taste, they state that chai is healthier than coffee is in their article Chai Latte Vs Coffee – Which Is Best?

In this article they say, “If you’re looking to cut down on your coffee intake, chai is a great place to start. That’s because it contains a lot less caffeine compared to coffee, so you can either completely replace your coffee with chai, or top up your daily hot drinks whilst keeping your caffeine intake static. If you want a healthier alternative to coffee, chai wins hands down. It’s still comforting, tasty and hot, can be taken with or without sugar and can be made without milk or with low-fat creamer, if you’re cutting down.”

Final Thoughts

Dunkin’ Donuts does sell chai tea. Although if you are ordering it at one of their locations they call the beverage a chai latte. Their chai latte is good with its sweet flavor and creamy texture. 

When deciding if coffee or chai is healthier, chai is the better option. It has many more health benefits than coffee and a lot less caffeine as well. 

But hey, if you can’t choose between them, there is such a thing as a dirty chai latte and this is a chai latte with a shot (or two if you’d like) of espresso. So, if Dunkin’ is your favorite specialty drink shop, try their chia latte and see what you think!

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