Does Dunkin Have Cold Foam?

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Dunkin Donuts is known best for its delicious donuts, great coffee, and catchy slogan. Dunkin Donuts is constantly adding to its menu to keep up with its customers. 

They have added coolattas, different syrups, and many other items to their menu in recent years. 

Cold foam has increased in popularity among coffee lovers over the years. Cold foam is frothed nonfat milk that tops your cold drink. 

You will typically find cold foam on drinks like iced coffee, cold brew, or iced cappuccinos. It is served at a cold temperature so when it hits the drink it won’t instantly melt. 

Does Dunkin serve cold foam? 

Dunkin does have cold foam. It was announced in early 2021 that Dunkin Donuts launched sweet cold foam for their cold brew drinks. During fall, Dunkin also introduced Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam to serve atop your cold brew. 

The various flavors of cold foam that Dunkin serves are based on season and supply. Check out your local Dunkin to see which cold foams can top your cold brew. 

Is Dunkin’s Cold Foam Vegan Friendly?

Following a vegan lifestyle can seem to limit your eating and drinking options. When you go out to eat, you have to be careful what has touched your food and make sure that everything on your plate is vegan. 

If you get a drink, you need to make sure that all the ingredients are vegan-friendly before you take a sip. If you are vegan and love all things coffee, are there any specialty drink options that you can order when at Dunkin?  

Dunkin’s normal cold foam is not vegan friendly as it is made from milk. However it can be substituted for non dairy foam which would be vegan. 

You can turn any creamer, iced coffee, cold brew, latte, Americano, macchiato, or espresso into a vegan-friendly drink at Dunkin. You can ask for the milk or cream to be swapped out for Almond milk or oat milk. 

It is best to still avoid Dunkin’s signature lattes as many of the syrups often contain dairy. You will also need to ask for no whipped cream as that contains dairy as well. 

However, these flavor shots are all vegan friendly and can be added to your drink: vanilla, hazelnut, toasted almond, blueberry, raspberry, mocha swirl, and coconut. If you are ordering a cold foam or other foamy beverage, it is best to choose oat milk as it foams better than almond.  

What Kind Of Cream Does Dunkin Use? 

Have you ever noticed that Dunkin’s cream tastes richer than most other coffee shops? Have you ever tried to recreate a Dunkin coffee at your house and something just doesn’t taste right? 

The reason you may not be able to recreate your favorite Dunkin drink at home is because of the type of cream that Dunkin uses. 

Dunkin Donuts uses light cream. Their cream has more fat in it which gives it that rich and creamy taste. Dunkin gets their cream from a few different sources: Hood light cream, Borden light cream, and Dairypure light cream. 

If you can’t find these light creams in your store, you can use heavy cream and dilute it to make it into the creamy light cream that Dunkin uses. 

Does Dunkin Have A Secret Drink Menu? 

Many restaurants don’t want you to know that they have a secret menu. One of the reasons they prefer to keep these items a secret, is that it may cost a little extra time to create. 

It’s not that they are frustrated that it takes more time to create the secret menu item, but that it may slow down production. However, Dunkin Donuts does not share the same feelings about secret menu items as some other establishments do. 

Dunkin Donuts has a secret menu that you can choose from. Dunkin encourages its customers to create unique, personalized coffee drinks. 

You can add a few shots of caramel here, a few pumps of vanilla there, a flavor shot here, and create your own secret menu items. 

Here are a few secret menu tips to follow next time you order from Dunkin.  

  • Hazelnut Mocha Iced Coffee: Dunkin encourages this iced coffee hack. When you go to order, ask for an iced coffee with a mocha swirl and a hazelnut flavor shot. 
  • Coco Berry: Another secret menu item that Dunkin has encouraged is the Coco Berry. Order a mocha latte, espresso with milk and mocha flavor swirl, and add a shot of blueberry flavor. 
  • Toasted French Vanilla: If you are a fan of all things vanilla, Dunkin has also put its stamp of approval on this secret menu item. Order an iced coffee with a shot of French vanilla, a shot of almond, and almond milk.
  • Frozen Chocolate Covered Strawberry Drink: If you love chocolate and strawberries, this drink is your next secret menu item to try. When you order, ask for a medium frozen chocolate and add two pumps of strawberry coolatta syrup. You’ll never go back to just eating chocolate-covered strawberries when you can drink them.
  • Caramel Coconut Cream Pie Iced Coffee: If you love caramel, coconut, pie, or all three, you will be sure to love this secret menu item. Next time you order, ask for an iced coffee with milk, a shot of caramel, a shot of coconut cream pie flavor swirl, and a dollop of whip cream. Instead of having your cake and eating it too you can have your pie and drink it too! 
  • Frozen Snickers Bar: This drink was designed for all those who love snickers. Instead of using their slogan, hungry, grab a snickers, you can use thirsty, grab a snickers. To get this candy bar-inspired drink, you need a girl scouts peanut butter cookie, frozen chocolate, a shot of caramel, and a caramel swirl. 
  • Frozen Double Peanut Butter: Peanut butter is good on almost anything, so why not add some extra of it to your Dunkin drink? You will need half girl scouts peanut butter frozen coffee and half girl scouts peanut butter frozen chocolate. 
  • Frozen Almond Joy: Almond Joy is one of those candy bars that you either love or hate, there isn’t really an in-between. If you are on the love spectrum of Almond Joy, you can order it next time you go to Dunkin. Just ask for a Frozen Chocolate, Coconut Cream Pie Flavor Swirl, and add a toasted almond flavor shot. 

These secret menu items may not be at all locations. All the items listed may be seasonal and only at various locations.  

Final Thoughts

If you are in the mood for some cold foam, stop in at your local Dunkin to see what options are available. You can order any cold drink and add a flavored cold foam on top. 

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