Can You Eat Hot Pockets When Pregnant?

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Hot pockets are filled with meat and cheese and are easy and convenient to eat. The frozen sandwich/turnover that can be heated in a microwave for a meal in minutes is a favorite lunch or snack for many people. 

Hot Pockets come in a variety of options from ham and cheese to pepperoni pizza. While these aren’t the healthiest lunch choice, they are yummy and can fill you up if you are in a hurry and need a quick heated meal. 

Now, if you are an expecting mother, you try to stay away from certain foods. So, can you eat Hot Pockets when you are pregnant?

You can eat Hot Pockets if you are pregnant. What you can’t eat are meats that are cold or aren’t cooked thoroughly. Pregnant women can eat cold meat as long as the package says they are “ready-to-eat” and if they need to be heated, they should be.

It is said that pregnant women should avoid eating lunch meats and cold cut/deli meats unless they are heated to a safe internal temperature. There is a  risk of getting listeria bacteria from these and this could be harmful. If the package says that the meats are ready to eat, then it should be okay to consume. But be careful since some still contain the bacteria which can make you very sick. 

It is best to heat up the meats to an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit before eating them. Like the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. 

So, as for eating Hot Pockets when pregnant, you can if you heat them up properly. These definitely aren’t the healthiest thing you can eat but it won’t hurt you. Just heat the sandwich up until they are piping hot to get rid of any bacteria they may have so you don’t get sick. 

You probably shouldn’t eat Hot Pockets a lot when you are pregnant because they aren’t really that good for you. But every once in a while won’t be harmful. It is okay to eat Hot Pockets if you are pregnant, but remember to follow the package’s instructions and heat them up properly.

Can You Have Ham And Cheese/Pepperoni Hot Pockets When Pregnant?

If you are in a rush and need an easily prepared food, Hot Pockets are a great grab ‘n’ go meal. Stored in the freezer, these melas are easily popped into a microwave or toaster oven to cook for just a few minutes. 

Then they can be enjoyed for a quick and convenient lunch, snack, or dinner. If you are pregnant, can you have the ham and cheese or pepperoni Hot Pockets?

You can have ham and cheese or pepperoni Hot Pockets if you are pregnant. They aren’t the healthiest thing to eat, but they will only be harmful to your body if you eat them cold. So, be sure to heat the Hot Pockets as their name implies them to be–hot.

As we mentioned earlier, as long as you cook Hot Pockets properly you can enjoy them even when you are pregnant. They aren’t the best thing for you to eat but won’t hurt you or the baby as long as they are heated properly. 

The reason why you may think that they aren’t good to eat is because you shouldn’t eat cold cut meats when you are pregnant to avoid getting listeria bacteria. Foods saying that they are “ready-to-eat” can be okay to consume but it is still possible they contain this bacteria. So, to be safe, you should heat meats to a safe internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Pregnant or not, you should always cook Hot Pockets and never eat them cold. But, yes, you can have ham and cheese/pepperoni, and any other kind of Hot Pockets if you are pregnant if you follow the package’s instructions and cook them properly. 

And to be safe, it is best to cook all meats, cold cuts included.

Is It Safe To Eat A Cold Hot Pocket?

Hot Pockets are an easy meal to throw into a lunchbox for a quick and yummy meal through the day. Children as well as adults like Hot Pockets and they come in a variety of options. Pregnant women can eat Hot Pockets as long as they are cooked properly. 

But, what about if you aren’t pregnant? Is it safe to eat cold Hot pockets?

It is not safe to eat a cold Hot Pocket. It could contain listeria bacteria which can make you very sick and will also not taste very good resulting in a waste of a meal. Hot Pockets are supposed to be heated up and should not be eaten cold.

Hot Pocket’s FAQ page states, “Absolutely do not eat any HOT POCKETS® sandwiches if they are thawed. Always prepare them according to the cooking recommendations on the package.” 

How a Hot Pocket should be eaten is all in its name, “Hot” Pockets. So, you should heat these frozen sandwiches up before eating them. It is never a good idea to eat a Hot Pocket cold because it could be dangerous for your health. 

Always prepare Hot Pockets according to their cooking recommendations on the packaging. Also, If you leave one of the frozen snacks at room temperature, this creates a breeding ground for listeria bacteria. This bacteria could cause you to get sick if you eat it. Plus, eating a cold Hot Pocket will just taste awful. 

Not sure why you would want to eat Hot Pockets cold, but if you were considering it, you shouldn’t do it. So, no, it is not safe to eat a cold Hot Pockets and you should always cook them thoroughly before eating one of the frozen meat and cheese filled meals.

Final Thoughts

You can eat Hot Pockets when you are pregnant. Although they aren’t the healthiest thing to eat, if they are heated up properly then it is okay to eat when you are pregnant. 

Ham and cheese or pepperoni Hot Pockets along with all other kinds are fine to eat when you are expecting but should not be consumed all of the time. 

Pregnant or not,  it is not safe to eat a cold Hot Pocket. This could make you sick since some cold meat contains listeria bacteria. This is why pregnant women should heat up cold cut meats because they are more likely to be affected by the bacteria.  

If you are pregnant you can eat Hot Pockets, but remember to eat them in moderation and cook them thoughtly to make sure they are safe to eat.

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