Is Pizza Dough the Same as Pasta Dough?

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I love pizza, like absolutely love pizza! Freshly made pizza is even better! Another thing I love is pasta. Put some Chicken Alfredo over delicious noodles, and you have a perfect dinner for Valentine’s Day.

I remember when I was younger, I watched an episode of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, and he showed how to make pasta dough and freshly made noodles. This completely sparked my interest in cooking. 

Being able to make my own pasta noodles is a dream come true. My dad would sometimes make pizza dough with us and then we could have whatever toppings we wanted on our pizza. 

However, for someone who doesn’t know the difference between the two, is pizza dough the same as pasta dough?

Pizza dough and pasta dough are similar but have a few different ingredients. The main difference is that pizza dough has yeast in it while pasta dough has eggs. 

This difference is important since pizza dough is designed to rise to give you the full crust while pasta dough is not designed to rise. So although these doughs are similar they are not interchangeable nor exactly the same. 

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What Is Pizza Dough? 

Pizza dough has yeast in the dough, and because of this, the final part of the dough will rise. You will also see the bubbles in the dough as it’s rising which also shows in part of the final product when you finally have your pizza. 

Pizza dough basically is a flatbread and it is very possible to make normal bread out of pizza dough.

What Is Pasta Dough?

Pasta dough has egg instead of yeast. In the making of pasta dough, it doesn’t need to rise, therefore it’s not as delicate. The dough is smooth, pliable, and stretches when pulled. If it’s sticky, then it needs more flour added, which you should start in small, dusty increments. 

Well-kneaded pasta dough is stretchy and elastic to work with, but also has a tender and delicate taste when you bite into it after it has been cooked. With pasta dough, you can’t overwork it. As it doesn’t need to rise, there is no need to be specific in its delicacy.

What’s The Difference Between Pizza Dough And Pasta Dough?

So what’s the difference between pasta dough and pizza dough? Pizza dough has yeast which makes it into bread. Pasta dough has egg, and once kneaded can be pulled into whatever position you need for it to form. 

So if you’re in the mood for pizza, don’t forget the yeast. If you’re wanting pasta, don’t forget the egg! Pretty awesome once you know what you want.

Should You Make Pasta Dough?

I first saw pasta being made with Mr. Rodgers on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood on PBS as a kid. It definitely inspired me to want to work more in the kitchen… although my mom may not have appreciated my efforts. 

I wasn’t exactly proficient in cleaning up my mess in the kitchen at that time. 

So, should you make your own pasta dough? Is it easy to make your own pasta? Or is it better just to buy pasta from the store? 

Although making pasta dough is relatively easy it does take a bit of practice to get it exactly right. For most people the first time you make pasta dough it won’t be perfect and that’s ok. A lot of the fun that comes from cooking is trial and error and learning along the way.

If you are in a hurry then buying pasta from the store will likely be a better option for you. However, homemade pasta will always taste better than store bought so if you have the time, making it yourself is the best way to go. 

 Having fresh pasta is a bonus to any meal. Is it worth it? I guess it depends on the time you have and the culinary skills you possess. If you have a pasta roller, then you have part of the hard work already finished. If you have to roll the dough by hand completely, then you may have too much to do. 

It definitely makes great family memories to make your own pasta dough and its something you can teach your children and grandchildren to do as well. 

When making your own pasta the recipes that you follow will always be pretty versatile. You can change your dough into using whole grains instead of bleached flour if you wish. You can add more egg yolk or egg as needed. 

You can make green pasta by adding steamed or sautéed spinach to your dough or you can even make herbed pasta by adding your favorite herbs to the recipe. 

There are so many options out there that can be used to make your pasta your own and personalize it to your taste. That is one reason why making your own pasta dough is a popular addition to your dinner. 

With so many options to be tried, you can see that there’s no limit to your creativity when it comes to making pasta. If you try it out and decide you like it, then make a new family tradition and memories your family will look back on fondly years from now. 

There’s nothing stopping you from trying and making your own opinion about homemade pasta dough.

Final Thoughts

Although pizza dough and pasta dough are similar they are not the same thing as the ingredients are different for each one. Although both can be delicious when they are homemade you will want to make sure to only use pizza dough for pizza and not try and use it for a pasta recipe. 

Using pizza dough for pasta wouldn’t taste very good and neither would using pasta dough for your pizza. 

Both of these types of doughs are delicious and learning how to make each of them from scratch will take your meals to the next level. However, they aren’t the same dough and are not interchangeable. 

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