Do Brownies Use Unsalted Butter?

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Brownies are one of those desserts that just make you happy. From the time you bite into one of the squares of chocolate goodness you savor every bite. 

Memories can flood your mind of your grandmother’s or mother’s soft and gooey brownies baked to perfection. It’s always fun to use their recipes to recreate the beloved dessert. 

When making brownies, is it really important what kind of butter you use? Does using salted or unsalted butter actually matter in the baking of the dessert? 

Most brownie recipes use unsalted butter. If your recipe doesn’t say whether to use salted or unsalted butter you should be safe using unsalted. 

Many bakers and chefs will choose unsalted butter for their recipes since it will result in a perfectly balanced dessert. For instance, if a brownie recipe calls for unsalted butter and salt, and you use salted butter and salt, the salt content will be too high in the recipe and the taste will end up being not as well balanced as it would with the unsalted butter. 

Now, there are times you can add to some baking recipes but for the most part it is best to stick with the instructions for the brownies to turn out properly. 

Salted butter should be thought of as a condiment to enhance the flavor of whatever dish you are eating. It can also change the taste and texture of the baked goods. 

However, many times it will not matter too much if salted butter is all you have in your refrigerator to use. Don’t stress about adding that in instead; however you will want to leave out any additional salt the recipe calls for if you use salted butter. 

If the list of ingredients does not specify what butter to use, you should use unsalted butter. 

What Happens If You Use Salted Butter Instead Of Unsalted In Brownies? 

We’ve all had times when baking when our recipe came out a little different tasting than we thought it would or than our mother’s does. Wandering what could have gone wrong, we could have noticed that salted butter was used instead of unsalted. 

This can actually cause a change in the recipe. Not a drastic change but just enough to be a little off.

If you use salted butter instead of unsalted in a brownie recipe, it may change how the desert tastes. It likely won’t make the brownies inedible but it will change the final taste slightly. 

Baking recipes call for a certain amount of something for a reason. There is also a reason that salt is added to the brownies. 

The mixture of salt and unsalted butter make for the right amount of everything for a yummy dessert. If you are making something simple like cookies, ingredients can be adjusted according to what you have on hand. 

The result won’t taste too different.

Unsalted butter is also normally fresher and has a sweeter taste. When salt is added into the butter it can mask the rancidity or the unpleasant smell or taste from a chemical change for decomposition of the butter. 

When you use salted butter in a baking recipe it can come out tasting awful or just a bit off. 

When you are ingredient shopping for your next baking recipe opt for unsalted butter for better tasting and balanced brownies.

Which Butter Brand Is Best For Baking? 

Butter is included in most brownie recipes. There are a lot of butter brands in the dairy section at the grocery store. 

With so many options, it can be hard to choose the best one. If you will be making brownies, choose unsalted butter from some of the top butter brands.

The brand Land O’Lakes Unsalted Butter is good butter to use for baking. Because you don’t need a strong butter flavor in baking, this butter brand is the ideal choice since it has a fairly mild flavor.

Land O’Lakes Unsalted Butter is a great option for homembaking. It has a high butterfat content meaning it contains more water and less fat than other butter brands. If butter has a higher water content it can be better for certain baking items such as pie crusts, biscuits or cookies. 

Remember that unsalted butter is better to bake with.

Then there is Plugra European Style Unsalted Butter that produces good results in baked goods. This brand is thought to have the ideal amount of moisture and fat for pastries and is used by many chefs and bakers. 

Although it is a good choice for butter it is not as affordable as the Land O’Lakes brand.

What Does Butter Do In A Brownie? 

All the ingredients in a brownie recipe work together to form the dessert. They all blend together in just the right way to make the ooey gooey brownies you love. 

When we make brownies, we all have our go-to recipes or opinions on what should and shouldn’t be used. What about butter? 

What does this ingredient actually add to the brownies?

When you add butter in a brownie recipe, it makes the dessert more flavorful and helps it to rise.

Butter and oil are both fats. They prevent clumping as well as making the batter smoother. You can use butter or oil in the brownie recipe since both will give you a moist and tender textured brownie. 

You can even use them interchangeably in a recipe. Most bakers prefer using butter because it helps the batter to rise resulting in a cakey brownie. 

Brownies can be fudgy, chewy, or cakey. A cakey brownie is airy and delicious. To make these brownies, softened butter is added instead of melted. You then whip the sugar in as this forms little holes in the butter which trap air and make your brownies more light and fluffy. 

If you are concerned about health issues associated with butter, then oil is the better option for you.

Final Thoughts

Brownies are such a good treat and when made right provide the perfect blend of chocolate and texture. By following a recipe correctly you can add in the right amount of ingredients for a yummy tasting dessert. 

Using unsalted butter instead of salted in baking brownies is the better choice since it will give you a good balance instead of the salt content being too high. 

With your new knowledge of which kind of butter to use in brownie baking, enjoy your delicious dessert.

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