Can You Substitute Milk For Yogurt?

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Both milk and yogurt are dairy products, and you may be considering alternating the two. However, just because both of these products are dairy doesn’t mean that they have the qualities which make them unique. Yogurt is a fermentation of milk solids and thus has a tangy flavor.

Whether you can substitute milk for yogurt is a bit of a difficult question to answer. In some cases, you can substitute milk for yogurt, and in other cases, you cannot.

Milk and yogurt are very different in terms of their consistency and the function they serve. You can, however, substitute yogurt with buttermilk, as buttermilk also has some of the same qualities that yogurt does.

Milk doesn’t have the acidity which most recipes that call for the use of yogurt require, so milk may not be a good alternative in savory recipes or even sweet ones. You can use milk instead of yogurt in something specific like a smoothie bowl. You will have to alter the consistency since milk and yogurt don’t feel the same.

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Best Ingredients To Substitute For Yogurt

Now that we know that milk isn’t a great substitute for yogurt, we’re going to look into some of the ingredients that you can substitute for yogurt in your recipes.

1. Mayonnaise

You may not think that mayonnaise could substitute yogurt, but it depends on what you’re cooking or making. People use yogurt in dressings and salads all the time. Yogurt tastes good with the fresh fruits and vegetables which you may have. They may be sweeter or savory, depending on what your recipe is. Mayo is a great alternative to yogurt.

You can use a different brand of mayonnaise to give yourself a different flavor and experiment with all the salads.

2. Cottage Cheese

There’s another dairy product that you can use to make salads. It’s also one of the healthiest cheeses you can use. It also resembles yogurt in texture and flavor. Cottage cheese is also rich in calcium and nutrients. However, the major distinction is in taste and texture.

Cottage Cheese is a lot richer than yogurt, and it also has a lot more fat.

If you’re using cottage cheese in a salad, you’ll notice that there are curdles from the milk along with a splash of saltiness. It does serve as a great garnish for all your salads and desserts. If you don’t have yogurt available, you may just as well go in with cottage cheese.

3. Buttermilk

Buttermilk is how you can get all of the tanginess in your recipe. You can use buttermilk for a variety of dishes. You can use it in marinades or in even in drinks. Many people use yogurts for low-calorie desserts. However, buttermilk steps it up altogether and gives you more acidity to work with. In baking or foods that need aeration, you find that it’s better to use buttermilk in place of yogurt. Cooks suggest using buttermilk in products like pancakes, cakes, and muffins.

You can also use buttermilk for savory dishes like when you’re marinating chicken to create the perfect batter. Buttermilk is a staple in restaurants that specialize in fried chicken. Buttermilk is one of the best substitutes for yogurt in terms of fried chicken marination.

4. Cream Cheese

Yogurt adds a layer of richness to most foods and makes them more creamy and excellent. However, you don’t have to panic when you suddenly run out. Instead, you can use cream cheese to add creaminess and salt to your meal. You can also mix cream cheese with herbs and spices whenever you make a sauce or a dip. In desserts, many people also use cream cheese for frosting on cakes and cupcakes, like red velvet.

You can find cream cheese pretty easily, which is why it also serves as the perfect substitute for cream cheese. The advantage to this is also that cream cheese has a relatively long shelf life, so there are fewer chances of it going bad.

5. Sour Cream

In Indian cooking, chefs generally often use yogurt to bring in authentic richness. In curries, adding yogurt allows the curry sauce to be creamy and thick. When trying to achieve some of this richness, sour cream is also effective. Sour cream works well when you’re trying to add more flavor to the curry.

Yogurt adds a tangy flavor to the curry, and sour cream also pulls off this flavor profile. Sour cream is also great for soups, baked dishes, and even for a dip or salad dressing.

6. Plant-Based Yogurt

You may be thinking to yourself, what if I want to cut out dairy altogether? Many companies that highlight conscious living have come up with plant-based yogurt. For everyone who has lactose intolerance or those who may just not want to use other forms of dairy, a plant-based yogurt is a different option altogether.

You’ll find that these companies have given you a great degree of variety. They have flavored yogurt like almonds, coconut, cashew, and many more.

The yogurt itself is extremely similar to dairy yogurt. It matches the taste and texture of yogurt as well. It’s also low in calories and carbs.

7. Heavy Cream

Heavy cream doesn’t have some of the acidity that you’re so used to with yogurt. However, you can use it as a viable substitute. Heavy cream is the perfect substitute when you’re baking desserts and especially when you’re making a fruit salad.

If you feel like indulging in something rich and delicious like yogurt, then heavy cream does more than enough.

Heavy cream can also be an alternative to yogurt in dips. You may have to correct some of the flavor profiles for curries, stews, and even basic dips, but it’s a suitable option.

Final Thoughts

Depending on what you’re cooking, you can substitute certain kinds of milk for yogurt. In curries and savory dishes, you may as well substitute coconut milk and buttermilk. The best substitute for yogurt is buttermilk since it adds the acidity of yogurt.

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