Can You Make Brownies In A Toaster Oven?

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When I came to college and lived in the dorms, I had an electric soup bowl, mini muffin maker, and a toaster oven. I had some food issues, so I would have to make my own food instead of eating the campus food in the dining hall. 

With what I had, I learned how to cook just about anything! When I had a boyfriend, I especially liked cooking for him and making some treats. When I started teaching a class, my students loved it when I could make them special treats to pass out! 

Cooking with a toaster oven became a talent I had mastered. I had a lot of students ask me if I would be willing to cook them food. 

They would bring me their favorite food and I would then cook it. One question I had been asked was if you could make brownies in a toaster oven. I have tried it and it does work! 

You can make brownies in a toaster oven however, you do need to make some adjustment in your baking method. You might have to spread the batter out over two pans if you have a small toaster oven or you might have to adjust the time. 

If you have the mini toaster oven like I had, then you need to divide the brownie mix by half and bake it a half at a time. The mix otherwise will overflow the small baking tin or glass tray that you use. 

If you have a bigger toaster oven that’s sometimes in place of an actual oven, then you may be able to use the whole mixture if you have a big enough tin or glass pan to use that fits your toaster oven. 

But you will still need to keep an eye on it. Sometimes the bottom will cook faster than the top so you may have to adjust the time and heat. You may also need to experiment before you officially offer your wonderful brownies to someone to try. 

Brownies are a classic crowd favorite. With the many different flavors and different brands available, brownies have become super easy to make. 

If you buy a box mix from a store, you generally only need an egg, oil, and maybe water to go with it. My personal favorite are the salted caramel brownies! 

I had a friend who made super moist brownies. When I asked her  how she got it, she said she added a dollop of mayonnaise to the mix! 

I tried it once, but I think I didn’t mix it well enough as I found drops of mayonnaise in the final product. It was enough for me to not try it again! 

Brownies are just awesome though, so however you like your brownies, you’re in good company.

Brownies are always a great treat to have. If you don’t have an oven available, a toaster oven is a great substitute. If you want to try something else in a toaster oven, go ahead and do it! 

I learned to cook some pretty awesome meals with just a toaster oven. Although, I don’t recommend it if you have a big family, as that may take too much time to make enough food for everyone. 

You can certainly use a toaster oven for brownies though! It’s a great way to free up time and space in your oven or just a way not to heat up your whole house/apartment. 

Can You Bake Brownies In An Air Fryer?

I remember the first time I ever saw an air fryer. A lady was making French fries in it. I remember being so confused as to why she was putting French fries into this weird contraption. 

When she told me it was an air fryer, I had so many questions! She took her time to explain how it worked and that you could make just about anything in it! Plus it was considered healthier as it didn’t take grease to cook. 

Win, win for this momma who is trying to eat healthier! I quickly told my husband that someday I would like one. I did ask about baking desserts in it, and she told me her experiences. 

Cooking french fries or other battered things in an air fryer is a no brainer but baking is a whole different thing. 

Can you bake things in an air fryer? What about brownies? Can you bake brownies in an air fryer?

It’s completely possible to make brownies in an air fryer. However brownies made in an air fryer will often be more on the crispy side than on the gooey side. 

So if you love your gooey brownies you might not like the way that they turn out. 

This may have just made your day if you are an air fryer fanatic! Finding your perfect recipe to cook your favorite brownie mix in the air fryer will probably be your new challenge. Thankfully, there are a lot of different recipes out there for you to use.

Using an air fryer is exciting! They even have cookbooks dedicated to air fryers and also have tons of different recipes online. Paging through, you can even find a recipe for baking brownies in an air fryer. 

Whether you use cookbooks that you can find at just about any bookstore, or go on the internet, the perfect air fryer brownie recipe is out there for you. 

Personally my favorite recipe is the caramel air fryer brownies that you can find on

Bookstores, thrift shops, and sometimes even grocery stores will have recipe books. They want you to try their products and enjoy cooking, so those are safe bets of finding different recipes for your air fryer. 

If you are a Pinterest person, there will be a lot more great ways to find recipes. I even found a recipe for a copycat Starbucks brownie recipe to be made in an air fryer on Pinterest! 

Air fryer Keto friendly brownies are even a thing for all the health conscious people out there. If you really want to get your taste buds going, there’s even a recipe for Air Fryer S’mores Brownies… 

Invite me over though if you are going to try that one! 

The point is, there are many ways to make your brownies in an air fryer no matter which recipe you want to try. You just need to follow your taste buds to the perfect way that you prefer your brownies.

If you own an air fryer, then I hope this has encouraged you to get outside your comfort zone and use it for more than just cooking fried foods. Baking brownies in an air fryer is just another tool you can use for your baking. 

If you use cookbooks, then definitely go to a bookstore and find the perfect brownie recipe. However, if you’re like me and hate paying full price for a book, then most used bookstores should have some too. 

If you use Pinterest, then you will probably pin way more brownie recipes than you will ever try! Maybe try adding something different so you can experiment. 

I always follow my taste buds to make something spectacular! Baking brownies has just gotten way more exciting. They may not even make it to whoever you wish to share them with! 

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