Are Ribs Keto? (Do They Have Carbs?)

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Ribs are a hearty cut of meat that can be cooked in several ways. When cooked right, they fall off the bone and are tender and juicy. 

Ribs can be barbecued, grilled, braised, etc. This portion of meat is usually pork or beef and is from the loin or side of the animal. 

Ribs come in different cuts, back ribs, spare ribs, and country-style ribs depending on where they are taken from. Ribs are delicious and contain a lot of nutrients like vitamins and minerals. 

If you are on a strict diet like keto but enjoy eating ribs, then you are probably wondering if you can eat them. You may ask the question, are ribs keto and do they have carbs?

Ribs do not contain any carbs making them a perfect choice to eat on a low-carb or keto diet. You can also pick up keto-friendly sauces to be enjoyed on your ribs as well. Ribs are a keto-friendly meat.

Are Ribs Keto? (Do They Have Carbs?)

Keto is a strict diet where you eat low-carbs and a lot of fat with some protein. Because of this, ribs are an excellent choice of meat to eat while on a keto diet. 

The best kind of ribs to eat while on keto are pork ribs. If you are worried about consuming too many carbs, then be assured that ribs don’t have any at all. If the ribs are a little dry and you want some sauce, you can add some keto-friendly barbecue sauce and still stay on track with your diet. 

You can eat regular barbecue sauce but it is recommended you look for barbecue sauce that is keto-friendly to be safe. On keto, you can eat carbs but just a very low amount. You have a goal and when you reach the amount of carbs you can eat for the day, you can’t eat any more. 

You can eat foods that are high in protein like meat or high in fat. This type of diet helps your body go into ketosis and lose weight. All that to say, ribs are keto-friendly and don’t have any carbs.

Can You Have BBQ Ribs On Keto?

It’s a warm summer evening and all of your family and friends gather together for some games, conversation and of course, good food. You have always been the grill master and so you prepared some juicy BBQ ribs as the entree. 

Unfortunately last week you started on a keto diet and you aren’t sure if you can eat those barbecue smothered cuts of meat. You know that ribs don’t have any carbs but can you have barbeque ribs on keto?

You can eat BBQ ribs while on a keto diet. Ribs are low in carbs and barbeque sauce is basically tomatoes, vinegar, and spices. However, barbecue sauce can have a lot of sugar in some brands so it is best to pick a keto-friendly barbecue sauce for the ribs.

Although ribs can be tender and juicy, they may need some barbeque sauce to give them some extra flavor. Choose a barbecue sauce that is unsweetened or organic. 

On keto you want to stay away from sugar as well so it’s best to pick a barbeque sauce that doesn’t have sugar and is keto-friendly to help you stay on track. You can still eat BBQ ribs while on keto, but you may have to use a different sauce on your ribs than everyone else is using. 

Fortunately, the unsweetened or organic sauces still taste good so you won’t be missing out on much. Plus you can still stay in control of your diet and eat the delicious food.  

You are so glad you are able to take part in the yummy meal in front of you. The ribs don’t have any carbs and the barbeque sauce is keto-friendly. 

So you can enjoy the time with friends and family and still eat the wonderful smelling BBQ ribs without worrying about ruining your diet.

Are Ribs Good For Weight Loss?

The sound of ribs sizzling on a grill, while the aroma of spices fills the air. As you cook the cut of meat you wonder why you decided to start a keto diet. Slathering barbecue sauce on the ribs the smell just gets better and you know it will be hard to resist eating a bite or two. 

But you don’t have to worry because you can eat those delicious smelling ribs! If the reason you are on a diet is to lose some weight, then you may be wondering, are ribs good for weight loss?

You can eat ribs and still lose weight, too. They aren’t necessarily good for you to eat while on a diet but they don’t have any carbs. Pork ribs will be your best option since pork is a leaner meat than beef. Still, be sure to eat ribs in moderation to avoid other health issues.

On keto, you basically eat low carbs and high protein which is exactly what ribs are. In fact they have no carbs at all.

If you are serious about losing weight, then choose the right kind of ribs for your meal. The best meats to eat while on a weight loss diet are lean meats, so when it comes to ribs, choose pork over beef. 

Spare ribs are meatier but are higher in fat and calories so it is recommended to go with some baby back ribs. Ribs are healthy and contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that are good for your body. 

But, ribs also contain a lot of cholesterol and calories. If you eat too many ribs it can result in increased risk of heart disease. It can also take up most of your calorie count for the day and going over that calorie limit can result in weight gain. 

Ribs are keto-friendly and can still be eaten if on a weight loss diet since they don’t have any carbs. So, while ribs may not be “good” for weight loss or the best thing to eat to lose weight, you can still enjoy them and stay on track. 

Opt for an unsweetened or organic sauce to eat with them and remember that ribs should be eaten in moderation. 

Final Thoughts

Ribs are keto-friendly since they do not contain carbs. Keto is a low-carb, high protein diet. If you are on keto, ribs are perfectly acceptable to eat. 

Even barbecue sauce can be eaten on the ribs but it is best to choose one that is without sugar and keto-friendly. 

Ribs aren’t really “good” to eat for weight loss but when eaten in moderation you can still achieve your goals. So, if you are craving some of the barbeque smothered cuts of meat and are on a keto diet, you can still enjoy them since they don’t have any carbs.

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