Why Are Lattes Served In Glasses?

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Lattes are a delicious kind of coffee made with espresso, steamed milk, and sweeteners. Considered a specialty coffee, this beverage can be served either hot or cold depending on what you like best. 

Strong espresso is poured in the cup and then mixed with milk and flavoring sauce or syrup. 

For the hot version of this coffee drink, steamed milk is poured in to top off the yummy beverage. The iced version required the espresso to be poured over ice and then mixed with whatever flavors you’d like. 

When getting a hot latte at a coffee shop (and if it’s not to-go), it will often come to you in a mug. When ordering an iced latte, they are served in glass. Why is this?

Some people feel like coffee tastes better when drank from a glass or mug. However, the real reason why lattes are served in a glass is to show off the beautiful layers of the drink. 

Why Are Lattes Served In Glasses?

The term “latte” comes from the Italian words “caffe latte” meaning “coffee and milk”. The espresso drink is made with coffee, milk, and syrup. The milk is steamed and poured at the end of making the drink. Sweeteners such as a flavoring syrup are added for taste. 

Lattes are served in glasses if they are iced. Hot lattes are typically served in mugs. Glass helps the coffee drink to taste better as well as provide a way to show off all the delicious layers in the drink.

What Cup Should Lattes Be Served In?

Lattes are one of those specialty coffee drinks that coffee lovers everywhere enjoy. The mixture of espresso, steamed milk (or cold milk for iced lattes) and sweeteners create a yummy drink that can be customized by you. 

If you have seen lattes served in different types of cups you could be wondering, what kind of cup is best for a latte to be served in?

Lattes are a kind of coffee that is traditionally served in a glass. Though, sometimes this coffee drink can be served in espresso cups. Iced coffee drinks are usually served in a glass because glass traps in the cold and makes the beverage taste better.

Depending on how you want your coffee served (in the shop or to-go) will determine what kind of cup your coffee will be served in. If you are drinking it in the shop, lattes will be served in either a ceramic mug (hot) or a glass (iced) lattes. 

To-go lattes will be served in the other types of cups for better mobility.. Dripped Coffee says, “When you use a glass coffee cup, you know your coffee will smell and taste exactly as it should, because it’s a neutral type of material…

Why Does Coffee Taste Different In Different Mugs?

Have you ever been drinking your favorite coffee out of a different cup and wondered why it tasted so different? Maybe you got your coffee to-go instead of sipping it at a table in the coffee shop this time. So instead of your iced espresso drink being served in a glass you receive a plastic cup and it just wasn’t the same. 

Why does coffee taste different in different mugs?

Depending on what kind of cup coffee is in, coffee will taste different. A glass or ceramic cup will make your coffee taste as good as possible while a plastic or paper cup will absorb flavors from the coffee causing it to taste slightly different.

Lattes can be served in styrofoam, plastic, paper, ceramic, or glass. The material of the cup that your coffee is served in can actually affect how it tastes. 

Styrofoam, plastic, or paper can absorb some of the coffee’s flavors but ceramic or glass will help you taste all the flavor and get the most out of your coffee. 

An article by Deneen Pottery states, “Because ceramic is a solid and neutral material, it neither absorbs nor imparts flavors, leaving coffee to taste just as it should.”

Does The Cup Matter For Latte Art?

Latte art just looks so cool and artistic. The frothed milk is moved around the top of the latte to create things like leaves, hearts, or other designs. It takes some practice to do but can make you look like a professional barista once you get the hang of it. 

Speaking of different kinds of cups that lattes are served in, if you want to do some latte art, does the kind of cup matter?

The type of cup you are making a latte in only matters a little bit when you are topping the drink with frothed milk art. For latte art you want a rounded bottom cup to swirl the foam better but any cup will work if you know how to create the art well.

Latte art is done with the remaining milk froth topping the beverage in shapes and designs. You can do latte art in any cup. 

Wide mugs with a rounded base are the best for the art since it gives plenty of space for the milk creations. If you are good at making the designs you will be able to make them atop lattes in any cup. 

Whole Latte Love Blog says, “The…latte is most commonly served in a wide cup…baristas easily pour steamed milk over the espresso to create latte art.”

Final Thoughts

Lattes are traditionally served in glasses for better taste as well as to give that special appearance. Using different kinds of cups can affect the taste of the coffee as well. 

Ceramic cups/mugs are better for a hot latte and glass for an iced latte. Latte art can be done in any cup but is most commonly created in wide mugs with steamed milk used for hot lattes. 

Glass and ceramic don’t absorb the flavor of the coffee as other types of cups do, changing the taste of the drink. The iced latte will just taste better served in a glass. 

Also, in the clear glass you can see all the different layers of the beverage to make it look better as well. Lattes are usually served in glasses for better flavor and better appearance.

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