What Does Fish Cake Taste Like?

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If you enjoy eating fish or seafood, then you may have heard of a dish called fish cakes. But what exactly is it? Fish cake is not actually cake, and instead is sort of a fish meatloaf. Fish cake is a dish of fileted fish (or seafood) minced or ground and mixed with a starchy ingredient. 

Commonly made with cod, haddock, or pollock, fish cakes can be prepared in a few different ways. It is then fried until it is golden-brown in color. 

But, what does fish cake taste like?

Fish cake has a savory taste and can come in many flavors but the predominant flavor is fried fish. The exact flavor this dish has is determined by the additional ingredients that are added to the fish. Fish cake has a firm but soft texture making this dish an appetizing one.

What Does Fish Cake Taste Like?

So, fish cake tastes good. Let’s take a look at the different types of fish cakes, Asian-style and European-style. 

Asian-style fish cakes are made with salt, water, flour, and egg, this style of fish cakes can include a fish paste and surimi. 

European-style fish cakes consist of fileted fish with potato patty which is sometimes coated in breadcrumbs or batter. Fish cakes are usually described as being made with chopped or minced fish that is mixed with potato, egg, flour, onions, peppers, and occasionally herbs.

Fish cake is typically well-seasoned giving it a great taste of complex flavors that pair well with the red curry paste it is commonly served with as well as any additional seasonings it is topped with. Then for more flavor and to give it some texture, fish cakes are then fried to a golden brown. 

But it isn’t too crispy. 

Fish cake has a soft texture and has been described as firm but bouncy and almost spongy. Fish cake is made from chopped, miced, or ground fish. This is usually mixed with a starchy ingredient like potatoes, seasoned really well with lots of spices, herbs, onions, and peppers. 

This mixture is then rolled into loafs, breaded in egg and flour fried for a delicious golden fish “cake”. So, fish cake has a savory taste with a sponge-like texture.

Are Fish Cakes Healthy?

We all know that fish is healthy for you. It supplies our bodies with nutrients that can improve our health. Now, we mentioned that fish cakes are made with fish. 

So, since fish is the main ingredient in this delicious dish, are fish cakes healthy?

Since fish cake is fried, it isn’t as healthy as if you would grill or steam the fish. But, if you make fish cake with high-quality fish meat, not too many fillers, and fry it in clean oil then it can be somewhat healthy.

By somewhat healthy we mean that it’s healthier than fish cakes that have been deep fried in overused oil. Fish contains a lot of nutrients that are beneficial to your body. It’s all the extra breading and seasoning along with the oil it is fried in that can make fish cakes unhealthy. 

But, when eaten in moderation it isn’t a bad food to eat.

Fish cooked in other ways without all of the calorie containing ingredients are more healthy for you. Fish cakes are basically fried fish so if you are at a high risk for heart problems, then it is best to avoid fried foods. 

But, you don’t have to avoid fish cakes altogether. Simply choose instead to eat your fish cake cooked in a healthier way with reduced amounts of oil and breading.

Along with some antioxidants, fish cakes made with high-quality fish contain some necessary nutrients to help keep our bodies healthy. Between the fish and other fillers that make up fish cakes, this yummy dish contains some beneficial nutrients. 

One of these are omega 3 fatty acids. The Omega 3s it contains supply our bodies with many health benefits. These are good for us in many ways since they:

  1. Reduce blood pressure and make your heart healthy and help to prevent the risk of heart diseases like heart attacks and strokes.
  2. Promote brain health with decreasing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease
  3. Improve memory and cognitive health.
  4. By improving brain health, they can calm the mind which can be beneficial to certain mental health disorders, derporession, and stress.
  5. These nutrients can also promote skin and hair health. 

Not only do fish cakes contain omega 3s, it also contains protein. Protein is an essential nutrient helping to give you energy while also regenerating broken cells with new ones. Fish is a good source of Vitamin D which can promote bone health, as well as magnesium which prevents insomnia. 

Other nutrients found in fish cakes are potassium which helps to regulate fluid, send nerve signals and regulate muscle contractions and B-Vitamins which help to make sure the body’s cells function properly while also helping to boost metabolism.

The main ingredient in fish cakes is freshwater fish making the dish high in protein, calcium and low in fat. Generally fish cakes contain 19.8 grams of carbs, 7.1 grams of fat, 8.5 grams of protein, and 170 calories. 

So, although fish cakes aren’t really a “healthy” food because of the breading, lots of fillers and being fried in oil, they aren’t too unhealthy for you either since they are mainly made up of nutritional fish meat. 

But, fish cakes don’t have to be fried. So, for a more healthy fish cake option, skip the breadcrumbs or batter and make it with just potatoes and eggs. Then steam the loafs instead of frying them. 

Fish cakes can be healthy if they are prepared and cooked in a healthy way without extra breading or oil.

Final Thoughts

Enjoyed in many parts of the world, fish cakes are healthy because of the fish they contain which are high in beneficial nutrients for our bodies. Fish cake is made with fish or sometimes seafood that is chopped and mixed with starchy ingredients into a loaf that is then fried. 

It has a savory taste but its exact flavor can vary depending on what seasonings are added to it. The texture of fish cakes is described as being firm, but also soft and spongy making fish cakes taste good.

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