What Do Fish Eyes Taste Like?

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In the United States most people do not eat fish eyes. They typically get discarded into the trash with the rest of the fish that we do not eat. However, in many countries around the world fish eyes are consumed. 

Fish is prepared differently depending on what country you are dining in. In Russia there is a traditional soup which is called ukha, this soup uses the entire head of the fish. Chefs in Spain will often add fish eyeballs to their sauces and soups. 

The eyes of the fish add flavor and create a gelatinous texture to the dish. 

As with any other food the taste of fish eyes depends on how it is prepared. The flavors and texture will not only vary depending on how it is cooked but it also varies depending on what kind of fish the eyes come from. 

Freshwater fish have a different taste than saltwater fish will have, this goes for the entire fish, including its eyes. The size of the eyes also depends on the fish. Some fish have smaller eyes while others will have larger eyes. The taste and texture depend a lot on the size as well. 

What is the general texture and flavor of a fish eye? 

Generally speaking, the outer layer of a fish’s eye will be soft while the inside layer of the eye might have a little more of a crunchy texture to it. Some people have described fish eyes to be similar to that of eating a grape. 

When you bite into a fish eye you will get a burst of the juices that are inside of the eye, similar to when you bite into a grape. There are also some people who have compared eating fish eyes to eating oysters.

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Are Eyeballs Good To Eat?

Everyone knows that eating fish provides a lot of healthy benefits. I remember hearing my mom talk about how her mother and grandmother would give them a spoonful of fish oil when they were sick. 

But, did you know that the eyes of the fish are filled with nutrients and are extremely beneficial to your health? Eating fish eyes can give you nutrients that your body needs in order to remain healthy. 

The eyes of the fish contain vitamin A, omega fatty acids, unsaturated fats such as DHA and EPA, and protein. DHA and EPA are known to help stave off memory loss and help to stimulate your brain. 

Vitamin A helps you to maintain healthy eyesight. Vitamin A is so important to your eyes that one of the first symptoms of a Vitamin A deficiency is night blindness. Vitamin A is the main source of the pigment rhodopsin. This pigment is very sensitive to light and people who have a Vitamin A deficiency might struggle with seeing at night because of the reduced levels of light during the night time hours. 

Vitamin A also helps your immune system to function properly. Vitamin A is needed to help produce white blood cells. White blood cells are the blood cells in your body that capture and clear out bacteria and other pathogens that are found in your bloodstream. 

This powerful vitamin also helps to create the mucous barriers that are in your eyes, lungs, and gut that help to protect you by trapping harmful bacteria. Vitamin A also helps build strong bones.

How Do You Cook Fish Eyes?

Fish eyes are eaten in many different dishes around the world so there are many different ways that a person could cook them. If you are cooking fish eyes it really is not that different from cooking the rest of the fish. 

There are many different ways to cook fish eyes just as there are many different ways to cook fish. You can cook the entire fish or you can cook the eyes separate from the rest of the fish. 

This part of the fish can be grilled, baked, fried, or even cooked in soups.

What Do Tuna Eyeballs Taste Like?

In Japan the eyes of tuna are often cooked as appetizers or even bar snacks. These large tennis ball sized eyes are often found in Japan’s pubs which are frequented after work. Tuna eyes are often cooked with soy sauce or ginger and sesame oil. 

The outermost part of the eye is often too chewy to eat once it has been cooked but the inside of the eye becomes soft. This inner part of the eye is often sucked out of the eyeball similar to bone marrow being sucked out. 

Those who have eaten tuna eyes have said it is similar to eating a hard boiled egg or mussels.

Are Fish Brains Edible?

Most Americans and Europeans will toss out the heads of the fish that they catch. They will filet their fish and toss out the rest. This produces quite a lot of waste. 

For every one pound of fileted fish, you are tossing out two to three pounds of meat and edible cartilage that can be found in the fish’s head and scraps that you are tossing. The head and soft cartilage that are in a fish contain high amounts of Vitamin A, omega 3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, and zinc. 

Many countries around the world will make fish head soup or other dishes that use the heads of fish. There are even companies in America and Europe who will ship fish heads which they won’t use in their countries to other countries where it is often eaten as a staple food. 

The amount of nutrients that can be found in a fish are beneficial to a person’s health. It makes complete sense that a person should use the entire fish when cooking instead of tossing out perfectly good meat. 

Fish brains, along with many other types of brains, are edible and can be found in many dishes around the world although they are rarely seen in restaurants in the USA. 

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