The Absolute Best Food Processor for You and Your Kitchen (Plus 4 Runner Ups)

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Life can be pretty busy and get kind of hectic. We are always on the hunt for something that can help us make a mundane task easier.

When it comes to cooking, looking for the appliances that can do more than one task is ideal. If you can find an appliance that can do one task great and it saves you time, that is even better.

The food processor is every chef’s dream, whether you are a professional or considered a pro in your own kitchen, best friend. The purpose of the food processor is to either chop, slice, grind or puree foods. When it comes to looking for the best food processors, you want to take into consideration the expense and amount of functions available.

How We Chose Our Top Picks

When it comes to delivering the best of any products, our main goal is to make sure that you receive honest information.

After careful research, examination, and analysis of online content and customer reviews here is a list of the top food processors.

The Top 5 Best Food Processors

With all the food processors out there, which one is right for you?

You might get a headache looking at the cooking section in Walmart, Target, or Bed Bath and Beyond. If for some reason you are crazy enough to look at options online, that is a new world of pain medicine needed.

After careful selection and review, we have come up with a list to give you the top 5 best food processors.

1. Breville – Sous Chef

Searching through a few different websites, food articles, and chef’s kitchen 101 blogs, this food processor came up number one more times than once. This food processor is known as the powerhouse of them all and is the king of food processors.

With its professional-grade and large feed chute, this processor can handle almost anything. One con that came with this is that it does not have that many speed options.

2. Shark – Ninja Master Prep

The Shark is a model that is easy on the go. It is great to pack up and take with you on trips because it can fit in your suitcase with ease. This food processor is very affordable and is perfect for those who make a lot of smoothies and or shakes.

Because of its small stature a con with The Shark is that it is not as powerful as some of its competitors, and it is designed specifically for smoothies.

3. Hamilton Beach – 10- Cup

With the Hamilton Beach 10-cup processor, you will get a pretty basic food processor. This is great if you are on a budget and need something fast.

Or, if you want a food processor and don’t need to do to do much with it. It is very light and has a ten-cup capacity. It is very simple to use and easy to store.

Because of its simple features and 500-watt motor, it rates at average for those who want to blend a lot of food.

4. Cuisinart- 14-Cup

The Cuisinart-14-cup food processor gives you the most bang for your buck.  It has a huge food chute that is perfect for grinding almost any size vegetable and or fruit.

This model also comes with a variety of blades and accessories, allowing you to do more. It fits great on the counter top and the only complaint is that it is heavy when compared to the less expensive models.

5. KitchenAid- 3.5 Cup Mini Food Processor

The KitchenAid 3.5 Cup Mini is known for the variety of colors that it can come in. This is great for those who have a knack for making sure everything matches. Aside from that, it is compact and a powerhouse. This food processor comes with a drizzle basin to make it easier for the insertion of liquids. When it comes to this device, the con is that it is not for large portions and can be a bit expensive for its size.

Looking into food processors, who knew that you had to pay attention to detail. Well, you should if you need to make large portions or smaller ones, or if you have a special adaptation for liquid to be used.

Also, factoring in all that you need, and the budget can seem like a chore. If you want the best of the best, no matter the expense, then the Breville Sous Chef Food Processor is for you.

The Breville BFP800BSXL Sous Chef Food Processor

Try saying that name ten times fast! The Breville is highly recommended whether you are a professional chef or a self-proclaiming one. This food processor is known to make your life easier when it comes to chopping, slicing and pureeing.

When looking at the Breville BFP800BSXL, you can’t help but notice the color and how amazing it looks on your countertop. This specific model gives you several bonuses as opposed to its competitors.

It has three speeds that are start/pause, power off, and pulse. The motor is 1200 watts and has a 25-year warranty.

The Pros of the Breville BFP800BSXL Sous Chef Food Processor

Winning the award for best 2018 food processor, the Breville BFP800BSXL comes with many pros. Already mentioning how this product looks, this product also has a powerful motor, wide feeding tube, and a plethora of blades and discs to choose from. The LCD screen displays the count-up and count-down of the auto timer.

This food processor gives you three different colors to choose from, stainless steel, cranberry red, and black sesame. It comes with two BPA-free work bowls, a 16-cup and a 2.5-cup. When it comes to the 16-cup bowl, it can hold up to 16 cups of dry goods or 12 cups of liquid. This machine is very easy to use and is very quiet for its size and power.

The Cons of the Breville BFP800BSXL Sous Chef Food Processor

What is a review without letting you in on some of the cons of a product? With the Breville BXP800BSXL, many customers have comments, complaints or concerns about the weight. This machine does what it is supposed to do, and does it well, that it unfortunately weighs about 20 pounds heavier than its competitors.

Another issue to look out for is the overheating of the blades and or machine. Because of its high wattage at 1200-watts, this can cause for overheating.

When a product like this produces finely chopped, sliced, and pureed food in a quick time frame, the tendency to use it back to back is higher.

Lastly, this product might not fit everyone’s budget, as it is rather expensive.

There are pros and cons to everything you buy.

With the Breville BXP800BSXL you should take into consideration the weight and the factor of overheating. The weight, you can’t really change, however when it comes to the overheating, electing to give the food processor a break between use is recommended.

Going back to the cons and the number of blades that it comes with, it allows for a longer life span of the stainless-steel blades.

Another major pro is that this food processor can finishing chopping, slicing and pureeing your foods within seconds. The best way to see if this food processor is for you, is to go to your local store and check it out.

Why You Should Get a Food Processor

After going over the top five best food processors in 2018, then to reveal the number one used and highly recommended food processor, you might be thinking do I really need one?

The purpose of the food processor is to save you time, money, and help with the longevity of your hands.

The food processor can help you save time by chopping up whatever you need in a matter of seconds. Say you have a huge dinner party and for some reason you find yourself taking a nap. You wake up and the count-down is on. You can try and cut up all the veggies prior to cooking. But if you had a food processor, you can save several minutes by turning them into seconds.

When it comes to money, the food processor is an investment.

Say goodbye to the days of wrong proportions and wasting of food. So much food is wasted because we cook too much of it, more than needed.

When using a food processor, you are more inclined to be aware of how much you need. No need to overspend or throw away the groceries.

Using knives and other kitchen tools can do some wear and tear on your hands. Having to grip knives, spoons, and lift heavy pots can be a chore. When you use a food processor, you don’t have to worry about cutting those carrots extra thin for the salad or hand-pureeing your hummus. Just the sound of those two things is exhausting.

Best Food Processor Buying Guide

Now it is time to decide on which food processor you will buy. You have searched through the list of the top 2018 food processors. You have read about the one that is highly recommended and saw its pros and cons. Then you read the reasons for needing a food processor. So, how do you find the right one for you?

  • Pricing is always number one. Make sure to stay in your budget and do not break the bank if you do not have too. The best thing about food processors, is that they will always be there. It might even need to be broken into the process of using one. It is okay to buy one that suits your financial lifestyle and then upgrade when needed.

  • Sizing is also another thing to take into consideration. How much counter space do you have? How much cupboard space can you spare? Knowing your limits on room spacing is ideal. Worse is to have an appliance that you cannot store away.

  • When thinking about capacity, it is important to know how much you will be using it and what is needed. Do you host a lot of dinner parties? Do you have a big family? If so, you might want to investigate the bowl capacity of 11-16 cups. If it is just you, then a 7-cup bowl would work just fine.

  • Power is everything. Remember, with the top food processor of the year, the Bernville BFP800BSXL tends to overheat. You want to take into consideration how much you will be using the food processor and even checking to see your power source. Are your outlets okay for a product that has to use a lot of power?

  • Feeding tube is another major important feature of the food processor. You might not think that looking into this is required, but it is. The feeding tubes can be small or big depending on which brand you buy. If you like to use huge veggies, you want a bigger tube, but if you are patient then a smaller tube is best.

Food processors save you time, money, and are great for your hands. If you cook a lot, a food processor will be amazing for your hands. When in the hunt for the perfect food processor, think about the budget, size, capacity, and feeding tube.

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