Pizza Dough Cook Time: How Long Should You Cook It?

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Pizza is like the perfect food for whenever you want something yummy and easy. Layers of meat, cheese, and tomato sauce on top of pizza dough that has been baked for a soft golden crust just can’t be beat. 

You can order pizza from restaurants or make it yourself at home from scratch or frozen. 

When you are making pizza, you need some pizza dough to make the pizza crust. If you are going to be making a pizza, you may be wondering how long you should cook it. What is the proper pizza dough cooking time?

Pizza dough needs to rise before it is baked. This can take about 1/1.5 to 24 hours. Then you will add all of your toppings on the pizza dough and bake in the oven for about 5 to 10 minutes or whatever your pizza recipe calls for.

Pizza dough will typically need to be cooked until it is golden brown which can take anywhere from 5-30 minutes depending on if the dough is frozen, cold, or room temperature. Things like the altitude you are baking at also makes a difference in how long the pizza dough will take to cook completely. 

Pizza Dough Cook Time: How Long Should You Cook It?

Americans are obsessed with pizza. We eat it all of the time for parties and celebrations or even for easy dinners. It is said that over 5 billion pizzas are sold worldwide each year and that 94 percent of Americans eat pizza on a regular basis. 

There are so many types of pizzas and they are easily customizable. So, it’s easy to just pick up a pizza for dinner or for a party when they are so good and everyone likes them. Originating in Italy, pizza is baked dough topped with meat, cheese, and sauce and there is just something about grabbing a slice of delicious pizza that brings out the kid in all of us. 

Just like bread dough, pizza dough has to rise before you bake it so it will be more flavorful and taste better. Pizza dough needs to rise for about 1/1.5 to 24 hours. 

This sounds like a long time and it is the longest step in the process of making a pizza but it is worth it for the crust to have the flavor and texture you want. 

After the dough has risen you can add on all of the toppings. Now, how long should you cook the pizza dough? Well, it usually takes pizza anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes depending on what temperature the oven is set at and whether the dough is fresh or previously frozen. 

What Temperature Do You Cook Homemade Pizza Dough And How Long Do You Cook It?

Pizza is good but what can make it even better is when you make it yourself. Maybe it’s the fresh ingredients or the time you spent preparing the dish but there’s just something so delicious about homemade pizza. 

When you are making your own pizza at home and are about to put it into the oven to bake, you need to know what temperature to cook it at and how long to bake it. So, what is the answer?

Pizza dough should be cooked at a temperature of 350 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature at which you are cooking your pizza will determine how long your pizza will be cooking for. The higher the temperature the shorter the cooking time and vice versa.

Pizza dough needs to be cooked at temperatures of 350 to 450 degrees. Usually your pizza recipe will tell you exactly what you need to bake it on and exactly how long at that temp. 

Pizza dough can be cooked in the oven as quickly as 5 to 10 minutes if the oven is set to a higher temperature such as 450 and the dough is fresh.. Like I said, this all depends on the recipe. Sometimes it may end up being something more like  8 to 12 minutes or 15 to 20 minutes if at a lower temperature such as 350 or if the dough was previously frozen or refrigerated. 

Times can vary based on temperature, altitude, and even the exact recipe that was used to make the dough. A higher temperature will cook the pizza faster than a lower temperature will but the other variables make a difference as well. 

The pizza dough is finished cooking when it is crisp and golden brown.

How Long Should Pizza Dough Proof?

What is proofing pizza dough? Proofing is letting the pizza dough rise after it is cut and shaped into balls. It is the process that allows the yeast in the dough to ferment, adding flavor and texture to the crust. 

Proofing fills the dough with small bubbles of carbon dioxide leaving empty pockets when it is baked giving the pizza crust a light and airy texture. So, how long should pizza dough proof?

Pizza dough needs to proof or rise for an hour up to 24 hours before you begin to bake it. Proofing the pizza dough is the longest step in the pizza making process and can take anywhere from 1 to 24 hours depending on the recipe that you used. 

When you are making a pizza, there are certain steps to follow. First is to get your pizza dough and knead it. Then divide it into balls and proof it. Letting the pizza dough rise or proofing the pizza dough may take some time but it is worth it. 

This gives the crust flavor and a better texture than it if you didn’t let it rise. 

At room temperature, proofing will take around 1 to 24 hours while in the fridge it will take 24 to 72 hours. You can also use pizza yeast to make this proofing process go faster. 

If you do not proof pizza dough then it will end up with a pizza crust that doesn’t rise all the way and only has small air pockets. It will be dense and chewy instead of soft and fluffy. 

Now, some pizzas are made with a thin crust by rolling the dough out very thinly resulting in a crisp crust. But if you want a traditional pizza crust that is fluffy and airy, let your pizza crust rise. 

Once the crust is fully risen, you can then continue making your pizza.

Final Thoughts

So, how long does it take to cook pizza dough? Well, this all depends on what temperature you are cooking it at. 

It usually only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to bake a pizza. 

Proofing the pizza dough is the longest step in the pizza making process and this can take anywhere from 1 to 24 hours. Then you can add the toppings and bake the pizza for the amount of time based on how high the temperature of the oven is set at. 

Enjoy your homemade pizza!

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