Is Taco Bell In Mexico? 

Taco Bell has been a staple of fast food for decades. You used to only have the option of a burger and fries for fast food until Taco Bell was established. 

Taco Bell added a variety of Mexican food on their menu that can be ready in minutes. Anywhere you go in the United States, there is bound to be a Taco Bell somewhere nearby. 

Much like Olive Garden isn’t necessarily considered real Italian cuisine to Italians, the same is true of Mexico and Taco Bell. While a lot of items on the menu may be considered authentic, there are more Americanized Mexican items on the menu than authentic Mexican items. 

With this being said, when Taco Bell decided to franchise and go big, did they franchise into Mexico? 

There are currently no Taco Bell fast-food restaurants located in Mexico. 

Taco Bell was established in Mexico, but only for a brief time. Taco Bell was first introduced to Mexico in the early ‘90s. In 1992, Taco Bell opened its doors in Mexico City for the first time. 

They were planning to open more stores in other cities soon after. However, the customers were confused with some of the menu items’ names and were not very fond of Taco Bell in general. Taco Bell in Mexico City lasted only two years and did not do well during its time there. 

The Taco Bell franchise did decide to try and open its doors once more in Mexico in 2007. Many of the locals felt that Taco Bell was inauthentic and didn’t care for the fast-food chain. 

However, Taco Bell made sure to send a clear message that they were not trying to be an authentic Mexican food restaurant. Taco Bell even added fries and ice cream to their menu in Mexico to prove that they were not trying to be an authentic Mexican restaurant but more Americanized. 

However, just three years later, Taco Bell once again closed its doors. 

When Did Taco Bell Begin? 

Taco Bell is one of the more well-known fast-food chains in America. When you are deciding on what to get for a fast-food dinner, the decision almost always boils down to burgers or burritos. 

Are you in the mood for some burgers and fries or do you want a taco, nachos, and burrito? When was this option of burritos and tacos first introduced to the fast-food world? 

Taco Bell was started in 1954 by Glen Bell. However, the name was originally Bell’s Drive-In and Taco Tia. The name Taco Bell wasn’t introduced to the public until 1962 when Glenn Bell changed the name. 

Just two years later, Taco Bell became franchised. After only three years of being a franchise, 100 Taco Bell stores opened their doors across America. Three years after those first 100 stores were established, another 325 Taco Bell’s were able to open their doors and serve the public. 

Did Taco Bell Ever Sell Hamburgers? 

Burger King once tried to sell tacos on their menu and McDonald’s has the McRib it brings back every once in a while. What about Taco Bell? Their slogan once was, “Think outside the bun.” 

Did Taco Bell ever use the bun and offer to serve hamburgers? 

In the ’70s, Taco Bell did introduce a hamburger-type item to their menu. It was called the Bell Beefer. The Bell Beefer was basically a sloppy joe sandwich. 

Taco Bell stopped carrying the Bell Beefer in the late ‘80s so they could focus more on selling Tex-Mex items. The Bell Beefer was actually very beloved by customers and there have even been nostalgia pleas asking for the item to come back to Taco Bell’s menu. 

Does Taco Bell Use Bacon? 

Bacon has become one of the most popular food items in the world. You can add bacon to almost anything. 

Bacon went from being a side dish at breakfast to something you can eat for dessert. Bacon is everywhere including most restaurants. 

What about Taco Bell? Since their menu items are focused on Tex-Mex, do they use bacon?

When the craze of bacon first hit the scene, you could find plenty of Taco Bell’s menu items that would contain bacon. There was the Bacon Club Chalupa, a Bacon Cheeseburger Burrito, and a BLT Soft Taco. 

Even though bacon is still a popular food item, Taco Bell has removed the majority of these items from its menu. 

Typically, you will only find bacon in their breakfast burrito. However, the Bacon Club Chalupa has been known to pop back on the menu from time to time. 

If you are a big bacon fan, you can either order the Hash Brown Toasted Burrito with Bacon or wait for the Bacon Club Chalupa to make a comeback. 

Is There Anything Healthy At Taco Bell?

Taco Bell has been referenced as one of the healthiest fast-food chains in the United States. If you are counting calories and watching your weight, Taco Bell is one of the better fast-food options. 

Over half of Taco Bell’s menu is actually under 500 calories. If you order more than one item, that is where the calories start to add up. However, it is still possible to eat healthy at Taco Bell. 

Here are a few of the healthier food options to choose when eating at Taco Bell.

  • Chicken Soft Taco Fresco Style: This taco is a total of 150 calories and you get 9 grams of protein. This taco is filled with shredded chicken, lettuce, tomato, and pico de gallo. 
  • Bean Burrito: This burrito has 380 calories and 14 grams of protein. This burrito is sure to fill you up as it is filled with refried beans, cheddar cheese, diced onions, and red sauce. 
  • Burrito Supreme Fresco Style: At only 340 calories and 16 grams of protein, the burrito supreme is a great dinner option. The fresco style removes some of the sauces and sour cream that can add on calories. 
  • Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito: If you are looking for an on-the-go breakfast, this menu item is only 340 calories and has 11 grams of protein. You can have a great breakfast for less than 350 calories. Better yet, you won’t have any dishes to clean up either. 

Final Thoughts

Though Taco Bell has seen great success in the United States, it couldn’t seem to get up and running in Mexico. 

The fast-food chain has come a long way since its start in 1954 and has seen many menu item changes along the way. If you have a favorite that has since been removed from the menu, reach out to Taco Bell and see if there’s a chance you could see it on the menu again.  

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