Is Pizza Dough The Same As Pie Dough? 

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Pie is America’s favorite dessert. When you think of bringing dessert for Thanksgiving, you usually think of pie. There’s pecan pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie, cherry pie, etc. 

One of the best parts of pie is the crust. It’s warm, flakey, and adds a golden buttery layer of deliciousness to your pie. 

Pizza is quite the opposite of pie but is still delicious in its own way. Pizza has a golden, crisp crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings and is almost every kid’s favorite option for dinner. 

It’s an easy dinner to make or even have delivered. 

Pie is sweet and pizza is savory but they both share the ingredient of crust. Are pizza dough and pie dough the same thing? Can you use pizza dough to bake pie or pie crust to bake pizza? 

Pizza dough and pie dough are not the same things. Pie dough is made from butter and is made to be flakey. Pizza dough has yeast and is designed to rise and be firm enough to hold all the toppings of pizza.  

So if you have pizza dough and want to make pie or pie dough and won’t to make pizza unfortunately these two types of dough are not interchangeable. 

Can You Use Pizza Dough To Bake Pie? 

You went to the store to get pizza dough for pizza night. You ended up not using it all and are now in the mood for dessert. 

Can you use the leftover pizza dough to bake a pie? If you have everything for pie but the crust, could you substitute pie crust for pizza dough? 

You can substitute pizza dough for pie crust, but it won’t taste the same. Since there is yeast in pizza dough, the dough will rise resulting in a “puffy” crust. Instead of a flaky crust, you’ll have a doughy crust that won’t taste very good with pie. 

You can flavor the pizza dough to create a sweet crust for the pie, but it will still have the texture of pizza dough instead of a flaky crust that pie normally has. 

Can You Freeze Pizza Dough? 

Making homemade pizza is a great way to make memories with the family. Everyone in the kitchen, rolling out their dough and making fun messes with the flour. 

Once you roll out the dough, you may be left with quite a bit more than you were anticipating. Are you able to freeze the unused pizza dough? 

You can freeze your pizza dough that is already rolled out or pre-portioned to roll out later. You can store the pizza dough in the freezer for up to three months. 

Whenever you are ready to use the pizza dough, you can thaw it overnight in the fridge. The pizza dough will need to stay at room temperature for about an hour before it is soft and relaxed enough to be rolled out into a pizza pie. 

If you are freezing homemade pizza dough, be sure that it has finished rising and has completed the fermentation process. Once the pizza dough is ready to be used to make pizza, you can place it in the freezer. 

What Is The Difference Between Pizza Dough And Bread Dough? 

Making your own bread is a great way to save some money and use your creative side. You can experiment with different fruits, vegetables, or grains in your bread. You can also get creative with pizza and create many different flavorful options of pizza with different cheese, sauce, meat, and veggies. 

Is the dough that you use for bread the same as the dough you use for pizza? If there’s leftover bread dough, will that work for pizza crust? 

Pizza dough and bread dough are different. Pizza dough has a lower ratio of water to flour than bread dough. Additionally, pizza dough usually has oil added to it whereas bread dough doesn’t. 

What Can Be Made From Pizza Dough? 

There are many different aspects as to why pizza is delicious. If you are a fan of all things cheesy, then you can add extra cheese for a delicious pizza. 

If you are a meat lover, you can add different kinds of meats for a meaty pizza. If you love all things bread, then the crust might be your favorite part of the pizza. 

If the pizza dough is your favorite part of the pizza, are there other things that you can make with pizza dough? 

There are quite a few bread recipes that you can make using pizza dough. Here are a few options you can create next time you have leftover dough from your pizza. 

  • Cheese Monkey Bread: This is an excellent snack for those who love the dough and cheese of the pizza, but don’t care too much for the sauce. All you need are various cheeses, flavoring, and pizza dough to create this delicious snack. 
  • Cinnamon Sugar Bread: Not only can you create snacks with pizza dough, but desserts too. Cinnamon sugar bread can be made much like monkey bread, but instead of cheese, you’ll add lots of butter, cinnamon, and cream cheese. You can have this for dessert after you’ve finished your pizza. 
  • Garlic Knots: What is pizza night without some extra bread to choose from. Garlic knots are a great addition to pizza night. They’re small enough to enjoy and not feel too full after eating a few. If you have leftover pizza dough, just create some knots and dip them into a mixture of garlic, butter, parsley, and Parmesan cheese. You can bake them on a baking sheet until they are golden brown. 
  • Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts: These are sure to be a big hit at the next potluck. You can use pizza dough to create these delicious doughnuts. You can also create regular donuts, long johns, or braided doughnuts with pizza dough too. You can either fry or bake the doughnuts until they are golden. 
  • Pot Pie: If you are not in the mood for pizza but have pizza dough that needs to be used, you can make pot pie for dinner. You can either create individual pot pies or one family-sized pot pie with the pizza dough. This can be your go-to comfort food when you are not in the mood for pizza. 

Final Thoughts

Though pizza and pie are both great foods, their doughs are not the same. Pizza dough has yeast and rises while the pie dough is more buttery and flakey. 

There are several other foods that you can create and enjoy by using pizza dough however including pot pie, cinnamon sugar doughnuts, garlic knots, cinnamon sugar bread, and cheese monkey bread. 

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