Is Pizza Dough The Same As A Puff Pastry?

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Everyone has their favorite part of a pizza. For some, they love the taste of the sauce. Whether it’s a red or white sauce, that is their favorite part. For others, their favorite part is the cheese, there can never be too much on their pizza. 

Some people enjoy the meat, the meatier the better. For others, it’s the veggies. They add all the mushrooms, spinach, onions, and peppers to their pizza. 

Lastly, for some, their favorite part of the pizza is the crust. They just don’t understand how people will eat everything except the crust! 

Puff pastries make for a delicious dessert and are airy, much like pizza crust. Typically, if your favorite part of the pizza is the crust, you also enjoy a good pastry. Pastries are light, flaky, airy, and delicious. 

While there is a slight taste difference between pizza and puff pastries, are they made from the same dough? The main reason they taste different is due to the other ingredients added to them to make it a pastry or pizza, so is the dough the same? 

Pizza dough and puff pastries are not the same. Pizza dough is very similar to bread dough. You can add olive oil and other herbs to pizza dough and it still tastes good but the same is not true for puff pastries. 

Is Pizza Dough The Same As Puff Pastry

When making a puff pastry, the goal is to handle the flour as little as possible so as to not let the gluten form. With pizza dough, you need to handle the flour for a good amount of time, otherwise, the crust won’t form properly. 

Pizza dough will typically be stretched to fit a pan while puff pastries are folded and layered a few times to create that airy texture. 

Puff pastry dough and pizza dough are both handled differently and are not interchangeable. However, if you are making veggie pizza or fruit pizza, it might be better to opt for a puff pastry crust instead of a pizza doughy crust. This will keep with the theme of veggies and fruit and create a light, airy, and flaky crust instead of a dense and airy one.

What Can You Use As A Substitute For A Puff Pastry? 

Pastries are an excellent food to choose as comfort food. Pastries are bread, but it is so light and airy you won’t feel as full as you would eating regular bread. A bagel with cream cheese is good and comforting, but a warm flaky cheese danish can be so much better.

Puff pastries are made from dough and butter and tend to take hours to make. They are baked to be light and fluffy and have a crispy outside. What happens if you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to baking delicious puff pastries? If you are in the mood for something sweet and flaky but don’t have any pastries in the house, are there any other breads that you can use as a substitute? 

Croissant Rolls

You can purchase croissants and create some delicious sweet treats. Scoop out the inside of a croissant and fill it with pudding, chocolate, or even jam for a delicious flake pastry. You can even get the croissant rolls to bake at home and fill them with pie fillings for single-serve pies. 

Croissant rolls are versatile and an excellent substitution for a puff pastry. 

Phyllo Dough

Phyllo dough is thin crispy layers of dough. You can use this substitute to create baked, sweet lasagna-type desserts. Have layers of phyllo bread and in between each layer add something sweet. 

Phyllo dough does taste best when brushed very thoroughly with butter. 

Biscuit Dough

Biscuit dough is an excellent substitute for puff pastries. Biscuits are already flaky and delicious. One extra step when making a biscuit a puff pastry is by freezing the biscuit dough before rolling it out and baking it. 

The more you roll and fold the biscuit dough, the more the texture becomes like that of a puff pastry. 

Pie Crust

Pie crust is not the best substitute for a puff pastry, but in a pinch, can get the job done. Pie crust, even if worked through very thoroughly, will still not give the result of light and flaky. You may end up with a flaky crust, but it won’t be light. 

Pie crust is designed to be thick to ensure all the deliciousness of the pie stays on the crust. While it may not be the best substitute, it is still a delicious option. 

Can You Use Pizza Dough For Pies? 

Pies are typically associated with holidays and other grand events. For the Fourth of July, you think of apple pie, cherry pie, blueberry pie, etc. When it comes to Thanksgiving, there’s almost always apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and more. 

For special occasions, you can enjoy sweet pies like French vanilla, Oreo, peanut butter, key lime, and many others. 

When you go to bake your pie for a special occasion, is it possible to use pizza dough for the crust? They are both sturdy doughs and hold extra ingredients on them. Can pizza dough and pie crust be interchangeable? 

You can use pizza dough as a crust for your pie, but it will not taste the same. When baked, the pie crust becomes flaky. When the pizza dough is baked, it rises and will change the shape and taste of the crust. 

Additionally, both pie crust and pizza dough have very different tastes. Your peanut butter pie might not taste just how you remember it if you use pizza dough. 

Final Thoughts

Both pizza dough and puff pastries are delicious, but they are not interchangeable. They are both made by using different methods. 

Pizza dough relies on gluten forming and the flour kneaded to become stretchy to fit a pan. Puff pastries are formed around butter to create air pockets and are handled as little as possible to become flakier instead of stretchy. 

If you are in a pinch and need a substitute for puff pastries, while pizza dough may not cut it, there are other options that are available. 

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