Is Olive Oil Juice From Olives?

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Olives are grown and used all over the world. Originating from olive trees in the Mediterranean, olives are flavorful making them a great garnish for food or addition to drinks. 

Oil made from the olive is very popular for use in cooking. Olive oil can even make food taste better. 

Like I said, olives come from olive trees and they are full of nutrients. Then there’s olive juice. This can be drunk alone or added to another drink. But, is olive juice really made from olives?

Olive juice is truly made from olives. Olives are smashed and the other ingredients are added to make the juice. It can be bitter tasting but is healthy for you.

We’ve all heard of olive oil. It is one of the most popular cooking ingredients. It provides whatever dish you are cooking with great flavor. 

But, what is olive juice? 

Olive juice, which also is called olive brine, comes from olives. Olives are grown all over the world. This fruit  (yes, fruit) is sometimes mistaken for a vegetable and comes in a green color and sometimes purple or black. 

Olives are most popular as garnishes on food instead of being eaten alone because of their bitter taste. Although some people do like to eat them by themselves. 

Olive oil is a very popular cooking ingredient. It gives whatever dish you are cooking with great flavor. But if you want something a little different, try olive juice. This juice is made from olives, but these aren’t the only ingredients. It also contains water, vinegar, and salt. 

Since olive juice offers lots of flavor, it is often used in cocktails or martinis. Olive juice is used in a few different ways. You can drink it just as it is or mix it in another drink. 

You can also use olive juice for vegetable broth, as a dressing for slaw, or use it as a natural vinaigrette.  You can even add olive juice in hummus, aioli, or ketchup. 

As you can see, olive juice is popular for its use in certain alcoholic beverages but can also be used for many other things as well. Or you can just drink it alone for its many health benefits. Olive juice does come from olives. It just has some other ingredients added in to make it juice. 

What Is Olive Juice?

Olives are a great garnish for food or add-in to drinks. Olive oil is a staple in kitchens everywhere and popular for using in cooking. But what exactly is olive juice?

Olive juice is a juice made from olives. Olives are smashed and water, salt, and vinegar is added to them and mixed up to form a juice.

Did you know that you can make olive juice yourself at home? Homemade olive juice is easy and simple to do. By making your own olive juice you can have it available for whenever you need it. 

And since it has many health benefits, it is good to drink olive juice often. 

The ingredients to make olive juice are salt, vinegar, water, and green olives. You will need 2 tablespoons of salt, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 2 and a half cups of water, and 2 cups of green olives. 

Grab a glass jar and place the olives inside, then take a wooden spoon and smash the olives. This juicing helps with the flavor. Then add all of the other ingredients making sure to leave room at the top of the jar. 

Now it’s time to shake the jar until all the ingredients mix together. This can provide you with a more natural olive taste. 

After its shaken up and mixed well, put the mixture in the fridge. You can keep it there for as long as you’d like. That is, unless it starts to go bad. Then it should be thrown out. 

You know olive juice is bad when it starts to look, smell, or taste bad. Keep the juice in your fridge for whenever you want to use it. The longer it sits the more intense it’s flavor will become. 

Before you drink or use the juice you should shake it up.

Can You Drink The Juice From Olives?

Olives are eaten by themselves all of the time. They are even added to other food or used to make oil. But, can you drink the juice from olives?

You can definitely drink the juice from olives. When juiced, other ingredients are added in. It is good and even healthy for you to drink olive juice.

Olive juice actually has a lot of health benefits. Because of the olives it is made with, olive juice contains a high level of Vitamin E. Vitamin E cuts back on certain things in your body that could cause sickness and disease. 

It can also help you have healthier hair. Olive juice contains Vitamin E and can help grow your hair longer whether you drink it or apply it (warmed) directly to your scalp. 

Because of the vinegar it contains, olive juice also has a lot of antioxidants. This means it is good for your immune health. 

The vinegar in the olive juice can also help with blood sugar control. Olive juice also has lots of electrolytes which helps to maintain your body’s levels of water, keeping you hydrated. Electrolytes help with flexibility of your muscles and so when you drink olive juice, you gain better muscle movement. 

The juice from the tiny green olives can also aid in lowering blood pressure. Olives come from trees and so they have oleic acids. Oleic acids are palt-bades fats that can lower your blood pressure. 

And did you know that drinking olive juice can also help you lose weight? This is all due to the oleic acid as well. It kind of kick starts your body’s ability to burn fat resulting in weight loss. 

Final Thoughts

Olives come from olive trees. These green little fruits are good for flavor as well as offering many health benefits because of the nutrients they contain. 

Olive juice does come from olives. It is made by smashing olives and then adding water, salt and vinegar to create a juice. Olive juice is healthy for you since it contains many nutrients. 

Just like you can eat olives, you can drink olive juice. It can also be used in different recipes to provide flavor. So, olive oil juice is great to drink and use and does come from olives.

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