Is Nutella Keto Approved? 

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Nutella hits the spot when it comes to craving something sweet. However, what if you just started Keto? 

You are trying to find new foods with low carbs and low to no sugar. This limits what foods you can eat, but is Nutella one of them? 

Is your favorite go-to sweet Keto-friendly? 

Unfortunately, Nutella is not Keto-friendly. This delicious spread is basically just sugar and nuts. Since it is made almost entirely with sugar, it is not compatible with the Keto diet. 

In just two tablespoons of Nutella there are 21g of carbs. That alone will mess with your diet and drop you out of ketosis. 

Since it can be hard to spread two tablespoons across two pieces of bread, you might even end up using more than two tablespoons and end up unintentionally eating a ton of carbs. 

There are a few alternatives to Nutella if you are looking for something to fill your craving. There is a low-carb and low-sugar replacement called Nutlight. This brand is made with erythritol and stevia and has only two carbs per two tablespoons. 

Additionally, there are different ways of creating your own version of Nutella and other Nutella flavored treats as well that are Keto friendly. 

What Chocolate Can You Have On Keto? 

You are committed to make this diet stick and make it a lifestyle. What lifestyle would it be though if you couldn’t have any chocolate though? 

Chocolate is many people’s go-to for sad days, celebratory situations, birthdays, holidays, and just because. 

The lighter the chocolate the higher the sugar content. This means white chocolate and milk chocolate are out, but what about dark chocolate? 

Is dark chocolate or any other chocolate an option on the Keto diet? 

Dark chocolate is Keto friendly, in moderation. Dark chocolate is not only a great sweet treat option on Keto, but it also promotes heart health as well. 

You will need to make sure your dark chocolate is at least 70% cocoa. If you are used to grabbing some milk chocolate as your go-to for chocolate, it may take a while to get used to dark chocolate. 

Since there is more cocoa in dark chocolate it has a slightly bitter taste. However, dark chocolate will help satisfy your sweet cravings and still allow you to follow the Keto diet. 

Is Peanut Butter Keto Friendly? 

The Keto diet can seem brutal at first. You have had to cut out a lot of your favorite foods, snacks, and even desserts. It may almost feel like every time you go to look up a new food, you can’t have it. 

Chocolate, only dark chocolate is allowed. 

Nutella, banned because it is so high in sugar and carbs. 

Crackers and cheese, not so much the crackers but yes to the cheese. 

While it may feel like all the foods you once loved are now gone there may still be a few that remain. Like peanut butter, can you still enjoy peanut butter while doing the Keto diet? 

You can still enjoy peanut butter in the Keri diet, but in moderation. In two tablespoons of peanut butter, there are only five grams of net carbs. 

Since peanut butter is higher in calories, it is best to stick close to the two-tablespoon serving size though. While peanut butter is an amazing spread and easy to eat by the spoonful, it is also very easy to overeat. 

If you are used to eating a few spoonfuls for a snack, you might need to measure out two tablespoons. This will help you see just how much peanut butter you are used to eating. 

There are a few brands of peanut butter that still taste great and are a healthier option. Be sure to look for brands where they do not use sugar while making their peanut butter. 

Typically the only ingredient will be peanuts. While it may not lower the calories, it is still a better option for peanut butter than those that include many grams of sugar. 

Also, when it is made with just peanuts, the net carbs per serving are now reduced to just two grams. 

What Is The Lowest Carb Nut? 

One of the key things to remember on Keto is high fat and low carb. Nuts are known for being high in fat and healthy for you too. They are also a great source of protein and are usually low in carbs. 

Almost all nuts are great to eat and Keto approved. Here are a few of the lowest carb nuts to consider for a snack. 


These are usually associated with sweets as they are the main ingredient in pecan pie, pecan swirls and other pecan-focused treats. Pecans have only one net carb per serving. 

Pecans have been linked to reducing blood sugar, lowering heart diseases, and lowering cholesterol too. 

Brazil Nuts

Not many people are fans of Brazil nuts. They often come in a cocktail mix of nuts and are almost always the last ones left. 

They are big and often hard on the teeth, but they are also only one net carb per serving. 

Brazil nuts contain selenium. Selenium is a mineral that promotes high metabolism and aids in reproduction, DNA, and immune health. 

It is recommended to never eat more than four Brazil nuts a day as one Brazil nut has 100% of the daily recommended amount of selenium. 

Macadamia Nuts

While these do pair excellently with white chocolate chips and cookies, they are also great on their own. A serving of Macadamia nuts is only two net carbs per serving. 

They are a great source of B vitamins, magnesium, copper, and iron. 


These are not only low in carbs but also high in nutrients such as B vitamins, magnesium, antioxidants, zinc, iron, and fiber. Walnuts also only have two net carbs per serving. 

If you eat walnuts on a pretty regular basis, studies have shown they can help promote brain function, support weight loss, and improve heart health.


While these may taste great in Nutella, it is better to get your nutrients straight from the nut. At only two net carbs per serving, these nuts have great health benefits. 

Hazelnuts are high in L-arginine. This is an amino acid that works together with nitric oxide. 

These help promote heart health by relaxing your blood vessels which will, in turn, improve blood flow and lower blood pressure.  


Technically peanuts are considered legumes and not nuts, but we still enjoy them either way. Whatever you decide to call them, they are still a great low-carb snack. 

They are a bit higher in the net carbs at four per serving. Though they are higher in carbs, they are a great source of protein too. 

Studies have shown that eating peanuts can help aid in weight management and also lower your risk for heart diseases. 

Final Thoughts 

If you have started your journey on Keto and are feeling a bit discouraged about all the foods you have “given up,” don’t be. There are plenty of alternatives to the foods you love and new great foods that will be your go-to healthy snack. 

Remember, the ultimate goal is to make this your lifestyle and something you can stick with for years. 

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