Is Nutella In Ferrero Rocher? 

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Both Nutella and Ferrero Rocher are household names. There are many similarities between Nutella and Ferrero Rocher. 

When asking people if they like Nutella, it is either they love it or simply don’t care for it. The same is true for Ferrero Rocher, you either love it or simply don’t care for it. Both sweets are derived from hazelnuts. 

Since there are all these similarities in these two products, does one contain the other? Is Nutella in Ferrero Rocher? 

There actually is a thin layer of Nutella in Ferrero Rocher. Ferrero Rocher was released almost three decades after Nutella was first produced so it was easy to add it in. 

However, a few years later production was stopped due to an issue with printing the labels. Once production was on a roll again, the ingredients to a Ferrero Rocher and the production process was very secretive. 

The plant won’t allow its workers to bring in smart devices or even notebooks to copy down or show the process of creating Ferrero Rocher. Through the years, some secrets have been spilled about Ferrero Rocher. 

One secret was that, yes, Ferrero Rocher does contain Nutella. 

What Nut Is In The Middle Of A Ferrero Rocher? 

Have you ever wondered what type of nut was in the middle of a Ferrero Rocher? Whether you eat the chocolate layer by layer or all at once, you always end up with the nut last. 

What nut is in the middle of a Ferrero Rocher? 

A dried hazelnut is in the center of a Ferrero Rocher. Even though it is considered a chocolate candy, there is more hazelnut to it than chocolate. 

You have a hazelnut center surrounded by Nutella (which is made of hazelnuts) and then the outer layer of thin chocolate is dipped in hazelnuts. 

Is Ferrero Rocher Luxury Chocolate? 

Once you taste a Ferrero Rocher, you instantly need another and another. This chocolate is so addicting. 

Not only does the chocolate taste good but it looks good too. Does the great taste and eye-catching wrapping make this chocolate, luxury chocolate? 

Ferrero Rocher is considered luxury chocolate. It is a luxury chocolate that is quite affordable too. 

Ferrero Rocher has always been marketed as, “One of life’s golden pleasures.” Commercials were produced to further express just how luxurious this chocolate was. 

One of the most famous campaign ads shows the host of a fancy party nodding to the butler. The butler then moves through the crowd with a pyramid of Ferrero Rocher on a serving platter. 

Eating Ferrero Rocher can make one feel like they too live a life of complete luxury.   

Is Ferrero Rocher Wrapped In Real Gold? 

Very rarely does a product and its packaging get the same amount of attention. In 1982, Ferrero Rocher was introduced in Europe. Ferrero Rocher is one of the most iconic candies, not only because of its great taste but also because of its gold wrapper. 

Ferrero Rocher is perceived to be a fancier kind of chocolate. The delicious chocolates are known for their gold wrappers. Are they wrapped in real gold? 

Ferrero Rocher is not wrapped in real gold. If it were wrapped in real gold, it would be nearly impossible to sell at the fair price it is today. Ferrero Rocher is wrapped in gold foil and then arranged in some sort of “display” case. 

The standard cases for Ferrero Rocher are see-through and come wrapped in a gold band. However, since Ferrero Rocher is pushed very heavily around Christmas and New Year’s, there are also decorative boxes as well. 

They have been known to be shaped like cones, trees, and stars during the holidays. There is even a giant Ferrero Rocher; once opened, there are tiny Ferrero Rochers inside. 

However these candies are packaged, they are always beautiful and taste delicious. 

How Many Ferrero Rochers Are In A Pyramid? 

Ferrero Rocher is known for a few things; its hazelnut crunch inside, the see-through case, the golden wrapper, and pyramids. Ferrero Rochers have been seen, and sold, in pyramid structures. 

Stores around Christmas and the New Year holidays will create displays with pyramids of this iconic chocolate. 

In the iconic commercial where the butler carries the Ferrero Rocher throughout the crowd, they are stacked in a pyramid on his serving platter. Ferrero Rocher even has cases you can purchase where the Ferrero Rocher is stacked like a pyramid. 

But how many Ferrero Rocher candies are actually in each of these pyramids? 

Most Ferrero Rocher pyramids will have between 30 and 60 individually wrapped candies. Ferrero Rocher pyramids vary in size so as the size varies so too does the amount of candies in them. 

If you wanted to create a pyramid of your own though, how many Ferrero Rocher would you need? 

The answer of how many Ferrero Rocher are in a pyramid that you build depends on the size of the pyramid you are building. For example, if you are building a large display for a store, you would need more Ferrero Rocher than someone building a smaller pyramid for a party. 

However big you decide to create the pyramid, be sure you have a strong base for the pyramid. If you are building one for just a party at home, you could start with a base of nine, add four, then two, and your final piece on top for a total of 16. 

If 16 is not enough for your party guests, then you can build a pyramid with either 24 or 42 pieces.  

Where Did Nutella Originate?

Nutella is one of those foods that you either love or hate. You are either the type of person who reaches down into the Nutella jar for every last drop, or you just don’t even care enough to purchase Nutella.  

Whichever side of the Nutella discussion you are on, it is still cool to know the history of where it came from. How did Nutella become such a big craze and where did it come from? 

After WWII there was a shortage of cocoa. Pietro Ferrero thought of a different type of paste to create. He used hazelnuts instead of chocolate to create his treat called, Giandujot. It was originally named after a famous local carnival character that was around during that time. 

Pietro Ferrero then founded the Ferrero company in May of 1946. 

The original version of Nutella was more of a brick than something that was spreadable. It could be compared to a brick of cream cheese. It was somewhat spreadable, but not the greatest for when you just want a little to spread on a piece of bread. 

In 1951, the brick was then transformed into the spreadable form we know and love today. However, it still went by a different name, Supercrema. 

Pietro’s son, Michele, is the one who pioneered Nutella to the brand we know and love today. 1964 is when Supecrema was rebranded and named Nutella. 

1965 is when the jar for Nutella was created, and in 1966 Nutella expanded into Europe and France with great success. 

Final Thoughts

Nutella and Ferrero Rocher go hand in hand. They are both delicious and sweet treats. Whether you eat Ferrero Rocher only around holidays or year-round, it’s safe to say that it’s a delicious candy with some eye-catching wrapping. 

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