Does Pizza Crust Have Wheat?

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Pizza is enjoyed by many people everywhere. Originating in Italy, it is a popular meal all over the world. Now, if you have a gluten allergy, but still want to enjoy some pizza, you may be wondering, does pizza crust have wheat?

Pizza crust does usually contain wheat. The wheat gives the crust its spongy texture and without wheat, it just doesn’t taste the same. If you want a gluten (wheat) free pizza, you will have to make a special kind of crust.

Most everyone likes pizza. It comes in a variety of choices and its toppings are easily customizable. Pizza crust is the foundation for any kind of pizza you want. You then add all of the sauce, cheese, and meat toppings on top of the pizza crust to create a delicious meal. 

There are several popular restaurants that sell pizzas. I’m sure you have a favorite one that is your go-to when you don’t know what to make for dinner, you don’t want to make dinner, or you are having a party and need a yummy meal right away. 

You can even make pizza at home which can be fun and taste great! 

In this article, we will be discussing pizza and if it contains wheat.

What Does Pizza Crust Contain?

Pizza crust can make or break a pizza. If the pizza crust isn’t good then the pizza more than likely won’t taste that great either. But, if you have an amazing pizza crust as a base for all of the toppings, you will have a great pizza. 

When eating your pizza you might begin to wonder what exactly does pizza crust contain?

Pizza crust contains flour (wheat flour in most pizzas), water, yeast, salt, sugar and any other extra ingredients the pizza maker would like to add. These all work together to give you the delicious pizza crust you love.

So, yes, pizza crust has wheat in it. The ingredients you need in order to make a pizza crust are flour, yeast, water, sugar, and salt. Most of the crust is made up of flour and water. 

Traditionally, pizza is made with wheat flour. Wheat flour gives the pizza crust that spongy texture. Wheat (or gluten) also gives pizza dough a starchy texture which allows it to stretch without breaking apart. 

So, your pizza crust is better with gluten (unless you are allergic to it of course). Because of this most pizzas contain wheat in their crust. 

Gluten is the name that refers to the protein in grains. Some pizza crusts are whole grain or multigrain. Some don’t use grains at all and are gluten- (or wheat-) free. 

The great thing about pizza crust is that it can be made with a variety of ingredients. But keep in mind that most often it will contain a grain or wheat in it.

Is There Wheat In Gluten Free Pizza?

When you have a gluten allergy, you have to be extra conscious about what you eat. You cannot eat any wheat. That can be difficult when it comes to pizza, since most pizza crusts contain wheat. 

But, there are gluten-free pizzas! Now, is there any wheat in a gluten free pizza?

Gluten-free pizza does not contain any wheat in them at all since gluten-free means wheat-free as well. Regular pizza contains wheat, but some people cannot eat wheat because of an allergy. However, there is such a thing as a gluten free pizza and that type doesn’t have wheat in it. 

What is gluten? If you are allergic to gluten, you will want to stay away from eating regular pizzas, but, good news! There are gluten free pizzas. 

A gluten free pizza is made with an alternative to the wheat flour used to make most pizzas. Instead they may include something like rice flour or different starches along with yeast for a gluten free pizza crust. 

So, if you have a gluten allergy, you can still enjoy pizza, too. Remember that pizza doesn’t taste the same without the wheat and that is why pizza usually has wheat in it. But, if you get gluten-free pizza, this means that the food does not contain any wheat.

Does Papa John’s Crust Have Wheat?

Did you know that Americans eat about 3 billion pizzas every year? According to this, it has to be a favorite meal of a lot of people (my kids included). I mean, it’s perfect for parties or as a quick meal and can be easily picked up from places like Papa Johns or Dominos. 

But, do these places’ pizza’s crust have wheat?

Regular pizza crust is made with wheat flour and Papa Johns offers a wheat crust that is 100 percent whole wheat with lots of grains. They also offer a gluten free pizza crust for those who cannot eat wheat. 

So although Papa John’s normal pizza crust does have wheat you can order a gluten free pizza crust from there if you choose. 

Pizza is a yummy meal. Fluffy crusts topped with tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, sausage, (or whatever you like) creates the perfect combo that just tastes so good. While most pizza crusts are made with some wheat flour, Papa Johns offers their customers a 100 percent whole wheat crust. 

However, they also offer a gluten-free pizza for those with a gluten allergy. 

So, if you want to eat wheat they have the pizza for you. And if you don’t want to eat wheat, they also have a pizza crust for you. Most restaurants you order pizza at will make their pizzas with wheat flour. Wheat flour makes the pizza’s texture and taste better. 

If you are ordering a pizza from Papa Johns, their pizza crust does contain wheat (especially the whole wheat option) unless it is the gluten-free pizza.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, pizza crust does normally have wheat. The wheat in the pizza crust gives it its texture and makes it stretchy and able to be formed easily. Wheat makes the pizza crust taste better as well. 

Now, if you cannot eat wheat because you have a gluten allergy, there are gluten free pizzas as well. 

Gluten is a protein found in grain like wheat and soy so gluten-free means wheat-free. Gluten-free pizzas do not have wheat in them. 

While regular pizza contains wheat flour, gluten-free pizzas contain an alternative like rice flour. 

Papa John’s does offer a 100 percent whole wheat pizza for anyone who wants more wheat in their diet. They also offer a gluten free pizza for those who cannot have wheat at all. 

So, you can make a pizza crust without wheat but since wheat makes the pizza better, most pizza crusts do have wheat in them unless designated as gluten free. 

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