Does Olive Oil Brand/Quality Matter?

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Olive oil is a staple ingredient in many recipes. Along with other uses, the main way you use this liquid is to cook with it. 

Pour some olive oil in a pan to cook veggies or meat or drizzle over top of the food when roasting it. You can even use it on salads and the list goes on. 

One type of olive oil, extra-virgin olive oil, even has some health benefits. 

There are several brands and types of olive oil and it can be hard to choose the best option. Some brands are expensive while others aren’t. 

You may wonder, does olive oil brand/quality really matter?

Quality olive oil may help your food taste a little better and extra-virgin oil oil is best for this. However, the brand of olive oil doesn’t always determine its quality. 

When choosing olive oil, pick an extra-virgin kind in a dark glass bottle or even opaque tins. Olive oil in a clear glass bottle will let in light which isn’t good for the oil.

When shopping for some olive oil, you notice that there are many brands to choose from. Wanting a good quality olive oil you probably think about just going with the most expensive brand. 

“extra virgin olive oil…has not been tainted by any heat or chemical processes during the oil extraction. It is simply raw olives, mechanically pressed…To qualify…the oil must pass inspection by a certifying council.”, says an article on olive oils.

Brand/quality could matter but as long as you choose extra-virgin you know you are getting a good quality olive oil. 

Does The Brand Of Olive Oil Matter?

Olive oil is typically added to several dishes, especially when cooking chicken or some other types of meats. So, does the brand of olive oil actually matter?

The brand of olive oil you use for cooking really doesn’t make a difference in how your food will taste. Any olive oil that is extra-virgin in a non-clear glass is good to use.

There are extra-virgin, virgin, and light olive oil. Different types of olive oil are used for different types of cooking. 

The brand you buy doesn’t really matter all that much. It is the type you buy. 

Stick to extra-virgin and you can’t go wrong. It is the healthiest olive oil. A  high-end brand of olive oil won’t make a huge difference in your cooking or the way the food tastes. 

Does Expensive Olive Oil Make A Difference?

Expensive can mean something is high quality but not always. Just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it is better. Is this true for olive oil?

Sometimes pricier doesn’t necessarily mean better. This is true for olive oil. Even though one brand may be more expensive, a cheaper one may be better to use.

Like I mentioned before, a high-end brand of olive oil really won’t make a big difference in how your food turns out. Olive oil is one of those ingredients where as long as you stick with a certain kind your cooking will turn out good. 

Sure, a more expensive brand is more expensive for a reason but it really isn’t that much better to use than a cheaper brand is. 

Does Quality Of Olive Oil Matter?

You’ve heard the saying, “Choose quality over quantity.” For many things this is true but when it comes to olive oil, does the quantity really matter at all?

When olive oil is exposed to light or heat then it loses some of it’s quality. Olive oil is the best to use for your cooking when it is good quality.

When it comes to olive oil, quality does matter. And by quality I don’t mean the best brand you can buy, I mean the best kind of olive oil you can buy. 

Hands-down, extra-virgin is the best option giving your food great taste along with being healthier for you than other types of olive oil. If you use better quality olive oil your dishes will taste better.

Why Is Extra-Virgin Olive Oil So Expensive?

So, quality matters a little bit and extra-virgin olive oil is the way to go. This type of olive oil is great to cook with but why is it so expensive to buy?

The reason some olive oil is more expensive than others depends on the brand and how it is made. Extra-virgin olive oil is cold extracted and high quality so it is more expensive. 

An article on olive oil states that, “…producers get 1kg of olive oil per 9-11kgs of olive fruit. This olive oil has an increased polyphenol concentration…many producers have bigger production costs due to earth-friendly practices of cultivation.” 

Because it is harder and costlier to obtain, extra-virgin olive oil is more expensive for you as a customer to purchase.

How Can You Tell If Olive Oil Is Good Or Bad?

Olive oil that has gone bad is easy to recognize by its strange smell, taste, or look (color). The same goes for real olive oil. You may ask, how can you tell if it is good or bad?

Several things like smell, taste, and how it looks can all help you to see if the olive oil is still good or not to use. Other things can tell you if the olive oil is real or not.

Real olive oil is extra-virgin and has a “harvest date” and an estate/mill name on the bottle. It is said to ignore the “best by” or “bottled on” dates and instead look for a third party certification seal. 

Or if you see ‘EVOO made in Australia or Chile’ then it is good. Fancy package or a high price tag doesn’t mean anything so trust your gut on which to choose.

Final Thoughts

When choosing olive oil, there are certain types that are better. This doesn’t always mean the most expensive kind either. 

The best quality olive oil is extra-virgin olive oil in a dark glass bottle. Though it is more expensive it is a better quality and healthier than other types of olive oil. 

Look for the things that make olive oil real and pick whatever you think is best. Some olive oil may taste better than others but most of the time it won’t make a huge difference in the type of olive oil you use in your cooking.

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