Does Nutella Have Dairy?

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I remember the first time I ever heard of Nutella. It sounded heavenly! I came home from school and immediately told my mom that I wanted Nutella! 

When I went to the store, I was on the lookout for Nutella and I actually found it in the health food section. When I actually was able to taste the Nutella for the first time, my taste buds went into overdrive. 

The chocolatey goodness just overflowing in my mouth. I couldn’t get enough of this awesome stuff! 

I also had another issue growing up. I was lactose intolerant. It depended on what I was eating, as that would determine my reactions. It could range from very mild, to pretty uncomfortable. 

Thankfully nothing that would put me in a medical emergency situation. However, I did still need to be careful with what I ate. 

Thankfully my body did something weird. When I gave birth the first time, my body’s hormones changed drastically, and now I can eat most dairy!!!! Totally weird, but I’ll take it! Yay me! 

Anyway, I actually bought a Nutella jar just this week. Of course as a former lactose intolerant person, it’s something I still keep an eye on. So, does Nutella have dairy in it?

Nutella does contain dairy as it has skim milk powder in it. So if you can’t have dairy then unfortunately you have to avoid Nutella. 

Being dairy free totally made my life boring. I couldn’t eat ice cream, cheese, pizza, chocolate milk, or even gooey mozzarella sticks! At times I totally hated what I had. 

Considering that I’m from Wisconsin, the dairy state, you’d think that there would be no hope for me to still enjoy any form of dairy. 

However, I remember when I was told Wisconsin actually holds the most people who are lactose intolerant for any state. The theory is that since Wisconsin produces so much dairy products, and the people eat it so much, their bodies are actually getting too much and having the reaction of becoming allergic to dairy! 

How true is this, I don’t know. That’s just what I was told, and it has stuck with me these many years. However, it’s also created a new venue for dairy free products. 

Frozen yogurt is definitely a favorite of mine! 

There’s so many options for dairy free food. Especially if you’re like me and have a sweet tooth. Even Walmart in Wisconsin carries multiple frozen yogurt and dairy free options in every store. Where there’s a need, someone will create what’s necessary and make lots of money.

Now, what about Nutella? Remember when I said it first started in the health food aisle? That’s because it’s base is soybeans! But does it have dairy in its ingredients? 

Sadly, it does contain skim milk powder meaning this product does contain dairy. Skim milk is cow’s milk, and it will go through a quick heating and drying process that will create the powder. The ingredient list for Nutella includes sugar, palm oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, skim milk, lecithin, and vanillin.

With the many options out there, there’s now more opportunities to get the desired products you want. Even though Nutella has dairy in it doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own awesome goodness to be a spread for your bread or a dip for your pretzel. 

Knowing this, you can still experience life to your fullest capacity that you have available. 

Is There A Dairy Free Alternative to Nutella?

When it comes to Nutella, it comes with a rage of amazing goodness that can melt on your tongue and get your taste buds going for the next bite to be enjoyed. But there’s always that one person you know who claims they can’t have Nutella for one reason or another. 

One main reason is dairy intolerance. Since it contains skim milk powder, sadly it has dairy in it. For the many who are lactose intolerant, is there a dairy free alternative of Nutella?

There are multiple dairy free alternatives to Nutella including: 

  • Nocciolata Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Spread
  • Justin’s Chocolate, Hazelnut and Almond Butter
  • Chocolate Nut Free Roasted Soybean Spread
  • Nutiva’s Vegan Hazelnut Spread with Chia and Flax

Thankfully there are several different alternatives of dairy free Nutella. Some you may be able to find in a general grocery store, while others you may have to go to a health food store. 

Of course, online shopping works great if none of those options available have the taste you’re looking for. Amazon to the rescue again for the hard to find objects of desire!

Amazon has a version called Nocciolata Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. Unfortunately it’s reported to not be found in stores or even health food stores. According to reviews, it seems to have the closest taste to Nutella. 

It has a smooth and creamy texture of hazelnut goodness with chocolate hints throughout. Most say this is the closest taste to Nutella, so you can definitely know this has the taste you’re looking for without the dairy in it. 

Thank God for two day shipping if you have Amazon Prime! You may want to add it to your cart for your next order.

Many general grocery stores carry an option called Justin’s Chocolate, Hazelnut and Almond Butter. Reviews say it’s less sweet to the taste, and a bit more thick than creamy. It also appears more grainy than the smooth look some are looking for. 

Amazon has them a little cheaper than the store options, but it’s not by much. Justin’s seems to be a pretty popular brand for alternative options, so you can depend on some definite fans if you choose this. 

With its brand popularity, you should be confident you can find it in a major grocery store near you if you don’t shop online.

For those who are also allergic to nuts, there’s a dairy free, nut free version as well that’s a similar alternative! Soybean spread… not gonna lie, that had me doing a double take as there’s no hazelnut in it. However it seems to be a good alternative for those who wish to try it. 

Besides a lack of a nutty taste, Chocolate Nut Free Roasted Soybean Spread has all the other requirements to make it a great alternative for Nutella. It can be found in most common grocery store aisles but not necessarily at every location. 

So you may want to check it out before you order it online at Amazon or your online grocery delivery services.

Nutiva’s Vegan Hazelnut Spread with Chia and Flax is the most original and also the cheapest dairy free alternative to Nutella. It’s extremely popular as an alternative. 

You can find it in most grocery stores and health stores. Of course you can do Amazon if you wish to order online. 

However, it does get runny if it’s not refrigerated. It also has more of a dark chocolate taste to it. Some claim it may not have as much of a nutty taste, but it depends on how much you really desire that nuttiness in your chocolate spread. 

Other than that, it works great for those who are lactose intolerant.

For those who are lactose intolerant and looking for Nutella alternatives, there are many out there for you to try. Whether you are an online shopper, or you like to personally go to the store to pick yours out, there’s several options that are available to choose from. 

For online shopping, Amazon seems to have the most options. For personal shopping in stores, there are definitely options available, but not all will be in the store you’re shopping at as some options are put in certain locations. 

Whichever you decide to do, thankfully you know options are out there to try.

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