Does Nutella Expire (Does It Go Bad)?

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What is Nutella? If you can imagine a creamy spread consisting of hazelnuts and chocolate that is tasty on bread, fruit and well anything you’d like, that is Nutella. 

But I don’t have to explain for most of you. You probably own a jar or two of this delicious topping sitting right in your pantry. 

If you buy a couple jars at a time then though may have crossed your mind on how long Nutella lasts? Does it go bad or expire?

An opened jar of Nutella will last for about 12 months but an unopened jar will last up to 6 months longer than its “best by” date. 

It is best to eat this chocolate and hazelnut spread by the date printed on the jar but that doesn’t mean that it will be bad as soon as that date is past. Nutella will taste the best if it is used by its expiration date if the jar is opened but if it is unopened it can last for a good six months after the best by date printed on the jar. 

There is a reason they put that date on there because of the shelf life of the ingredients it contains. The date is based on a lot of research and knowledge about the ingredients so you can know that the food you are eating is safe to consume.

As with all foods, the best by date is when Nutella will have the optimal taste and texture but that doesn’t mean that it is expired or bad after that date. It simply might not taste quite as good. 

Just like a lot of other processed food, Nutella can last a while but it also can begin to lose some of its taste or change consistency. 

An unopened jar of Nutella will last for about 6 months after its “best by” date. An opened jar will only be good for about 12 months after it was originally opened even if the “best by” date is later than that. 

Over time, the spread will lose some of its freshness and quality. It is still edible in the amount of months mentioned but if it starts to smell or taste bad or if the texture is dry and hard, it is best to just throw it away and buy a new jar to be enjoyed.

Is It Safe To Eat Nutella After The Expiration Date? 

When you were rummaging through your pantry you happened upon a jar of Nutella. It was opened a few months back and just sounded like it would be so good on some toast. 

Hesitating you may wonder if you should chance eating the creamy spread worrying it may make you sick if you do. You glance at the “best by” date and find that it has expired a month ago. Can you still eat the Nutella and is it safe to eat it after the expiration date?

You can eat the Nutella after the expiration/ best by date as long as it doesn’t smell or taste bad. Like a lot of other processed foods, Nutella can last a bit longer than the best by date printed on the jar.

How long Nutella lasts depends on how long it has been opened as well as how fresh it was when you first bought it. The expiration date is on the jar for a reason but this is a rough estimate of when the food is no longer at its best. 

Nutella in a jar can last for up to a year. The spread may begin to lose some of its flavor and the texture will begin to harden over time. You can melt Nutella in the microwave if you prefer it more creamy, but if it starts to smell or taste bad then it should be thrown away. 

There are some ways you can help the Nutella last longer.

It always seems a waste to toss a whole jar of Nutella so make sure you store it properly. A kitchen pantry is the perfect place for storing Nutella since it is so dark and cool away from heat and light. 

Also, by tightly sealing the lid you can preserve the Nutella for longer. Use clean utensils when scooping out the spread so you don’t get germs and bacteria into the jar. 

Make sure you eat the Nutella instead of letting it sit in the pantry forever. This should be too difficult since it is a delicious topping for a breakfast or snack.

How Do You Know When Nutella Goes Bad? 

You pop open the lid of that jar of Nutella hoping it hasn’t gone bad. But you aren’t quite sure what to look for. 

When examining the spread to see if it is still edible there are a couple things to look for.

You know a jar of Nutella has gone bad when the taste and smell are unpleasant or if it looks hard. 

Do some quick safety checks if you are curious if the Nutella is still safe to be consumed. You don’t want to risk getting sick. 

The three things to look for when you wonder if your precious jar of hazelnut and chocolate goodness is still edible, is its appearance, smell, and taste. Nutella contains a high level of oil and the longer the oil sits in the food, the more rancid it gets making the Nutella smell bad. 

If the spread has an unpleasant and strong smell, toss this one and buy a new one.

Make sure you use clean utensils for spreading Nutella to avoid any cross-contamination. This can result in mold growth. If you notice that some mold has grown in the Nutella do not eat it and throw it away. 

Also, if it looks ok but tastes strange, just get it over with and throw the old jar away and buy a new one so you know that it is safe to eat. A jar of Nutella is a little over $7 at Walmart so it is inexpensive to buy a new one if you are unsure and need to toss the expired jar you found in your pantry. 

I guarantee you $7 is far better than eating it and spending all night sick! 

How Long Can Nutella Last?

I might have already covered this above but, if you hear something enough you are more likely to remember it. So in case you missed it while it was briefly mentioned earlier in the article, how long does Nutella last?

Nutella can last for up to 12 months once it has been opened. If a jar is unopened, then it can last for up to 6 months after its “best by” date.

Just like any other food, The best by date is on the jar because it will go bad eventually and the date is a rough estimate of when that will happen. Following the expiration date is good to do since the Nutella can expire and go bad. 

If you have a jar or tub that has been opened it will last for up to 12 months after opening giving you plenty of time to consume all of the yummy chocolate spread. 

The Nutella piping bags have a shorter lifespan of around 6 months.

So say you grab the jar ready to spread it on some toast when you realize it has already expired. Is it open? If not, you can still enjoy the spread for six months after the expiration date since it contains preservatives to help it last longer. 

Like I said before though, if it tastes or smells bad, don’t eat it and just throw it away. It is better to just buy a brand new jar of Nutella. 

The longer you wait to eat it the more flavor and texture is lost. So enjoy the hazelnut and chocolate spread of  Nutella while it is fresh and delicious so you don’t have to worry about it going bad.

Final Thoughts

Nutella is a delicious snack that pairs well with bread, fruits, or whatever you want to spread it on. Nutella does go bad after a while and if you notice any strange appearance or unpleasant taste or smell, toss it and buy a new jar to enjoy. 

The spread can last for about a year after you open it and if unopened six months after the expiration date. 

After the Nutella sits for a long time it can harden and not taste as good as when you first bought it. For the best flavor and texture, eat the spread before the “best by” date. If you enjoy Nutella you will most likely not have a problem with it going bad as you will eat it king before it expires or goes bad. 

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