Does Milk Go In Chai Tea?

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Chai is a spiced tea that is tasty and even has some health benefits. Chai can be use as a better alternative to coffee because of the small amount of caffeine it contains. 

Chai is black tea with spices of cardamom, pepper, ginger, and cloves. Different spices are used but all result in a spicy drink with wonderful flavor. 

Traditionally brewed in India, chai is the actual name for tea. So, no need to say chai tea because you’re basically saying “tea tea”. 

You may have noticed that milk most often accompanies this beverage. Does milk go with chai tea?

Milk does go with chai. It is part of what the beverage traditionally is. Chai is black spiced tea with milk and sweetener.

Does Milk Go In Chai Tea?

If you are a tea-lover at some point you have probably tried chai. Chai is a blend of black tea infused with cinnamon, clove, and other warming spices. 

Chai is usually made with milk and sweetener. There’s just something about enjoying a crisp autumn day with a warm drink in your hand. 

Fall and winter are the perfect seasons for hot teas. It’s the time of year when the leaves are changing and the air is crisp. When it’s chilly outside, you want that hot chai drink in your hand to soothe and relax you. 

Chai is a great choice for one of these calming beverages. Its notes of spicy and sweet will please your taste buds. 

You can drink chai black or with milk but when it originated in India it was always drunk with milk. For the latte version of the drink, these are then combined with steamed milk topped with foam. 

There is even a latte version of chai where the milk is steamed for a more coffee-like experience. If you want to get really crazy you can even opt for a shot of espresso in the chai (called a dirty chai). 

Chai alone contains caffeine and so it is a good substitute for coffee. Providing an energizing pick-me-up, chai helps you focus along with having nutritional benefits. 

Many coffee shops serve their customers the delicious drink, Starbucks being a popular place to order chai lattes. All that to say, milk does go in chai and is delicious in its own spicy way.

Is Chai Just Tea With Milk?

Chai is a little different from just regular brewed tea with milk added in. Chai has a special blend of spices like cinnamon, ginger and cardamom, and cloves and has a rich and bold flavor that is so tasty. 

If you have never tried chai you may be thinking that the tea can’t be all that special. You may be thinking of regular black tea with milk. Is that all chai is just tea and milk?

Chai is more than just tea and milk. It’s a special spiced tea that is served with sweeteners (typically honey) and milk for a sweet and spicy flavor. 

Anyone who loves tea has most likely tried chai but if you are new to tea, you may be wondering what it really is. Chai is one of those many types of teas you should definitely try. 

Black tea combines dynamic flavors of spices with sweetener and milk for a mug of warm comfort. The main flavor of the drink is cinnamon. 

Other spices such as clove, cardamom, ginger, peppercorn, and sometimes even star anise are also used in chai. 

So no, chai is not just tea with milk. It’s a bit more than that. All of its special spices combine to form a bold flavor that is sweet and then cinnamon with milk for the perfect combination for a chilly weather beverage. 

If you prefer to leave the milk out of the chai this is okay too. That is the great thing about it. You can customize the tea and drink it black if you want to. Or if you want to add the milk you can. 

Experiment with different chai recipes to find which one you love the most.

What Milk Goes Well With Chai Tea?

Chai has recently become very popular in the U.S. with coffee shops everywhere offering their customers the drink from their menu. It’s no wonder people love it because it is just so tasty. 

If chia normally contains milk, what milk goes well with it?

Usually chai tea is made with normal cow’s milk for a creamy, smooth, and rich flavor. The wonderful thing about chai is that you can make it with whatever milk you’d like. 

The website Camellia Sinensis talks all about the different kinds of milk you can add into chai. In their article, How To Choose The Right Milk for Chai Latte, they explain that “Classic chai is prepared with high-fat milk, and sometimes with condensed milk or even butter. Cow’s milk gives chai its smooth, rich and authentic taste. It tends to work well with any blend of spices.” 

Going further into the types of milk and how they taste they say that, 

“Soy milk is a more neutral and versatile alternative to cow’s milk. It has a similar creaminess and richness…Less creamy, almond milk is best used for the more punchy chai blends…Its subtle taste pairs well with spices to create a very well-balanced result…coconut milk can be a nice alternative for a fruity chai…Oat milk may be taking over as our new favourite vegan alternative, even dethroning soy milk! It has a velvety texture and it offers similar results with the spices to that of cow’s milk.”

You can use whatever milk you’d like in chai. Some prefer regular cow’s milk while others like soy milk instead. You can also make chai with almond milk, coconut milk or even oat milk. 

The best tasting option will be the high-fat cow’s milk, but if you want an option that fits into your lifestyle, then all the other ones mentioned are great milks to use in chai. 

Whatever milk you choose to make your chai with, it will be delicious in its own way.

Final Thoughts

Chai is a wonderful kind of tea that is usually served with milk in it. Although it is good black, adding milk and sweetener can enhance its rich bold flavor. 

Feel free to use whatever type of milk you’d like into your chai and enjoy all the different flavors it brings. 

Chai is a sweet and spicy tea and when milk is added it becomes a creamy beverage perfect for those crisp fall days.

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