Does Creamer Have Sugar?

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It’s a crisp winter morning and you started your day by making some coffee. After it is brewed you head on over to the fridge to grab your favorite creamer. 

After pouring the delicious liquid into your mug, you enjoy a sip of the comforting beverage. 

Creamer is a great addition to coffee. It is sweet and creamy and just makes bitter coffee taste better. It’s the perfect thing to pour into a steaming cup of hot coffee for flavor. 

Plus, there are so many flavors of creamer available to you. You can choose from anything like vanilla and hazelnut to Reese’s and Almond Joy. Coffee can be strong and bitter-tasting so when you need something to make it a little sweeter and better tasting creamer is the answer. 

Let’s say you are trying to cut back on sugar and still want creamer in your coffee. Does creamer have sugar?

Most creamer does have sugar in it but you can buy sugar free creamer as well. Normal creamer is made with water, sugar, vegetable oil, etc. though this can vary by brand. Coffee creamer usually contains a lot of sugar unless you opt for a bottle that specifies that it contains zero sugar.

So most creamers are made with a lot of sugar. That is why it tastes so good and sweetens up your coffee. However, sugar free creamer can still add tons of flavor to your coffee without adding any sugar to your diet. 

These sugar free creamers won’t be as sweet (for obvious reasons) but they will help take the bitterness of the coffee away and make your beverage more comforting. 

Further on in this article we will discuss what creamers don’t have sugar. Yes, there are some sugar-free coffee creamers. For now, know that that normal delicious creamer you add into your coffee every morning does have a lot of sugar.

Does Coffee Mate Creamer Have Sugar?

Creamer just adds so much to coffee taking it from being strong and bitter to creamy and sweet. Coffee Mate is a well-known coffee creamer brand that produces a variety of creamers. 

Does this brand use sugar in their creamers?

Coffee Mate coffee creamers do have sugar in them expect for their sugar-free creamers. A popular brand, Coffee Mate makes some delicious coffee add-ins but are full of sugar. 

If you are trying to eat less sugar then look for creamers that specify that they are sugar-free and use these.

The Daily Meal stated in one of their articles on healthy and unhealthy coffee creamers that, “Coffee Mate also relies on…artificial sweeteners to sweeten its sugar-free French vanilla creamer. It has 15 calories and 1 gram of fat per tablespoon…” So, most creamers have a lot of sugar. That is why they are so sweet. 

There are some creamer options that are sugar-free if you can’t have sugar but still want creamer in your coffee. Depending on the brand and kind creamer, the amount of sugar found in a bottle can vary. 

On average, creamer can contain up to 5 grams of sugar per serving. By limiting the amount you put into your coffee beverage you can reduce your sugar intake.

Is There A Coffee Creamer Without Sugar?

Creamer is a must for you. You have to add some of the sweet liquid into your bitter coffee or else you just won’t enjoy it. 

Yet, you are trying to stop eating/drinking a lot of sugar and calories. Is there a coffee creamer without sugar?

There is a coffee creamer without any sugar added to it. Both Coffee Mate and Delight have great sugar free options. 

Both of these coffee creamer brands sell a Sugar-Free French Vanilla creamer along with many other options. Now, you can enjoy your creamer in your coffee and not about the sugar.

The article we mentioned earlier, The Healthiest and Unhealthiest Creamers for Your Coffee, continues saying, “…sugar-free options…contain less sugar than their regular counterparts, International Delight is made with palm oil…corn syrup…artificial sweetener…This sugar-free French vanilla creamer contains just 20 calories per tablespoon…” 

If you simply cannot have your coffee without creamer and are looking for a creamer without any sugar added in then Coffee Mate or Delight’s sugar-free creamer are excellent choices. 

Now, those who want to reduce their sugar intake and cut back on calories can. They can consume less sugar while still enjoying tasty add-ins to their coffee.

Which Creamer Is The Healthiest?

So, we already mentioned that most creamers have sugar in them except for the sugar-free kinds of course. Wanting to be more healthy, yet still add in something to your coffee, you search for a better option. 

So, which is the healthiest coffee creamer to use?

A healthy coffee creamer is defined by what its ingredients are. A sugar-free creamer is the healthiest option for that sweetness you add to your coffee because this means less calories. For those who are lactose intolerant, a dairy-free creamer is best.

Milk (whole, low-fat, nonfat, oat, cashew, almond, or coconut) is also a good and healthy substitute for creamer. Creamer contains a lot of sugar but milk doesn’t. 

Adding milk to your coffee won’t sweeten it but it will make it more creamy and less bitter. If you want something with more taste than just milk, there are some sugar-free creamers you can use in your coffee.

According to an article by, “Califia Dairy-Free Better Half Original, Elmhurst Unsweetened Oat Creamer, Chobani Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer, Nut Pods Original Unsweetened Creamer, So Delicious Organic Coconut Milk Creamer”, are all the healthiest coffee creamers to use.

Final Thoughts

Although it makes coffee taste better, creamer does have sugar in it. A high amount of the sweet stuff is found in the coffee add-in. 

Luckily, you can still have coffee creamer without all that sugar. Thanks to coffee creamer producers, there is such a thing as sugar-free creamer. 

So, you can add cramer into your coffee and not have to worry about consuming a lot of sugar. 

The best substitute for creamer is milk, especially low- or nonfat milk. This is the healthiest option for a coffee add-in but if you need something that tastes a little bit better, then sugar-free creamer is the way to go. 

The healthiest creamers are those without sugar. Some creamers specify that they have zero sugar even though most creamers have sugar added to it for sweetness.

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