Does Creamer Have Caffeine?

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Americans are drinking more coffee than ever before. There are mom-and-pop coffee shops, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Tim Hortons, Bigby, and dozens more coffee shops throughout the US. 

There always seems to be more coffee shops opening too. Not only can you get a cup of regular coffee at these shops, but you can also get several different varieties of coffee flavors from a large selection of creamers. 

Many people drink coffee for their caffeine high while others drink it because they enjoy the flavor. If you are drinking coffee for a caffeine high, is there a way to get an even higher boost of caffeine? 

If you add creamer, are you getting an extra shot of caffeine too? 

Whether or not creamer has caffeine is dependent on the type of creamer. For example, if you are using a coffee creamer that has chocolate in it, then your creamer most likely will contain a small amount of caffeine. However, if you are adding caramel creamer to your coffee, then there will most likely be no extra caffeine. 

The best way to know if your coffee creamer is adding caffeine to your coffee is by checking the nutrient label.  Every brand of creamer will have different nutrition so check the label to see if your creamer has caffeine or not. 

Is Coffee Creamer Bad For You? 

There’s nothing like sitting in your house early in the morning and sipping a nice warm cup of coffee. No cup of coffee is ever truly complete without an extra boost of flavor from your favorite coffee creamer. 

However, are you adding something to your morning cup of happiness that may be bad for you? 

Coffee creamer isn’t necessarily bad for you, but it’s also not great for you either. There are no real health benefits to adding creamer to your coffee and you will be adding sugar and calories to your drink. 

While the coffee you are drinking has health benefits, the creamer you add does not. However, coffee creamer companies are coming out with healthier options. 

If you are looking to lower your sugar intake, there are zero sugar creamer options. If you are looking to stay away from dairy in general, there are plenty of non-dairy creamer options as well. 

What Are The Ingredients In Creamers? 

The ideas of health and nutrition are always changing. People once thought that smoking was good for health and as time and science progressed, we realized that smoking can cause more harm than good. 

Many countries even ban certain ingredients that can be found in popular foods. Have you ever taken the time to read the nutrition label on the back of your food or drink? 

Not only are there a ton of difficult words to pronounce, but there are also words you can pronounce but have no clue what they are. 

Every morning when you reach for creamer to add to your coffee, do you know what you’re about to drink? 

Coffee creamer ingredients can vary by brand, but typically creamers are all made from the same few ingredients. 

The base ingredients in coffee creamers are usually water, sugar, and vegetable oil. From there, it’s just a matter of adding the different flavors to create the many unique flavors of coffee creamer that you enjoy. 

Some of the coffee creamer brands are aware that their customers do not enjoy drinking so much sugar and have come up with better sugar solutions. There are now zero sugar options and also nut milk-based creamers on the market as well. 

Can Too Much Creamer Make You Sick? 

Most everyone knows that when you drink a cup of coffee, your digestive system starts moving rather quickly. Within a few short hours, you will definitely need to make a trip to the restroom.   

There are several benefits to drinking coffee, such as it aids your digestive system in processing food. However, can adding too much creamer be bad for you? 

If you add too much creamer to your coffee throughout the day, will you get sick? 

An excess of anything is never good for your body. Since there is a lot of sugar in coffee creamer, the sugar can throw off your immune system. Drinking too much coffee creamer can result in a very upset stomach, nausea, and diarrhea. 

If you plan on having quite a few cups of coffee to stay awake, it may be best to lay off the creamer and only add a little bit to each cup. 

Can You Add Coffee Creamer To Other Drinks? 

Creamer was designed specifically to be an additive to everyone’s favorite beverage, coffee. Can you add creamer to any other drinks? 

What if you could add your favorite creamer to some of your favorite dessert dishes too? 

You can add creamer to almost any drink. Here are a few different drinks that you can add your favorite creamer to. 

  • Hot Chocolate: Adding creamer to your hot chocolate is a game-changer. You can add french vanilla for a sweeter hot chocolate. You can add practically any flavor to your hot chocolate to enhance the flavor. 
  • Milk: You can flavor your milk. Do you like cookies and cream? You can have cookies and cream milk. Do you like coconuts? You can have coconut-flavored milk. 
  • Tea: When you add creamer to your tea, it can create a different flavor. Since tea is a bit spicy, you can tone it down with some variations of creamer. 

You can also add your favorite creamer to different food dishes as well. If you are making dessert and are out of milk, you can use your favorite creamer as a substitute. 

Making vanilla cake; use caramel macchiato as a substitute for milk. You have now created a vanilla, caramel macchiato cake. You can also use creamer as a substitute for water when making pancakes and waffles. 

Add creamer to your breakfast foods for a sweet start to your morning. 

Final Thoughts

Creamer is a versatile liquid that was created for coffee but can also be used in cooking dishes and other drinks as well. If you are a fan of coffee but need a little flavor to stomach it, add some creamer. 

If you are worried about becoming too jittery by adding more creamer, don’t be. If your creamer does have any caffeine, it won’t be very much. 

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