Does Creamer Break A Fast?

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Creamer can make coffee taste sweeter and more flavorful. Its milky texture thickens coffee while making it less bitter. 

For some, just the thought of coffee wakes them up in the morning and sipping it gives them a little pick-me-up for energy throughout the day. 

Many people try to eat healthy and lose weight. Sometimes this means they will fast for certain hours of the day. 

Coffee lovers that are fasting may find it hard to resist coffee, but they don’t have to! Coffee won’t break a fast. Now, if you like to add some creamer into the coffee but still stay on your diet, you probably are wondering, does that coffee creamer break a fast?

A little bit of creamer added to coffee won’t break a fast. If you keep it under a certain amount of calories you will be fine to add some creamer to your coffee in the morning even during a fasting period.

Fasting can be difficult since you can’t eat at certain times. But, you can still enjoy your morning cup of joe. Now, if you are adding in a lot of creamer then this can break your fast. You will want to use it in a small amount since the creamer is made of a lot of sugar and oil. 

If you are concerned about breaking your fast but still want something added to your coffee, and don’t want to use creamer, there are alternatives for you to try. Artificial sweeteners such as Stevia, agave, or honey or nut milks such as almond milk or oat milk can be used in the place of creamer. 

Even a splash of heavy cream is also a good substitute for a sugary creamer when you are on a fast.

The article, CAN YOU DRINK COFFEE WHILE FASTING, explains, “Although black coffee is perfectly acceptable for an intermittent fast, you may want to know if you can still add any of your usual mix-ins to your cup. In general, many health experts claim a fast isn’t broken if you consume less than 50 calories within the timeframe of the fast…To maintain your fast, add only a small amount of either MCT oil, butter, or coconut oil to keep it under 50 calories.” 

When you’re on fast it is perfectly acceptable to add  a little bit of creamer to coffee. Just be sure to use it sparingly and you will still get the taste you love without breaking your fast. 

Will Bulletproof Coffee Break A Fast?

If you love coffee you could be concerned that you will miss out on your daily coffee consumption during a fasting period. Bulletproof coffee has added butter and/or a triglyceride oil and is known to improve glucose metabolism. 

Will drinking bulletproof coffee break a fast?

Bulletproof coffee is one of the things recommended to drink while you are on a fast. So, no, bulletproof coffee won’t break a fast. It can actually help your body during the fasting stage by keeping you in ketosis.

When you are fasting you are not eating any calories. While you can drink coffee during a fast, it is recommended you drink it black or if you need to add something in, you can add a small amount of creamer or sweeteners. 

There is a drink called bulletproof coffee for those who can’t go without their morning coffee but also don’t want to break their fast. Bulletproof coffee keeps your body in the fat-burning state of ketosis and keeps you satisfied and full without your body switching over to digestion. 

Bulletproof coffee is made with quality fats from butter and MCT oil. It can keep your insulin low and help you stay on track with your fast.

Bulletproof coffee has a creamy texture and is also called butter coffee or keto coffee. It is good to drink on your fast because it makes it easier for you to power through it. 

It’s called butter coffee because it’s made with butter and keto coffee because it helps your body achieve ketosis. It’s said that drinking bulletproof coffee can keep you stay energized for hours.

It is a healthier option than eating a carb-filled breakfast. Try making your own bulletproof coffee. It is a great way to stay on your diet or fast and is easy to make. 

So, you can still enjoy your coffee and healthy lifestyle at the same time.

Can You Have Coffee While Fasting?

Fasting can be healthy for some who are trying to lose weight or improve their overall health. If you are fasting, you cannot eat any food. Drinks are allowed. 

But what about coffee? Can you drink coffee while you are fasting?

Coffee is allowed if you are fasting and may even help to suppress your appetite. You can still stay on track and fast while drinking the coffee black or with a tiny amount of creamer or creamer substitutes. 

Even though a little bit of creamer probably won’t hurt your fast, it is recommended to stick to black coffee. Drinking black coffee during a fast is better for your body than adding in sweeteners. 

Some sweeteners can trigger insulin secretion so choose artificial sweeteners like Stevia or Splenda to add to your coffee. Adding in creamers and sweeteners to your coffee during a fast could break your fast if you aren’t careful. 

You must use the add-ins in small amounts to avoid breaking your fast.

Too many calories can bring your body out of the fasting stage. If you stay under a certain amount of calories with your coffee add-ins you should be fine. Still, black coffee is the best way to go if you are worried about breaking your fast.  

If you aren’t worried about it then go for adding some creamer, nut milk, or artificial sweeteners to your coffee. Some people don’t like black coffee and so during a fast, they may still want to add in some creamer. 

This is okay to do, but like we said, use small amounts. In the end, you can drink coffee even while fasting. 

Final Thoughts

Coffee doesn’t break your fast but what you put into it could. If you need to use creamers, use a small amount or some of the alternatives we mentioned in this article. 

Bulletproof coffee is a great option to try on your fast because it keeps you satisfied and energized while keeping your body in the ketosis stage. Still, you can have regular coffee during a fast. 

Although black coffee is best to drink during a fast, you can add a bit of creamer in and still stay on track. 

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