Does Chocolate Go Bad?

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Chocolate. It is rich, delicious, and the most popular treat worldwide. Made from cocoa beans, chocolate is a favorite sweet snack enjoyed all over the world. And chocolate doesn’t just taste good, it is good for your heart and brain, too. 

If you are a chocolate lover, you no doubt have a stash of the yummy stuff in one of your kitchen cabinets. But, one question you may be asking is, does chocolate go bad?

Chocolate does eventually go bad. Most chocolate comes with an expiration date and over time, the sweet treat will lose its quality. Storing your chocolate properly can help to preserve it but it will no doubt go bad eventually.

Although eating expired chocolate won’t make you sick in most cases the taste and texture of the chocolate will deteriorate with age which in turn will mean you will likely not want to eat it. To help chocolate last longer you can pop it in the freezer. This will help it to last for multiple years without going bad. 

Coming in all kinds from milk, to dark, to white, chocolate tastes so good when you are craving something sweet. This is why it is used in so many other desserts, drinks, and foods as well. Most of us probably dive right into that chocolate as soon as we purchase it but others may like to buy some chocolate to save for a rainy day. 

When that day comes, you pick up that chocolate bar you’ve been saving for a little bit prepared to enjoy every bite. But then, you realize that the printed date on the package says it is expired. Not wanting to give up just yet, you wonder, does chocolate really go bad?

Chocolate can actually go bad over time. Although the amount of time it actually takes chocolate to begin to lose its quality is most likely long past its best by date. Over time, chocolate will degrade in quality meaning that it will lose freshness and become different in the way it smells, tastes, and looks. 

Now, when chocolate goes bad, it isn’t unsafe to eat. It’s not like moldy bread or fruit. So, an old chocolate bar probably won’t taste the best as it did when you bought it, but you can still eat it. It usually takes a while for chocolate to go bad. It typically lasts for a couple years or until you notice those changes we talked about. 

So, your answer is yes, chocolate can go bad but bad as in it will lose quality and not bad as in becoming dangerous to consume.

How Can You Tell If Chocolate Has Gone Bad?

If you have found some chocolate leftover from Halloween or Christmas of last year, it could have gone bad. But then, again, chocolate lasts for a while, so it may be fine. There are some things to look for to see if chocolate is bad or not. 

So, how can you tell if chocolate has gone bad?

You can tell if chocolate has gone bad by its appearance, smell, and taste. You will start to see white cracks on the chocolate and it will begin to get a bit mushy as it ages. The longer it is stored, the more quality and freshness is lost from the chocolate. 

If the chocolate has gone bad, there will be some obvious signs when you open it or when you break it apart. 

One obvious sign that chocolate has gone bad is if it is “bloomed”. This is a white or gray hue to the chocolate although this does not affect the taste at the beginning. 

Blooming can affect the texture, giving the chocolate a grainy texture. When chocolate is exposed to humidity or vast changes in temperature like from cold to hot, it can begin to bloom. Another way you can tell if chocolate has gone bad is if it smells or tastes off. 

Chocolate should have a fragrant smell and rich flavor and if any of these seem strange, then it has gone bad. Unfortunately, chocolate doesn’t last forever. It is best to eat chocolate within a few months of purchasing it so you can enjoy a delicious treat. 

Over time, the chocolate will lose quality and freshness. If you want to know if chocolate is bad or not, follow these helpful tips. If you don’t plan on eating some of the chocolate for a while (like all of that Halloween candy) put it in the freezer and it will stay fresh for much longer. 

Can You Eat Expired Chocolate?

If you happen upon some chocolate, you may be tempted to eat it especially if you are a choco-holic. So, you were really looking forward to enjoying that chocolate bar. But the expiration date says that it was best by a few months back. 

Can you still eat the expired chocolate?

You can still eat expired chocolate. It cannot make you sick although, it will most likely not taste that great if it is years old. So, if you are fine with eating the sweet treat that is bloomed with a faded aroma or taste, you can eat expired chocolate.

Chocolate doesn’t mold like other foods do. It can bloom when it is exposed to the air but this doen mean you can’t eat it. It just means that it is going bad in the fact that it is losing quality and freshness. If you store chocolate properly then you can help the chocolate last for longer. 

Chocolate typically lasts for about 2 years unopened and one year opened, but if you store it in an airtight container or freezer bag away from other foods, you can lengthen its shelf life. Storing the chocolate in the fridge is another great way to keep it good. You can even freeze chocolate but this will affect its texture (making it hard for obvious reasons) So, yes, you can eat expired chocolate and it won’t make you sick. It just might not taste that great depending on its age. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, chocolate deos go bad. But it goes bad in the fact that it loses quality and freshness. You can notice these changes by the sweet treat’s appearance, smell, and taste. 

“Bloomed” chocolate is chocolate that is getting old and while you can still eat it, it just won’t taste as good. It is safe to eat expired chocolate but you probably won’t enjoy it as much as eating it right after buying it. 

As you can see, chocolate does go bad over time but fortunately it lasts for quite a while. So, enjoy that chocolate while it is good because every chocolate lover knows that “chocolate makes everything better”.

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