Does Chai Tea Expire/Go Bad?

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The soothing taste of chai tea is perfect on a cold day while also giving you a small pick-me-up. Its blend of spices create a smooth drink that has been used for centuries. 

Some chais are sweeter while others can taste a bit more fiery. Chai can be made with milk or water depending on your preference. 

Basically when making chai it usually consists of teas, milk, spices, and sweetener. If you like to keep some chai in your kitchen to sip on throughout the day, you may wonder if it will expire or go bad?

Chai tea can expire or go bad. If you notice a strange smell or mold on the tea leaves then it has gone bad. 

There are some specific things to look for when you are wondering if your chai is expired or bad.

You will notice a strange smell coming from the tea. If the tea is smelling really moist and dank, then it has gone bad. This dank and musty smell is a for sure sign that your tea should be tossed. 

If you see mold on the tea bags or leaves, you should also get rid of it. Even if it’s just a little bit you shouldn’t be drinking mold. 

Mold grows when bacteria forms on the tea and this is not healthy to consume. Also, if all the flavor is gone from the tea or if it is from a package opened years ago, it is probably expired. 

Usually the best by date on tea is because it loses its flavor after that time. The safety of the tea is determined by how you store it. 

By storing the tea properly you will help it to last a very long time. Keep the tea away from sunlight, humidity and airflow. 

Chai tea can go bad and there are some things to look for if you are wondering if your chai tea is expired or bad. Once you notice anything strange about the tea you should throw it away and buy a new package. 

Don’t drink expired or bad tea. If your chai tea is fresh it will be more enjoyable.

How Can You Tell If Chai Tea Has Gone Bad? 

Some enjoy tea every day and for that reason they may always keep some on hand. But how do you know if your tea has gone bad?

If you are unsure if your chai tea is bad look for some of the signs of it expiring such as a strange smell or mold in the tea.

You grab a couple chai tea bags from an opened package. You notice some spots on the bags but disregard this as you put them in hot water to steep. After letting them sit for a few minutes you start to smell a musty smell. Now, you are worried that the teaw may be bad. 

You are right. If you notice these two things then it is best to toss the tea and make a new mug with newly purchased chai. 

Chai has gone bad if you smell a strong and dank smell coming from it or if you notice mold growing on the tea bags. Opened packages of tea bags that you have had for years most likely are not still good. 

These may only have loss of flavor and not any safety issues but if you notice anything strange about the tea it’s better to be safe and toss it and go buy a new package. 

You made some chai tea and mixed it with water or milk. Not being able to drink it all right then, you wonder how long chai tea is good for after it is made. 

If you refrigerate already made chai tea you can keep it for up to a week. Chai tea concentrate is good for 12 to 23 months but after this bacteria will begin forming. 

Over time food or drinks will expire and go bad. If you have some tea that has been stored in your kitchen for a while you may want to check to see if it is expired. 

Does expired tea make you sick? 

Expired tea can make you sick if it has mold growing in it. If it has just lost its flavor then it is still safe to drink. 

To be safe, follow the expiration date and the noticeable signs of expired tea before you drink it. If you think it is bad throw it out and get some more. 

Good chai will taste better than trying to drink expired tea.

What Does Chai Tea Do For Your Body? 

A lot of people enjoy drinking some chai. Its rich flavor is soothing and engerzing. Chai tastes good to drink but does it do anything for your body?

The fragrant spicy tea of chai can have many health benefits.

Along with its sweet and spicy taste, chai can improve your health. There have been studies showing that the ingredients of cinnamon and black tea in tea can improve your heart health and may even lower blood cholesterol levels. 

If you are feeling nauseous and need an aid in digestion, chia may help this as well. 

Chai contains ginger, black pepper, cinnamon and cloves which is well-known to help with nausea and can help prevent bacterial infections. All of these also support proper digestion. 

Chai can even help you to lose weight. Its ingredients work together to promote weight loss or prevent unwanted weight gain. It is good to drink the proper amount of chai tea. 

Among all of these health benefits, chai can also wake you up thanks to its low amount of caffeine. Many people use chai as a substitute for coffee for a healthier and more focused way of waking up and getting energized at the start and all throughout your day.

Final Thoughts

Chai tea can expire or go bad if it is old or not stored properly by keeping it out of direct sunlight, airflow, and humidity. Expired or bad chai will smell funny, lack flavor or have mold growing on the tea bags.  

If you start to notice any of the signs of it going bad you should throw it away and buy some new chai to drink. 

Chai’s ingredients can supply your body with what it needs for heart health, digestion, controlling blood sugar levels, nausea, and even losing weight. 

Make sure you are drinking good chai and you can enjoy the delicious cup of tea not only for its amazing taste but also for its healthy benefits.

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