Do Lattes Taste Like Coffee? (What Does It Taste Like?)

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What’s the one thing that tastes good on chilly December mornings and also on a hot summer evening? A latte, of course! If you are a coffee lover you no doubt have experienced the delights of this coffee drink. 

Lattes are a coffee drink made with espresso, steamed milk, and a flavoring syrup. You can make this delicious beverage hot or iced so it can be enjoyed anytime. 

But what do lattes taste like?

Lattes do taste like coffee but they don’t have a strong coffee taste. This is because they are made with ground espresso beans which are coffee. A latte features more milk than other espresso drinks and a flavoring sugar so the drink will have a mild coffee taste.

A latte tastes more like milk and sugar than black coffee. A latte will have a hint of coffee taste in it but it won’t be overpowering. So if you don’t drink much coffee because of its strong taste then a latte might be for you!

Out of all the coffee beverages, a latte probably tastes the least like coffee. So, if you aren’t a strong coffee kind of person, a latte is for you. 

With all the milk and sweetener added in it can cover up the strong taste of the espresso. But, if made correctly, you will still be able to taste a hint of coffee flavor. 

If you want more coffee taste in your latte, add another shot of espresso. Lattes taste sweet and creamy with just enough coffee taste to satisfy your tastebuds.

According to the article, The Beginner’s Guide to Different Types of Coffee, “A latte is a very milk-heavy drink. The coffee taste is masked by the milk, so lattes are not incredibly strong. A latte will ordinarily contain two shots of espresso, steamed milk, and foam on the top. Additionally, a latte is a great coffee drink to enjoy with a flavor shot like vanilla or hazelnut. Lattes tend to be sweet, but they are not as sweet as mochas.”

What Coffee Drink Tastes The Least Like Coffee?

It can be overwhelming to walk into a coffee shop. Looking over the menu you notice there are so many types of drinks and you may not know which to try. 

You don’t like coffee being too strong and bitter but you still want to taste a little bit of it. You also like some flavor so adding in sweetener is right up your alley. And a creamy drink sounds perfect to you. 

All of these describe one type of coffee, a latte. Does this drink taste the least like coffee or which ones does? 

Compared to all of the other coffee drinks, a latte tastes the least like coffee. However you can still taste a little of the espresso so it isn’t entirely coffee flavor free. 

Coffee is delicious and there are many kinds to choose from. You can go to a coffee shop and order your favorite or make your own at home. 

Have you ever seen the mugs of coffee with milk designs adorning the top? If you have ever been to a sitdown coffee shop you have probably received a latte with some designs formed into the milk on top of the drink. 

These are lattes. 

This latte art can be created with the frothy milk that is poured on top of the beverage. They can be made with several different flavors like vanilla, hazelnut, raspberry, etc. 

Lattes are a popular choice for a coffee drink. Those who don’t like a strong and bitter coffee can choose a latte for the perfect mixture of coffee and sweetness. 

Different types of milks are available for the latte to be made with. Traditionally made with whole milk, a latte can also be made with nonfat (skim), or nut milks (almond, coconut, etc.). 

Out of all the espresso drinks, a latte tastes the least like coffee. A lot of milk is added into a latte and this along with the flavoring covers up some of the coffee taste. 

A latte delivers a slight coffee taste in between all the sweetness.

Are Lattes And Coffee The Same?

Coffee is comforting and energizing. Its caffeine helps to wake you up while the smooth taste calms you down. It’s what gets some people out of bed in the morning and keeps them running all day. 

There are several types of coffee and it can be sort of confusing to know what the difference is between them all. For now, you could be wondering, if lattes have coffee taste, then are lattes and coffee the same thing?

Lattes are a type of coffee. However, regular coffee is made by using different beans than a latte and then served with creamer and/or sugar and sometimes milk. Lattes are made with espresso beans and served with steamed milk and sweetener.

Coffee is a broad term and a latte falls in one of the categories. It is an espresso drink. 

Let’s quickly walk through the difference between regular coffee and a latte. 

First regular coffee is made with ground coffee beans. These beans aren’t as strong as espresso beans but more liquid is made with them. After it is brewed the coffee is poured in a mug and either drank black or with add-ins like sugar, creamer, or milk. 

A latte on the other hand is made with ground espresso beans and only a couple ounces of the espresso is made. For a hot latte, the espresso is mixed with flavoring of choice like a flavoring syrup or sweetener and then steamed or frothed milk is poured into the mug to create a wonderful coffee drink. 

An iced latte is made by pouring the brewed espresso over ice and then adding in the flavoring and milk that is not steamed or frothed. So, lattes are a type of coffee that are spruced up a little bit for a slight coffee taste that is sweet and creamy. 

Final Thoughts

Lattes do taste like coffee. This is because lattes are a type of coffee. What makes lattes different from just regular coffee is how they are made and the fact that they are made with a lot of milk along with a sweeter flavoring syrup. 

Out of all the coffee drinks, a latte tastes the least like coffee so instead of a strong, bitter coffee taste, a latte gives you a light, sweet coffee taste. A latte’s slight coffee taste is so good you will be sure to love it a “latte”.

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