Do Brownies Melt? 

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Brownies are a great go-to dessert. They are easy to store, carry, and eat. 

Everyone has their favorite type of brownies too. Some people prefer their brownies to be cakey. They don’t want them too gooey but also don’t prefer the crusty edges either. 

Then you have those that love the brownie edges. They even created brownie pans that are ideal for those that love the edge pieces. 

Then some people live for the gooey brownies (that’s how I am). The brownie is falling apart as they try to eat it. 

So, how do you make the brownies so gooey that it seems like they are melting? 

Brownies don’t necessarily “melt” but they can have the appearance of melting. The fudgier the center, the more the brownies look as though they are melting despite not actually being able to melt. 

If you want “melty” brownies, you need to be careful not to bake them too long. You need to take them out of the oven when the test toothpick comes out a bit streaky. 

The streaks of batter and pieces of crumbly brownie let you know that you have a gooey center but it is also baked enough to eat. 

You will also want to add a little extra butter to your batter. The batter should have a higher fat content than flour content. 

The more flour you have, the cakier your brownies will taste. The longer you cook your brownies, the cakier they will taste as well. 

If you are looking for gooey, “melty” brownies, check your brownies a few minutes before the suggested baking time. If the toothpick test comes out a little streaky then it’s time to pull them out early. 

How Do You Store Brownies?

You just made the perfect batch of brownies. They have just the right amount of gooey center and cakey edges to appease all the different preferences in the family. 

Even though you and your family might be able to eat the whole batch of brownies, it’s probably best to save some for later. 

Brownies tend to crust and get hard after some time. So how do you store your brownies so they taste almost as fresh as when they came out of the oven? 

There are a few different methods you should use when storing your brownies. I will cover those below. 

Do not cut your brownies

This may seem a little crazy and kind of difficult to do. However, if you already know you plan on saving some as leftovers, do not cut that side. 

If you have six members in your family, then divide the pan in half and only cut out six pieces; the pieces that you will be eating for dessert or just because. 

When you cut brownies, each of those individually cut squares is now being exposed to air. When a brownie is exposed to air, it will dry out quickly.  

Use a proper storage container

When brownies are exposed to air, they become dried out. A dried-out brownie is nowhere near as exciting (or tasty) as a fresh gooey one. 

Even if you warm the brownie in the microwave, it still won’t be the same. You recreate the warmness of the brownie being removed from the oven, but you can’t recreate the freshness once it has been dried out. 

Use a container that will properly seal and keep the air out. Use the proper lid for the container you choose to best seal in maximum freshness. 

Store your brownies at room temperature

Many foods tend to do well and stay fresh in the fridge. It almost goes against personal beliefs to leave already prepared food out and not stored in the fridge. 

Keeping brownies at room temperature keeps them closest to the temperature they were when coming out of the oven. Chocolate is designed to melt. 

If you store the brownies in the fridge the cocoa and chocolate will begin to reharden. However, when you leave the brownies at room temperature, this doesn’t give the chocolate a chance to harden. 

Add a piece of bread to your container

This may seem like an old wive’s tale of keeping cookies, cakes, and other baked goods fresh, but it works! The moisture from the bread will keep your brownies fresh and soft for a few days. 

If a few days have gone by and you notice the bread is becoming hard, just replace it with a new piece to keep your brownies fresh for longer. 

How Long Should You Let Brownies Cool Before You Cut Them? 

Once that timer goes off and you have removed your brownies from the oven it is now time for them to cool down. Our brain knows this, but there is something inside that just wants to immediately cut and serve the brownies nice and warm. 

The only issue is that the brownies are slightly hotter than warm and can burn your mouth. So, just how long do you need to wait before cutting them? 

Slicing into your brownies too early will give them rough edges and make them crumbly. It is best to place parchment paper in the bottom of your brownie pan before baking. 

Once the brownies have completely cooled to where you can touch them, you can then lift the brownies out of the pan. This will help the brownies cool down to room temperature quickly as well. Once the brownies are removed, you can cut and serve the brownies. 

Are Gooey Brownies Safe To Eat? 

Eggs are used in many baked goods. There is always a disclaimer when baking with raw eggs. It typically says to always make sure not to eat the batter or dough. 

Also, make sure the goods are thoroughly cooked. What about brownies? 

If gooey brownies are technically semi-cooked brownies with a bit of batter in the middle, are they safe to eat? 

Goody brownies are safe to eat to an extent. You need to be careful about just how long the brownies have been baking however. If the batter is all gooey throughout then they need to cook longer. 

As long as the toothpick that you use to test the brownies comes out streaky and not solidly covered then the brownies are safe to eat. 

If you pull them out of the oven too soon, then yes, there may be some problems. You may get sick from undercooked brownie batter. 

Many feel that the perfect consistency of a brownie is very hard to come by. You either end up almost burning the edges while waiting for your toothpick to come out dry, or the edges are nice and gooey but the center is mush. 

If you are using a glass dish or dark pan to bake the brownies, turn down the heat by 25º; this will allow the brownies to cook evenly. Also, be sure to check the brownies periodically making sure they are not being over or undercooked. 

Final Thoughts 

No matter what kind of brownie person you are, we can all agree that brownies make for an excellent sweet treat. 

If you do prefer your brownies on the gooey, “melty” side, be sure they are cooked. You wouldn’t want to eat just semi-cooked, semi-raw brownies. 

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