Can You Use Expired Olive Oil?

Last updated on July 11th, 2022 at 05:34 pm

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When it comes to olive oil, it never lasts long in my house. I used a whole liter in 2 weeks since I tend to use olive oil all the time. I love what oil does in a roast and other cooking options. 

Using olive oil is way healthier and better for my body, so that’s why I use it so much! Now I know other people are not like me. Some people don’t like to use oil, and some people just don’t know the benefits of using olive oil. 

Whatever the case may be, some people may find that the olive oil in their pantry is past the expiration date. Can you still use expired olive oil?

Although eating or using expired olive oil likely won’t make you sick, it most likely will have lost its nutritional value and great taste. It most likely will give a strange taste to your food if you use old olive oil in a recipe. It’s generally thought that olive oil, if old, will not taste fresh and peppery.

I heard of one person finding 3-year expired olive oil in their pantry. That is definitely someone who doesn’t use oil very often! If you prefer to use something other than oil when cooking, that’s perfectly fine. 

However, personally I love using olive oil. 

It gives such a great taste plus has so many health benefits. I personally prefer extra virgin olive oil as that seems to have the best health benefits. 

Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats. It contains large amounts of antioxidants. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It also may prevent strokes plus it’s protective against heart disease with a possible help against Alzheimers. 

A big thing for me is that it’s not associated with weight gain and obesity. It may reduce type 2 diabetes risk, anti-cancer properties, treats rheumatoid arthritis, and has antibacterial properties! 

Can you see why I love olive oil?

Using expired olive oil really is up to you. The thought is that as long as it looks, smells, and tastes fine, then it’s ok to use. The point of the expiration date is for the manufacturer to guarantee how long it will taste fresh. For me, I like to use it often for the nutritional elements. But other people like the fresh taste. 

The bottom line is, even if you find 3 year old expired olive oil, it won’t make you sick, but it will lose its nutritional value and its fresh taste. 

Can I Use Expired Olive Oil In My Hair?

My hair is something I’m very self conscious about. It can get frizzy and full of split ends if I don’t take care of it. Imagine my surprise when I found out if I put olive oil in my hair it will help strengthen it and make it shiny! 

I know hair can be a topic most ladies try to find solutions for, but olive oil is a natural help to hair! However, what about expired olive oil? Will it be ok to use expired olive oil in my hair?

Since I’m all about knowing how different products can help, especially natural products, let’s see how olive oil in particular can help you. 

Olive oil is a great way to help treat dandruff and split ends in hair! It’s also known to strengthen hair when it’s put in the hair. Plus it makes hair shiny if you’re experiencing dull, frizzy hair. It’s even known to help facial skin glow and heal dry skin issues! In this case, olive oil is great to have around the house.

However, what if you have expired olive oil? Is it still safe to use in your hair if it’s expired? The answer is yes! 

You can use expired olive oil in your hair. The good news with this is that expired olive oil still is high in antioxidants and vitamins. So even if it’s expired, it can still be used in your hair. What a relief!

Finding that expired olive oil in the pantry still has its benefits. It can still be used in your hair and even for skin healing. Thankfully it also still keeps it’s antioxidants and vitamins. So even if you lose some nutritional value by it’s expiration date, you can still use it to help with your hair or skin.

What Can You Do With Olive Oil That Is No Longer Good For Cooking?

Finding that bottle of olive oil in the pantry and finding it is expired can be a bit of a downer. Then you open it up and it gives off a rancid smell. Even though you could still technically use it, you don’t want it to make the food taste different. 

So should you throw the bottle away? In my case, I think of how much money I spent on it and ask myself if throwing money away is worth it. Are there any other options available that you can use old and expired olive oil for?

The answer is there are many things you can do with olive oil you don’t want to use for cooking! 

You can use olive oil as a furniture polish. It can hide scratches and also return the wood to its natural luster. Have a creaky door? Olive oil can be used as a household lubricant! If you realize you have paint on your hands, simply rub some olive oil with a cotton ball on your paint splattered hands, let it soak for a few minutes, and then wipe them clean. 

Do you have an old baseball mitt or leather jacket that’s looking rather dull? Rubbing olive oil over leather items can bring the soft feel that’s well known plus the distinctive patina that is stunning in aged leather.

Finding the perfect place for your olive oil to be stored to keep it from going bad is a big help. Experts say that 56 degrees is the perfect temperature for it to be stored. However they also agree that anywhere between 50-70 degree storage is good too. 

The ideal place to store olive oil is in a dark and cool place, and ideally it should be kept airtight as well. If you have a wine cellar available, that is a great place to store olive oil. At the very least, you definitely want to keep the lid on tight! 

The three enemies of olive oil are light, heat, and oxygen. While it may be hard to find a place with all three, it’s not impossible.

Finding a perfect place to store olive oil can be challenging. Thankfully, even if you do get some bad oil, you can still use it for other things. So whether you decide to cook with your oil or find another use for it, you know you don’t have to throw any of it away. 

You can keep olive oil in a handy spot to be used whenever the need arises. No matter if it’s a household issue or a delicious meal you’re planning, keep the olive oil ready!

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