Can You Put Creamer In Espresso?

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Espresso drinks are all the rage. From latees to cappuccinos, to a simple shot of the strong coffee, espressos are a popular beverage. 

Many love to drink espresso not only for their taste but also for the energy boost they give. Espresso is made from dark beans with a bold flavor. 

These beans are finely ground and compact. When hot water runs through the ground beans, it results in what we call, espresso. This strong coffee is then drunk as is, or mixed with steamed/frothed (or cold for iced coffee drinks) milk. 

Sometimes flavored syrups are added for extra flavor. When paired with milk, espresso is creamy and delicious. 

Creamer is used in regular hot coffee all of the time to add flavor and make it more creamy and less bitter. Can you put creamer in espresso?

You can definitely put creamer in espresso if you want to. Milk is normally added to the strong coffee drink, but creamer can add a nice flavor as well as some creaminess to the espresso beverage.

There is a name for adding cream to espresso. It is called the Italian phrase, “espresso con panna” meaning “espresso with cream”. An article explaining types of coffee entitled, A quick guide to espresso-based drinks, says, 

Espresso con panna, which means espresso with cream in Italian, is a single espresso topped with a dollop of whipped cream. The cream adds extra sweetness to the cup while enhancing its texture, creating a velvety smooth espresso treat.”

Milk, cream, and flavored syrups have all been added to coffee to help sweeten it up. Coffee creamer like the brand Coffee Mate, is an add-in to regular coffee which can prompt us to ask if it can be added to espresso. 

The answer is yes, creamer can be added to espresso. Dairy is commonly added to espresso which makes adding creamer to espresso not too far-fetched of an idea. 

Creamer is added to regular hot coffee and since espresso is just a stronger version, creamer can be added to this, too. So, the same way you would add plain milk to an espresso drink, creamer can be added. 

You can steam, froth or use creamer as is in a shot or two of espresso. By adding creamer to espresso you can sweeten it up and make it more creamy.

Can You Put Coffee Mate In Espresso?

Creamer is mainly used in at-home brewed coffee. It comes in all sorts of flavors and takes away the bitter taste of the coffee. It also makes the coffee more creamy. 

Creamer can also be added to espresso. But are there certain brands that you should use? Can you put Coffee Mate in espresso?

Coffee Mate and all other creamer brands can be used in espresso drinks for a new and flavorful taste. Just choose the flair you like the best and after you add a shot of espresso pour in the creamer as is, or steamed/frothed.

Creamer is a thick, milky liquid with a sweet taste. Adding cream and milk to espresso is common and since creamer is like a blend of both of these, it can also be added to espresso. 

Coffee mate is a popular coffee creamer brand. All of their creamers can also be used in espresso or you can use any other creamer in espresso as well. 

Try adding a little at a time until it reaches your desired sweetness in bitter espresso.

Coffee Mate has a delicious sounding creamer and espresso drink recipe on their website called a Blended Vanilla Espresso. To make this drink they say to “Place espresso, milk, sweetened condensed milk, Coffee mate natural bliss Creamer and ice in a blender; cover. Blend until smooth. Top each serving with chocolate shavings and cinnamon.” 

So, yes, Coffee mate and any creamer for that matter can be put in espresso.

Can You Use Creamer Instead Of Milk For A Latte?

Milk is usually used when making a latte. It is frothed or steamed or just poured in cold or iced lattes. But, when you want to shake things up a little bit, why not add creamer to your espresso? 

Can you use creamer instead of milk for a latte?

You can use creamer instead of milk in a latte. Just steam/froth the creamer as you would 

the milk for a new tasting and creamy espresso drink. You can also pour cold creamer into hot or cold lattes.

You can use powdered or liquid creamer in espresso. For a latte, liquid will be the better choice. It has the same consistency as milk and will add a nice touch to your beverage. 

Just steam or froth the creamer the same way you would milk and pour it over the espresso for a wonderful coffee drink. 

And as a side note, any creamer can be used in espresso. So, if you are lactose intolerant or simply prefer a certain kind of creamer in your coffee, you can use whatever creamer you’d like. Because you can use creamer instead of milk in a latte.

According to, Can You Froth Creamer? (Plus 4 Ways to Froth Creamer at Home), “Coffee creamer has a longer shelf life than fresh milk and is available in dairy-free options that are lactose-free. Some creamers are available in tantalizing flavors hence more people are choosing creamer over milk…You can use a coffee creamer in a milk frother to texture the creamer for a latte. Coffee creamer froths like milk and you can froth creamer using any type of milk frother. You may need to heat the creamer if your frother has no heating capability. Chilled liquid creamer yields the best results when frothing creamer.”

Final Thoughts

You can put creamer in espresso. Milk and cream are commonly added to espresso beverages so creamer can be used also or instead of them. As far as adding creamer to espresso well, this can be done and will likely make your drink taste even better. 

Creamer can take a cup of strong and bitter espresso and turn it into a sweet and creamy delicious drink. You can use any type of creamer in espresso and when making a latte, you can steam/froth the creamer instead of milk. 

This will add some flavor and creaminess to the coffee drink. So, the next time you wonder if you can use creamer in some espresso, you can!

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