Can You Mix Olive Oil And Vegetable Oil?

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Olive oil and vegetable oil are both common ingredients in cooking. Kitchens everywhere feature at least one of these cooking oils. 

Olive oil and vegetable oil will often be used in several different ways. Olive oil enhances the food’s flavor while vegetable oil brings out the natural flavor of the food. 

Both cooking oils are used in pretty much the same way. So, can olive oil and vegetable oil be mixed together?

You can mix olive oil and vegetable oil in recipes. This can be a great way to add flavor to your food as well as extend the life of the olive oil since it can get pricey. It is fine to mix both of these cooking oils if you want to.

Olive oil and vegetable oil are typically used in the same way. You can cook or bake with them both. Olive oil however, can only be heated to moderate temperatures whereas vegetable oil can be heated to high temperatures. 

This is why vegetable oil is used a lot for frying foods. 

But olive oil gives the food you are cooking a lot of flavor while vegetable oil doesn’t. So, when you mix olive oil and vegetable oil oil you can get the taste of olive oil and be able to heat it to higher temperatures because of the vegetable oil.

You can also mix these two cooking oils when baking. But keep in mind that it will most likely affect the flavor of the baked good. 

Olive oil is healthier than vegetable oil and it is also more expensive than vegetable oil so if you mix them you can preserve the oil for longer. Because of all of these reasons, you can mix olive oil and vegetable oil. 

It is recommended to use one or the other for the best taste in your food but if you want to or need to, these cooking oils can be mixed together.

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Is It OK To Mix Olive Oil With Vegetable Oil?

When you find that you are running low on oil, you may need a replacement or another oil added. If that oil is your delicious olive oil you may wonder what the best way to use it sparingly is. 

Already halfway through a recipe you realize you only have a small amount left of oil. No worries! it can be mixed with another oil. 

I already mentioned mixing the two but, is it OK to mix oil with vegetable oil?

It is OK to mix olive oil with vegetable oil. Although you should use one or the other for the best tasting food, if you are running low on one and need to add the other, or if you simply want to save one but add the taste of it in your recipe, it is okay to do so.

It is perfectly fine to mix cooking oils like olive oil and vegetable oil if you don’t have enough of one to use for your recipe. Adding another to make up the rest is acceptable and your dish will still taste good. 

It is best to just stick with one cooking oil at a time if you want your food to have a great taste. But, if you are in a pinch you can mix and cook with olive oil and vegetable oil. 

Like I said, even though it is better not to, it is okay to mix cooking oil. 

Now, if you are trying to eat healthier, it may be best to not mix the oils. Olive oil is healthier than vegetable oil so when you mix them together you are adding the fat from the vegetable oil into the olive oil and making your dish less healthy. 

Still, mixing cooking oil is okay in the sense that it can save you money and still give your dish the flavor of the olive oil.

What Oil Mixes Well With Olive Oil?

There are so many types of cooking oil: canola, olive, vegetable, etc. They are all used for different types of cooking and baking. Frying, sauteing, even some salad dressings have the important ingredient of oil. 

Olive is one oil that adds a lot of taste and flavor to foods. For one reason or another you may want to mix olive oil with another type of oil. So, what oil does olive oil mix well with?

Olive oil mixes well with vegetable oil, canola oil, and actually any other oil. However, this should only be done if it is absolutely necessary because using olive oil alone will make your food taste better and be healthier. But, if you want to, olive oil can be mixed with any other type of cooking oils.

It is not really recommended to mix different kinds of cooking oil because of the taste and flavor of foods. But sometimes, you just don’t have any choice. Maybe you want to save some money so by adding vegetable oil to olive oil you can still use it to flavor your dishes but use it sparingly. 

Maybe you only have a little bit of olive oil left and need another oil to make up the difference. Well, Olive oil mixes well with any other cooking oil. Canola oil, vegetable oil, peanut oil, corn oil, etc. can all be mixed with olive oil. 

To mix olive oil with another oil just use a 1:1 ratio. Mix the equal parts together and cook your food as you usually would. Other oils like vegetable oil have a neutral taste bringing out the flavors of the food while olive oil is flavorful. So, by mixing olive oil with another oil, your dish will still have a slight taste of olive oil. 

All in all, olive oil mixes well with any other cooking oil.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you can mix olive oil with vegetable oil if you want or need to. This can make the olive oil last longer or can help in cooking when you run out of olive oil. 

You can also mix olive oil with any other cooking oil. Olive oil mixes well with other cooking oils such as vegetable, canola, etc. 

While you should use one oil at a time for the best flavor in foods, it is just fine to use olive oil and vegetable oil mixed together in cooking and baking recipes.

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