Can You Mix Olive Oil And Canola Oil?

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Olive oil and canola oil are both commonly used in cooking. Most kitchens are supplied with one or both of these staple ingredients. 

Olive oil can be used in multiple ways and is the healthiest oil to use in cooking. It enhances the flavor of whatever dish it is cooked with. 

Canola oil is the unhealthier oil of the two but is also a very versatile oil. It has a neutral taste so the flavors of the dish are what shines through. 

If you don’t have enough olive oil or canola oil can you mix them together? 

You can mix olive oil and canola oil together and use this in your cooking. Although this is unnecessary to do, if you are trying to save money and still give your food flavor by mixing the more expensive olive oil with canola oil, then this is fine to do.

Olive oil and canola oil both are used in the same ways. While olive oil can only be heated to moderate temperatures, canola oil can be heated to a higher temperature. 

Olive oil gives the food it is cooked with its flavor while canola oil just brings out the flavors of the dish it is cooked with. Both of these ingredients are used in frying, sauteing, grilling, baking, salad dressings, sauces, marinades, etc.

If you buy olive oil you may have noticed that it is more expensive than canola oil because it is a better oil. It is healthier and adds more flavor to food and canola oil contains more fat and has a neutral taste. 

If you want to save money without skimping out on flavor you can mix olive oil and canola oil in your recipes. By doing this you get a slight flavor of olive oil without using it up too quickly.

What Oil Mixes Well With Olive Oil?

Olive oil can be used for several types of cooking. Pour some in a pan and saute away! Drizzle some on salad and dress it for success. Fry some meat in it for a healthy and delicious dish. 

Olive olive can be added to pretty much any food for some extra flavor and taste. For one reason or another, if you are wanting to mix olive oil with another type of oil, what oil does it mix well with?

Olive oil mixes well with any other cooking oil if it is absolutely necessary. It is healthier and better tasting than other cooking oils, so mixing may affect your food’s taste. Still, olive oil can be mixed with canola oil, vegetable oil, etc. however it is not recommended to mix cooking oils. 

It is better to just choose one and go with it. But sometimes, you have no choice. 

Maybe you want to save some money but still have that olive oil flavor in your dishes. Or maybe you only have a little bit of olive oil left and need another cooking oil to make up the difference. 

Whatever the reason, you can mix cooking oils. Olive oil can be mixed with canola oil, vegetable oil, peanut oil, corn oil, or any other oils. 

To mix olive oil with another oil just use the amount needed using both types of oil. Once you have your oil ready to go, cook your food as you usually would. Your dish will still have a slight taste of olive oil but won’t be as flavorful as when you use all olive oil. 

Other oils like canola oil have a neutral taste that brings out the flavors of the dish itself. So, mixing olive oil with this is perfectly acceptable and will still result in great tasting food.

Is Mixing Cooking Oils Bad?

There are many types of cooking oil but all are needed to cook certain food in. Running low on oil can be a heartbreaker especially when it’s your delicious olive oil. If you’re already halfway through the recipe and realize you only have a drop left of the stuff, it can be mixed with another oil to make up the difference. 

We mentioned that you can mix different types of cooking oils but should it be done? Is mixing cooking oils bad?

Mixing cooking oils can be done and if you don’t have enough of one to use for your recipe then adding another to make up the rest won’t hurt. Your dish will still taste good. It isn’t bad to mix cooking oils but it is best to just stick with one cooking oil at a time.

For your food to have great taste try only using one type of cooking oil at a time. Now, if you are in a pinch you can definitely mix and cook with different oils at once. It isn’t bad to mix cooking oil, it is just better not to. 

Olive oil is healthier than canola oil so when you mix them together you are adding the fat from the canola oil into the olive oil and making your dish less healthy. On the other hand, mixing cooking oil can be good in the sense that it can save you money.

Olive oil, especially extra-virgin olive oil can be a bit pricey. The article, The Best Oil to Cook With Isn’t Olive or Vegetable—It’s Both states that, “When I picked up a nice tin of extra-virgin, I would measure out a cup of it and combine it in a squeeze bottle with around two cups of a good neutral oil…This way, I could still have some pure stuff…but also had a great-tasting workhorse oil that I could reach for without fear that it would take over a dish (or bankrupt me)…”

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it’s better to just use one oil or the other but if you need to mix cooking oils you can. Olive oil and canola oil can be mixed. Other cooking oils can also be mixed with olive oil for added flavor. 

It isn’t bad to mix cooking oils but can actually be good for different reasons. When you are trying to save money, or you don’t have enough of one oil left to use in your recipe, mix it with another cooking oil. 

Your dish will still taste good. The olive oil will give it a nice flavor while the canola oil will make up the difference.

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