Can You Melt Nutella?

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The sweetened hazelnut and cocoa spread we all know as Nutella. The creamy spread was created almost sixty years ago and is still loved today. 

Nutella can be eaten at any time of day and on pretty much anything. The popular snack pairs well with fruits, crackers and breads. 

Its inventor, Pietro Ferrero, invented the yummy condiment when cocoa was in short supply. He decided to mix cocoa with toasted hazelnuts, cocoa butter, and vegetable oils to create the spread. 

Over time, Nutella’s recipe was altered to make it more creamy and easier to spread. The jar should be kept at room temperature and not put into the refrigerator because this can make it harder to spread. 

If a jar of Nutella has hardened there are some ways you can melt it.

You can melt Nutella for all your favorite recipes if you so desire. However if it is not stored in the fridge you shouldn’t need to melt it to spread on toast, crackers, etc. 

If you keep your spread in the refrigerator this can cause it to harden. When this happens and it needs to be softened or melted, there are ways to do just that. 

Melting the hazelnut and chocolate spread is easy to do. You can place the desired amount in a bowl and microwave it for a few seconds. Or you can melt a larger amount by placing the whole  jar in a bowl of hot water. 

If a small amount is needed you can heat up a metal knife or spoon under hot running water and use it to scoop out the Nutella. With these methods you can easily spread it on the food of your choice.

Nutella’s jar is not microwavable and should not be heated up in a microwave. If a jar of Nutella that was stored at room temperature is really stiff and hard to spread it is probably not safe to eat and should be thrown away. 

Nutella should be soft and easy to spread at room temperature. If you like your Nutella more liquidy, you can add up to a teaspoon of heated milk until you reach the desired consistency. 

Using all of these techniques mentioned above to melt Nutella you can enjoy the delicious spread.

Is Nutella Good Or Bad For You? 

Did you know that Nutella is classified as a dessert topping? The creamy spread is often thought of as a breakfast topping or a jam but in reality it contains more unhealthy ingredients in it than should be eaten as a breakfast food.

Although Nutella is more “natural” than other products similar to it, it still contains a lot of sugar and is more of a treat than a healthy snack.

Nutella is sweet and delicious making it hard to stick to the recommended serving size. It isn’t necessarily bad for you, but like other foods with a high sugar content, Nutella is more of a dessert instead of a healthy substitute. 

It can be bad for you if you eat it all the time but can be good as a treat. The spread contains sugar, palm oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, skim milk powder, soy, and vanilla.

Advertised as a kid-friendly breakfast food, Nutella shouldn’t be thought of as healthy. You never hear how much sugar and fat the spread contains. 

Although it tastes really good, Nuteel is not really all that healthy. It is loaded with sugar and is high in fats and calories which can cause weight gain over time. 

However, compared to other similar products, Nutella may be the better option.

Can Nutella Be Baked? 

Nutella is a versatile food that can sometimes be used as a substitute for butter or peanut butter. The spread can also be used as a food topping or dip. 

If you are wanting to use Nutella in a baking recipe you may be wondering if its ok to heat it up in the oven. Can this hazelnut flavored, chocolatey goodness be baked?

You can bake Nutella in many ways. The creamy hazelnut and chocolate spread is a great addition to your favorite recipes.

Nutella can be used in cookies, brownies, rolls, cakes, etc. An easy Nutella cookie recipe only requires three ingredients. 

All you need to make these cookies is flour, Nutella, and egg. Mix them together, roll them into balls and bake! It’s that simple. For the full recipe click here. 

Many baking recipes that include Nutella in the ingredients will require you to melt it first. This is so you don’t end up with a clumpy substance that is hard to mix. 

As mentioned earlier in this article, to melt the Nutella you can use a microwave, bowl of hot water, hot knife, or even hot milk added in. Then just add it in following the baking recipe for a yummy dessert.

What Can Nutella Be Used For? 

You recently purchased a jar of Nutella and are wondering exactly what it can be used on, well, the good news is that it can be used on so many things! 

Often used as a breakfast food, Nutella can also be used for desserts, snacks and much more! Nutella can even be used as a dessert topping on almost anything you’d like. 

The popular hazelnut and chocolate spread can be used on anything from crackers to desserts. The most well known uses are on toast, sandwiches, and muffins as well as sweet stuff such as cookies, brownies, and ice cream. 

If you are looking for some ways to use your Nutella in different recipes click here for some great ideas.

Sometimes you might end up experimenting with food to see what you enjoy. Nutella is really good on yogurts and fruits. Bananas are often eaten with Nutella for a yummy breakfast food. 

Try Nutella on any kind of bread or as a topping to see which way you like it the best. Who knows, you may find your new favorite snack.

Final Thoughts 

Nutella can be melted and added into recipes for extra flavor. The spread is so good and can be eaten in so many ways. 

Nutella is not considered healthy and shouldn’t be eaten in large quantities or very often. This is hard to do since the food is so delicious you want to come back for more but it should be thought of as a dessert instead of a healthy substitute. 

Most recipes will call for the Nutella to be melted and you can do this by heating it up in a microwave or by using hot water. The spread can also be baked for a creamy treat that is yummy and irresistible.

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